Why Perfumes Are a Must-Have for Every Teenager

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One thing that people will remember you is how you look, the way you talk, and how you take care of yourself. Basic hygiene is a key factor that plays a big impact on your overall appearance.

First impressions will always last. One thing that sticks to the minds of people is how you smell.

A Roll Back in Time

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Since ancient civilization, using perfume has been a part of man’s life. Early records of using perfume date back to ancient Egypt. It has been a part of religious prayers and ceremonies.

Burning of essential oils, scented unguents, and resin are used to produce heavenly fragrance. Its unique history conveys that perfumes are used to protect people with divine intervention and benevolence.

On the other hand, it’s also used as a passage to transport prayers and messages to the spirits of the dead.

In time, the trading of spices, resins, and aromas around old Mesopotamia has adopted the use of perfume for personal hygiene.

Constant exchange of goods between Arabia, the Middle East, and the Indians strengthened perfume trading. Goods from these areas like myrrh, fragrant resins, incense, and fine wood are some of the perfume’s ingredients.


In Jewish culture, perfume is used as a sacred offering. The Bible talks about using myrrh and incense as sacramental sacrifices.


The Greeks also used perfume in rituals. Weddings, funeral services, and birth use perfume as part of the custom.

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Romans also adopted the use of perfume to perform rituals. The Etruscans in particular practice the burning of fragrant materials inside special containers called “censers.”


Arabs are noted to use perfume to make the air smell good. It’s also a way to purify the body during rituals. They are famous because of inventing the alembic, the pioneering instrument of distillation.

Many essential oils came from the Arab regions. For centuries, the Arabs controlled the perfume trading industry.


The Far East has been a good source of silk, aromas, spices, and exotic goods. The Chinese give high regard to those who smell good. Thus, fragrant scents were used. Some of the most common scents include corded Telosma, Chinese Violet, and patchouli.


Japan’s culture of performing rituals includes using incense during their sacred ceremonies. This includes using cherry blossoms and camellia during traditional tea ceremonies and other rituals.

Why Use Perfume?

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Your scent is what gives a lasting impression to people. The moment you enter a room, your fragrance will be the one that gets noticed at first.

Perfumes have a high concentration of pheromones. This leaves a pleasant impression on people and makes you more attractive. Aside from attracting people, perfume is needed to get rid of that bad body odor.

Keeping your body smelling good throughout the day is an asset to make yourself attractive. It boosts your self-confidence by having that mindset of smelling good wherever you go.

The pleasant smell of perfume balances your mood and keeps the mind under control. It relieves stress by soothing your body with the best fragrances. Perfume is also a potent material to make people remember you.

It leaves a mark on the minds of people that the moment they smell your scent, they will know that it’s you.

Choosing a Perfume

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The unique personality of every person makes us distinct. Choosing a perfume that suits your personality and style is important to establish a unique patent for yourself.

These things must be considered when selecting the perfume of your choice:

  • Concentration
  • Price Range
  • Testing


The concentration varies between the mixture of alcohol, water, and essential oil (fragrance).

  • Eau de cologne
    The least concentration among other fragrances.
    This contains 3-5% oil that lasts about 2 hours.
  • Eau de toilette
    More concentrated than eau de cologne.
    Contains 4-8% oil that lasts about 3-4 hours.
  • Eau de parfum
    Contains 15-18% oil that lasts about 6 hours.
  • Parfum / Perfume
    Has the highest concentration among the rest.
    Most powerful and long-lasting.
    Contains 15-30% oil and lasts all day.

Price Range

Perfume is generally an expensive luxury material. Its price varies depending on the quality. Choose something that offers the best quality at an affordable price.


As each person is created unique, your reaction to substances will not be the same. Try testing your choice before buying it. Make sure the scent is just and your skin won’t react once used.


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It’s important to keep your perfume secured. Keeping the bottle sealed after each use by placing it inside a customized box preserves its fragrance.

If you have none, try checking out hongyigd.com. They offer the best perfume boxes in the market. Keep your perfume away from direct sunlight. UV rays will damage its chemical components and affect its fragrance.

Avoid unnecessary shaking. This might damage your perfume’s delicate chemical composition. If you’re traveling, make sure to keep it sealed and secured.

Wrap it properly inside its box. Make sure it doesn’t spill or is at risk of breaking. Place it inside your bag and ensure it’s upright.


Boosting your self-confidence by making people appreciate how you smell is crucial. Once you’ve made that impression, you will be able to attract more people and many will like you.

Most people are encouraged to wear a face mask because of the pandemic Hence, choosing something with a stronger scent is good to balance your fragrance if you are with somebody else.

The need to buy a hand sanitizer for infection control is also advised. As such, it’s important to avoid placing your perfume near your hands.

Alcohol affects the concentration of perfumes. You don’t want to lose that fragrance you want to achieve. Perfume is a necessity for every teenager to smell good and have a positive impression.

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