Can You Reuse En149 Ffp2 Face Masks

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Due to covid-19, people started using masks, and it has become the new normal. People had doubts about selecting masks in this situation, so scientists and researchers advised people to use a quality mask for better protection. People also started using masks like N95, Ffp2, surgical masks, one-time-use masks, and some masks with double to triple filters. Now people may doubt how many times we should use it or shall we use it after washing it several times?

We got your point and created this article with the motive of helping people. We have listed some facts on using a mask several times, especially the En149 ffp2 variant. Thus, people can get a clear idea of whether they can reuse a cover and how many times they can use it. This link EN149 ffp2 face mask can help people in finding the methods of maintaining a reusable mask.

Can We Reuse En149 Ffp2 Masks?


These masks act as a layer for protecting the respiratory system. Doctors, especially when they handle infected patients, these ffp2 masks provide 100 percent protection to avoid infections. The main advantage of these masks is that they can protect people who wear a mask and those who do not wear it. So people can expect 100 percent protection by using this mask.

But many people reuse FFp2 and n95 masks several times. How is it possible? This is possible by properly sterilizing the masks and washing them regularly. There may be a situation where you remove and keep your covers in workplaces, especially on tablets, and people can also prefer placing their masks in pockets. Famous researchers found these methods in Germany to disinfect masks without damaging the filter.

1. Oven Method


The oven method is the one that can be used to disinfect the mask, but one disadvantage of this method is that it can damage the filters which are present in your ffp2 mask. So to disinfect, it is necessary to heat your cover in the oven at the lowest temperature.

2. Potting method


The potting method can be done by placing your mask in boiling water for 3 minutes. The water vapor present in this will disinfect your mask, and people can have a safe cover after this process. FFp2 masks can be boiled in this way up to three times in the disinfection process; scientists advise people to change the cover after doing this process after three times.

3. Air Method


In this third method, people can hang their masks for about one week in places with excessive ventilation to disinfect viruses and bacterias. After that, people can purchase 2 to 3 masks and use them rotationally.

The Bottom Line

Besides the method mentioned above, people can also prefer to disinfect their masks using alcohol or wash them using a strong sanitizer and dry them in excessive sunlight. We have mentioned some points to reuse the old FFp2 masks to disinfect their masks three times. I hope this article is informative!

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