How to Do Your Own Numerology Reading?

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Being able to do some things without having to earn a particular degree for it is impressive. Have you ever seen people drawing live paintings and portraits without ever going to an art school or people singing soothing songs without ever practicing music? You must have seen your mother cooking delicious food without ever going to a cooking school.

People can do some things either because they have an intuitive talent for it or are willing to learn it because they are passionate about it. Or they are merely interested enough. The same goes for numerology reading. It is something that you can do just by learning; you don’t need to earn a certain degree to do it.

Just like astrology is a part of astronomy, numerology is a part of mathematics. It uses numbers to make sense of the world logically, whether it is internally or in relation to the world. It is both science and art to understand the working of the inner psyche and the age of your soul.

Finding Out Your Root Path Number:

Numerology is ideal for determining the logic behind recurring digits. If you see specific numbers everywhere and every time, you need to do this reading to find out the reason behind it. It will also help you derive details by using specific pieces of information, such as a phone number.

There’s so much more to numerology reading than life path numbers. If you don’t know how to calculate it, let us help you out. The easiest way to start working with it is by analyzing your birth date and reducing it to a single digit to obtain the root number.

Life path numbers are similar to sun signs, which reveal everything about you. And it is vital to be able to calculate them if you want to do your numerology reading.

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For instance, if your birth date is 12.12.1993, your life path number will be:

  • Date: 1+2=3
  • Month: 1+2=3
  • Year: 1+9+9+2=21=3

Sum up all the digits, 3+3+3=9. This calculation implies that if you were born on 12.12.1992, your life path number is 9.

What Are Master Numbers?

Let’s learn about master numbers, i.e., 11&12. You only reduce the results to arrive at a single-digit when you attain 11 or 12, as these are master numbers.

Master numbers are an intensified versions as they suggest a higher degree in every aspect.

Transforming Numbers into Letters to Obtain the Root:

World Numerology can also be used to obtain the destiny number of certain letters and words:

  • 1=A,J,S
  • 2=B,K,T
  • 3=C,L,U
  • 4=D,M,V
  • 5=E,N,W
  • 6=F,O,X
  • 7=G,P,Y
  • 8=H,Q,Z
  • 9=I,R

For obtaining the destiny number, you first need to calculate the single root digit of your name. You might wonder what’s the difference between the two because their calculation is the same. But while path number reveals your life purpose, destiny number gives an insight into how to attain that purpose.

How to Interpret Life Path Number and Destiny Number?

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Number 1

People obtaining 1 as their path number are forward-looking. They have an independent nature and an energetic spirit that showcases leadership qualities. On some days, these people might be sassy, hiding their insecurities. But most of the time, they are simply lonely and need support.

Number 2

Obtaining 2 as your path number indicates sensitivity and harmony. Such people are usually the mediators who strive to attain peace by bringing unlikely forces together through empathy. They live their lives based on intuition but strive for external validation to reach the perfect equilibrium.

Number 3

Attaining 3 as your path number showcases artistic and oratory abilities. For such people, communication is crucial as they are quite moody and misunderstood most of the time. They are gifted when it comes to self-expression but require certain moments for recharging themselves.

Number 4

For people with path number 4, investing in the physical world is crucial. They believe that hard work is the key to creating logical systems that support your growth. Although they have a solid nature, they can be pretty stubborn, keeping them from thinking outside the box.

Number 5

People with root number 5 are free spirits and progressive thinkers. They love new experiences and live adventurous lives but face a hard time accepting daily responsibilities. Such people are always impatient, playful, and impulsive.

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Number 6

Having 6 as your root number indicates that you’re a true healer with a nurturing nature. Such people are emotionally inclined and have a gentle approach towards life.

Number 7

People with 7 as their root digit are known for their analytical and detail-oriented nature, often led by inner-wisdom rather than reality. They are quick-witted, astute, and most skeptical.

Number 8

Having 8 as your digit indicates an inclination to financial success and tangible wealth. Such people are born workaholics and controlling, but they believe in giving back to the community.

Number 9

People with 9 as their root digit are highly conscious with an old soul. They believe in spiritual awareness but must learn to find a balance between the tangible and intangible.

Number 11

Having 11 as your path digit indicates your search for spiritual enlightenment and psychological balance. Such people believe in healing the self and others through their abilities.

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Number 22

Lastly, 22 indicates a master builder who believes in the fusion of tangible and intangible by creating a path that transcends immediate reality. Such people are creative and hardworking.


Now that you’ve learned how to calculate the life path and destiny number, you can move on to finding yours. You can also use it to find a compatible life partner. Take some time to understand your nature because then only you can judge other personalities.

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