8 Numerology Facts That Will Actually Surprise and Entertain You

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Most students are bored in maths class and sleep, thinking that math is a complex subject, but it’s like playing with numbers. You will come around people who tell you the day you were born based on year, month and date without looking at a calendar.

Such is the effect of numbers, we have heard people say that what is the use of maths in daily life so why should I study it.
But there is always more to discover and consider, numbers witness the flow of the universe, and when we can move in with that flow, then the galaxy will prevail in our path. So let us know about science which fuses numbers and the universe to form the most influential predictions.

Various websites and people can help you decipher these meanings of life, as numerology reading has reached out as one of the most effective techniques of future predictions, so try it once to know what life holds.

Are numbers related to life?

This has been concluded by various great mathematicians that we are connected with numbers, and maths is the language of the universe.

“If you know the significance of 3,6,9, then you will have the key to this universe.” – Nikola Tesla

Numerology facts

So numbers can be an influential part of your life, so let us read about some facts on this subject.

  • Numerology is life written in numbers; all you have to do is meet some who can decipher it for you. It is the number that tells a lot about your life, and it’s called the Life’s Path number; by knowing that number, you can predict the upcoming hurdles in your life. It also guides how the flow of energy is directed toward you and what precautions can make it easier for you to function in the best way possible.
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  • Calculating your Path life number isn’t a tough deal; all you require is your Birthdate, and then by simple addition, you can calculate your life’s Path number and know what awaits you in the journey of life. Life’s Path number is the addition of all values of the Birth Date.

For example, Jan 12, 2001
So Jan will be considered one as it is the first month of the year.

Life’s Path number= 1+1+2+ 2+0+0+1
So your life’s Path number is 7.

  • Numerology is the solution to one’s beliefs because it predicts logic and a written set of rules. Numerology is the science that can predict the future to some accuracy, and also it makes one believe in the energy of this universe. The universe is full of positive and negative points, so all one has to do is direct this energy in the flow of life, and once this is accomplished, you will come around with various wonders of life.
  • Numerology is like documentation and possibilities of events in your life; all you have to do is choose the correct documentation. So Life’s Path number makes a choice; the numerologist can easily predict the fortune by knowing this number. This number also tells a lot about you as a person, like Strengths, weaknesses, and a lot more.
Source: the-sun.com
  • Sometimes people cannot find meaning in their lives, and they get lost in various things ranging from social issues to family issues. So if one is unable to see or understand what life beholds for him, then this is the perfect choice for him because it helps you find the path, and once you are on your way, it’s always your skills and belief which will help in the further journey. Finding the course is not the real trouble, but with no guidance can result in getting lost.
  • This is not the end, but your Life’s Path number tells a lot about your personality, traits, and other abilities like strengths and weaknesses. With your personality number, you will be amazed to find the wonders life holds for you; this number is like a reflection of yourself of which you are unaware.
  • There are many numbers in mathematics, but some have made a special place for themselves, like 153, an Armstrong number ( 1^3+5^3+3^3=153), and the fantastic palindromes ( which can be read in the same order from left to right and right to left, 1221). And among these numbers, the few multiples of 11 like 11, 22, 33 have a special place in the numerology table as they are considered the numbers of the universe that can help you guide through your life. With the help of these numbers, one can grab a whole lot of what life has to offer. These numbers are also called master numbers.
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  • Even your name can be converted to a life number, and then it can help you know all you want to know. The main rule of numerology is that it focuses on providing the person with the knowledge of his future with the help of single-digit numbers, so one has to focus on reducing the numbers to single-digit numbers. But if the number is a master number, then do not simplify it.

For example,
Just use consonants which are (RBN)
R=9 B= 2 and N=5
So Life number= 9+2+5= 16
This can be further deduced to 1+6 =7
So your Life Path number is 7.

1 J—, S 2 — B, K, T 3 — C, L 4 — D, M, V 5 — N, W 6 — F, X 7 — G, P, Y 8 — H, Q, Z 9 — R


Numerology is a very vast field, and it holds a lot of secrets for a person, so one is bound to understand the guidance of the universe and follow it. People often misunderstand Astrology and Numerology. Astrology is the study of stars and other life patterns to create an easy understanding, whereas numerology is a study that is based on numbers and the cosmos.
Numerology helps you find the path of life and ensures that you avoid mistakes that can turn out to be blunders for you.

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