5 Tips for Avoiding and Escaping Ganking While Leveling in WoW

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World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games amongst avid players. Most of the time, players get ganked while playing and cannot find suitable options to escape the situation. That is why we have come up with various tips that will help you avoid ganks while you are leveling up in WoW.

1. Avoid going out there alone:

Source: wowhead.com

When you go out there alone to fight your rivals, there are high chances that you won’t fight them alone. But when you are in a group or even two players together, you might have several options in hand to avoid the situation. When you are a part of a more extensive network, you will know vital things about your zone and how you can trap the rivals trying to mess up with you.

2. Keep moving your camera:

Source: gamereactor.eu

Most of the time, your enemies will not come in front of you to attack you. They will prefer attacking from behind or from the sides. That is why you need to keep your camera moving to get 360-degree vision. You can go to the settings and choose the hotkey option for flipping your camera to 180 degrees to see above your shoulder and know who is coming behind you.

3. Do not play greedily:

By playing greedily, you’re freeing yourself up to an undeniable level and ganks from individuals of your level or even lower than you. That is dangerous so possibly do it when you have a real sense of safety. Eating and regularly drinking between pulls is likewise a decent method for lessening your odds of being ganked at low wellbeing while leveling.

Likewise, know that when sitting, you are bound to be hit by a basic strike, so attempt and do so with your back against a divider or a wall. In the meantime, if you are looking forward to boosting up your character in WOW, then you should consider checking out https://buy-boost.com/wow.

4. Using the terrain for your benefit:

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There are various simple ways to use the terrain to protect yourself. Sit under the bushes as it will help you hide your character, and your name tag will also not be visible to the other players. Avoid taking the busy roads and stay in one town for too long as it is unsafe.

5. Tip for the beginner players:

Source: pcgamer.com

Assuming you are adequately fortunate to have the option to play Classic reliably just after its release, you might be less obligated to significant level ganks on your absolute first role or character. The level 60 Orc Rogue following Redridge Mountains will not be there on its launching day or even after a month of its release. Everyone gets similar chances to level up as you are getting.

Suppose you can get the wave, in other words, gain ground faster than the regular players on your domain. In that case, you might observe yourself to a more significant level than most of your companions and even arrive at scantily populated zones where if any rivalry exists, reality may eventually show that they aren’t making a fuss over you and will let you be alone.

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