4 Tips on How to Win Every Social Media Competition You Enter – 2024 Guide

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Social media competitions are an easy and fun way to win valuable prizes from various companies, influencers, and others. In case you are someone who spends a lot of time scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, why not use it in the best way and get some nice gifts? You may have participated in a social media competition several times in the past and been unlucky.

This should not be a reason to give up but to think a little more thoroughly about what you can do to increase your chances of winning. In this article, you will learn how to win every social media competition you enter from now on.

1. Make an effort around the content

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Depending on the type of social media competition, you will want to adjust your strategy. If it is necessary for participants to create a certain content (photo, video, etc.) that has a certain theme, give your maximum to ensure that the result is the best possible.

When companies or influencers choose the winner of such a competition they most often choose that one photo or video that simply stands out from everyone else. That’s why you want to be as original as possible and create a material that will leave everyone breathless.

This means that you will probably need to take a little more time and borrow a quality camera from a friend or relative to create the result you want. For many, this is too much effort, so they take mediocre photos that never win. No wonder! Quality content in which a lot of love has been invested cannot go unnoticed.

Tip: If you think you are not talented in photography or you just don’t feel inspired, we suggest you find content that will help you get the right idea. Once you find out what the topic of the given competition is, type a hashtag on Instagram and a whole world full of ideas will open in front of you.

You will be able to find high-quality, aesthetically pleasing photos that will give you inspiration for an angle that you can use for taking photos, the entire setting, filters, and more. Let your imagination run wild and create the perfect content that will ensure you win the social media competition.

2. Be a loyal fan

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Most Instagram or Facebook pages like to reward their loyal fans, so we advise you to make sure they notice you and remember your name even before they organize the competition. Make sure you always like all of their pictures and occasionally write an encouraging, positive comment.

Be honest and natural and write from the heart. If you just leave spamming comments all the time it can be very obvious that you are trying to achieve something, so you may even be blocked at one point. Write them if you have any questions about their services or just tell them how much you like their content or a particular product. Also, don’t forget to tag them every time you share something about them with your followers.

After a while, the people behind those profiles will remember you, which significantly increases the chances that they will want to give you one of the prizes.

3. Do your best to get the most votes

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When organizing Instagram or Facebook competitions in which you need to get the most votes to win, it is important to think carefully about how you can achieve this. For starters, contact all your friends, family, and acquaintances to make sure everyone votes for you.

Try to send a link to everyone to make this task as easy as possible and that all they need is to make one click. After you have collected these votes, share the contest link on all your social media and ask your followers/friends to vote for you as well.

Another way you can increase the number of votes is to pay an influencer who has a large number of followers to share in the story a contest in which you participate and ask people to vote for you.

Also, if you are thinking of investing money to increase your chances of winning you can use it to directly buy votes on Instagram or Facebook. With so many people voting for you, you can be sure that you will win the social media competition and get the prize you want.

4. Pay special attention to how your feed looks like

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Another factor that can be crucial when the organizers of a social media competition choose a winner is the overall look of competitors’ profiles. In case they can’t decide between several different people, aesthetics can be the only thing that will decide in your favor.

That is why we recommend you delete all photos that spoil the aesthetics and make sure your feed looks uniform and meaningful. If possible, think about this in time and take photos that look nice and tell a story. Always use the same filter to make one tone predominate on your profile. And of course, don’t forget to unlock the profile so the contest organizers can see it all.

Pay special attention to your profile photo and make sure it’s the best possible because it says a lot about you. The effort around the little things always pays off and can significantly increase your chances of winning the competition.


Social media competitions can be a great way to win valuable prizes, and have great fun along the way. If you thought that winning in such competitions is reserved only for the chosen ones, we must reassure you: there are things that significantly increase the chance of winning in social media competitions.

In case you need to take a certain photo or video to participate in a competition, give your maximum to create the best possible content. Be a loyal fan of the company or influencer who organizes the competition, because most people like to reward people who have been following and supporting them for a long time.

If you need to collect a large number of votes to win, consider buying Instagram votes and also make sure that your feed is perfect, because it can sometimes be a small thing that will decide in your favor.

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