The Role of Countertops in Modern Kitchen Design

Countertops in Modern Kitchen Design
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Countertops are often considered one of the most important elements that define the look and functionality of a kitchen.

Known as the workhorse of the kitchen, countertops provide critical workspace for meal preparation and serving. With Americans spending more time cooking at home nowadays, there is an increased focus on kitchen upgrades and remodeling projects. This includes careful consideration around the kitchen countertops selection.

As one of the larger surface areas in the kitchen, the countertops draw the eye and make a statement. The experts at Bedrock Quartz say that countertops today come in a diverse array of materials, colors, edges, thicknesses, and price points to match any style or budget.

Whether renovating a dated kitchen or designing a kitchen in a new home build, kitchen countertops remain a focal point for the space. Key considerations around kitchen countertops include aesthetic appeal, durability and maintenance requirements, and cost.

Countertop Materials: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Countertop options

Homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen or construct a new one have an abundance of options when selecting countertop materials.

There is natural stone, engineered stone or quartz, solid surface acrylic, recycled, concrete, stainless steel, laminate, and tile. With so many choices, it helps to understand the features and trade-offs around performance and pricing.

Natural stone, like granite and marble, offer a classic, timeless look that many homeowners desire. Available in a range of colors, from dramatic dark tones to lighter creams and whites, the veining and markings make each stone slab unique. Beyond aesthetics, natural stone counters are extremely durable and retain their color. However, they can be porous, prone to staining and may need regular sealing.

Engineered quartz counters provide consistency in color with a granite or marble-like visual. Made from crushed stone and resins, quartz counters are non-porous, resistant to scratches and do not need frequent sealing. Seamless appearance and minimal maintenance make quartz an appealing option. Nevertheless, quartz lacks the natural variation and custom look of real stone.

Additional options like stainless steel, recycled glass and concrete counters have unique characteristics around visual appeal, durability, and cost considerations. Ultimately, the choice comes down to aligning performance features to design goals and budget.

Countertop Edges That Complete the Look

Countertop Edges

Besides materials, the style of the countertop edges contributes to the overall aesthetic.

Countertop edges encompass the treatment along the front counter perimeter and any seams throughout the countertop area. Choices range from basic squared edges to ornate decorative edges, including ogees, chamfers, bullnoses, and custom designer edges.

The edge style makes a significant difference visually whether paired with a modern or traditional kitchen design. A standard square edge has a clean, understated look well-suited to contemporary spaces.

Beveled edges add dimension and interest. An eased edge is slightly rounded for a softer profile that can complement any kitchen style and make every kitchen look more expensive. Bullnose edges have a more substantial rounded profile that works well in old world or craftsman kitchens aiming for an antique feel.

The Finishing Touches: Backsplashes & Integrated Sinks

Backsplashes for kitchen

Kitchen remodels often incorporate backsplashes to protect walls from moisture while enhancing visual appeal. Backsplashes typically made of glass, metal or ceramic tile coordinate with the countertops and other kitchen finishes.

A key decision is determining whether to do a full-height backsplash or traditional range area backsplash over the cooking surface. Contemporary designs frequently feature full-height backsplashes that frame the counters, creating a built-in look.


When chosen thoughtfully, kitchen countertops, edges, and backsplashes unite to create a visually stunning, highly functional kitchen space.

With so many materials and options to mix, match, and highlight, even the most basic countertop upgrades or full remodels can help realize a dream kitchen.

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