How to Promote and Improve Your SoundCloud Stats

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Posting your music on SoundCloud, but don’t see significant progress after a few months? We understand your frustration. However, the good news is that there are several ways to ensure more plays, likes, and followers, but it is necessary to create a quality strategy.

By applying the right tips for a while you will be able to eventually enjoy your success on this platform. If you are interested to learn how to promote and improve your SoundCloud stats, keep reading.

1. Create great music first


Artists often indulge in promotions and marketing strategies and forget the most important thing: that their music is their main advertisement. Let’s be realistic, no one wants to listen to crapy music. You can promote it as much as you want, but if you can’t offer your audience quality content, even the best campaign will not be successful.

2. A newsletter is always a good idea


Email is still the strongest platform that has tremendous importance for marketing and sales. Most conversions happen via email. If you want to increase the number of plays, likes, and followers on SoundCloud it is necessary to build a community. And a newsletter is a phenomenal way to achieve that.

For starters, it is necessary to collect the emails of your followers, and then to be persistent and regular in sending emails in which you will inform them about your new music. Make sure you write them personalized messages so that they really want to contribute to your work and listen to your song. Also, don’t forget to send them a link to your song in the email so that with just one click they can go to your content and listen to what you have to offer them.

3. Think about buying followers


Sometimes it only takes one little push at the beginning to get the wind in your back and progress much faster on your path to success. When you are at the very beginning and do not have many followers it is very difficult to build that initial base. We are all aware that it is always easier to decide to follow someone who has 10k followers compared to someone who has 100. This is natural, but it can certainly be frustrating when you’re the one on the other side.

Therefore, buying followers on SoundCloud can be a very effective way to create an initial base on which new ones will continue to accumulate. By purchasing SoundCloud followers you can gain more credibility and attract new listeners much faster. Consider this option as part of your promo strategy.


Growth on SoundCloud can be very slow, especially when you are just starting out. If you want to promote and improve your SoundCloud stats, consider applying our tips. For starters, create good music. No one wants to listen to crapy content and no marketing campaign can help if you have a bad offer.

Consider starting a newsletter, as this can be useful for you to form a community. And lastly, think about buying followers, as this can be that little push at the start that is necessary to embark on your path to success.

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