How to Make Your Mobile Home Park More Valuable & Sell Faster

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A mobile home park is defined as a portion or tract of property under the direct authority of an individual or company on which three or maybe more houses are positioned on a continuous, nonrecreational, residential premise.

It is provided to the general public for continuous, nonrecreational, domestic properties irrespective of whether a fee is created for that purpose and any socioeconomic, recreation activities, promotional, and societal facilities being used designed for the use of encounter to the occupancy. Mobile homes and playgrounds for transitory use are not included in the mobile home community.

Categories Of Mobile Houses


Mobile houses are categorized as solo, double, or triple, depending on their measurements and the number of dwelling units. These are all produced under regulated settings. You can also categorize based on mobile home park cash offer available while purchasing. However, double- or triple-wide residences are composed of several components shipped to and built at the customer’s location to create a one-of-a-kind design.

Single Units

It is the most miniature form of the mobile house, making it the cheapest and most easier to move. Furthermore, they are small—typically up to 18 feet wide and 90 feet long. They have one level and a varied number of rooms, and there are surprisingly many customization possibilities, so designs and architecture can vary greatly.

Single wides, preferred by young families, including those planning to relocate, are delivered to the location as a single unit.

Double Units

When deciding between a double-unit and a single-unit mobile house, a double-wide seems more roomy and private. A conventional double-wide can be up to 90 feet long and 20 feet wide. Because of the higher standards of every unit, this construction gives more privacy compared to site-built homes due to improved sound insulation between the houses.

It is made up of two prefabricated modules that are assembled on-site. As a result, if specialists join these divisions, there is no need to be concerned about leakage or other issues.

Triple Or Multi-Units

Triple-units and multi-sectional manufactured homes, which are composed of three or maybe more independent sections and most closely resemble site-built houses, are also forms of mobile homes. The customer’s requirements determine the number of units needed. This is the broadest and most challenging to move type.

Luxury trailer homes featuring walk-in wardrobes, made-to-order ceilings, jacuzzis, and other features are now available. You can also improve your house by adding additional units.

Benefits Of Mobile Home


The benefits of owning a mobile home park are as follows:

Cheaper Per Unit

The price per unit is significant when buying big multifamily complexes or single-family homes. However, mobile house parks allow people to hop in and get more properties for much less money. Generally, park proprietors own the property, not the dwelling units, which implies that the initial investment is often far lower than the number of units held.

Lesser Expense On Maintainance

One of the intriguing aspects of mobile house parks is that you don’t have to deal with contractors. However, because you don’t own the permanent homes in which your renters live, the trailer homeowner is liable for the upkeep, repairs, and modifications to their housing, not the landlord.

Whereas the park’s mobile house proprietor would still be responsible for park maintenance, it would probably be substantially less than they might spend on residence maintenance.

Distribution Of Risk

Since mobile home parks enable investment firms to purchase more homes for each buyer’s dollar, the risk of loss is reduced. In other words, when the number of tenants increases, the liability is distributed out even more. If you own many homes, the increased cost of those rare occurrences is dispersed across your whole portfolio.

Increase In Demand

The demand for portable houses in well-­managed communities is expanding due to various causes. While property prices are reaching historic highs, many Americans’ salaries remain stagnant. The demand for affordable homes is only increasing.

Finally, when baby boomers with fixed incomes retire in record numbers, the demand for affordable homes will only increase. More and more low-income Americans and seniors are flocking to mobile houses to remain homeowners.

Less Competition

The greatest concealed secret within the real estate sector investment is mobile house park investing. This is ideal for investors searching for a good deal who do not wish to contend with a rush of new buyers, residents, and investment firms for leftovers in conventional real estate investments.

How To Increase The Value Of Your Mobile Home?

Adding a few features to your mobile home can increase its value.

Porches remove the boxy appearance of trailer homes, enhancing their appeal if well-maintained. Applying a new coat of color or varnish will work if the finish begins to discolor or chip.

Interior elements such as utilities and furnishings can also increase the selling price, such as:

  • Power-saving appliances and stainless utensils
  • Cabinetry made of hardwood
  • Choosing between drywall and paneling or plasterboard
  • Windows that save energy
  • brand-new fluorescent lights
  • Doors and windows with six panels
  • If replacing cupboards isn’t an alternative, consider repainting them and replacing obsolete hardware with something more fashionable.

How To Sell Your Mobile Home Faster?


Collaborate with a best-ranking agent who has sold mobile homes. Although selling a mobile house has its own unique set of obstacles. Collaborating with a leading local real estate professional can assist you in navigating concerns such as collective bargaining, disclosure requirements, renovations and upgrades, accommodation improvements required, and advertising to arrive at the time of closing as soon as possible.

Price your home following the industry and buyer profiles. The low real estate market has contributed to increased mobile property prices, which is excellent news for homeowners. Several things determine to price. Evaluating your buyer pool is extremely important, especially regarding marketing.

To appeal to seasonal homebuyers:

  1. Market your house as furnished.
  2. Consider providing your house equipped, for example, if you reside in a subtropical climate that draws snowbirds seeking a second home.
  3. Decorate in the local vibe to take the decorations up a notch.


Selling a mobile house gives prospective buyers an economical way to become homeowners. You’re prepared to begin the next phase of life with security and more income in your wallet once you have the correct information and selling tactics.

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