How to Make Your Paint by Numbers Look Better

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Paint by numbers is one of the hottest trends of covid. As people were bound to live inside their homes, they needed activities. Thus, these paint kits got popular and became a hit. Not only you will have a fun pass time but you will be able to get perfect paintings. However, if your artistic skills are not good enough, you will need some tips and tricks. Despite being an easy thing, it still needs some effort.

There are various options available in stores. The difficulty level varies and they are even available for kids. So get your Custom Paint by Numbers kits. You will have plenty of options to choose from and multiple design options. In addition to this, you will also get a discount.

So how will you make your painting look perfect?

There are some tips and tricks that you can use to get amazing results.

1. Triple checking the colors


If you have been in the art sector for a long time, you know that working with colors for hours can cause mistakes. It is possible that you mix colors because, after a few hours, shades might look similar to you. Therefore, you should always check that you are using the right color.

This is more important for people who are not from the art department. If you were a science student with no basic knowledge of shades, you need to be extra careful. There is a high chance that you will mix up different shades. Therefore, before using any color, make sure that you are not making a mistake.

However, if you have already made the mistake, no need to panic. These paints can be peeled off. So in case of any mistake, you should wait for the paint to get dry and then peel it off.

2. Make some extra layers


It is highly likely that you make some mistake while painting around the edges. Furthermore, there are small portions where you might accidentally use another color. Therefore, it is best to apply an extra coat, it will cover your small mistakes.

In addition to this, this will also give your painting a perfect finishing.

In addition to this, the first layer that you paint makes the base coating. Thus, making layers will block the other sections and you can easily fill in that section. But you should not leave it like that. If you observe any streaky areas, make sure to smooth them.

3. Do not make sharp edges


Although you should not make colors interfere with the space of the other but they should not be sharply separated. There is a high possibility of getting sharp and crisp edges in paint by numbers kits. This is because you will get different sections and you have to use one color in one section only. Thus, the result might not be good even if you carefully choose the right color.

The best way to prevent crisp edges is to blend them. Blending the colors will smoothen them and get rid of sharps and crisps. You should do this by making back and forth strokes around the edges. However, if you wait for one section to dry off, this won’t be possible. Therefore, instead of using one color at a time, you should paint sections that are together.

If you are using paint by numbers kits for the first time, you should take it slow. Start by painting smaller sections first. If there is a small section of blue and then there is brown, you should use blue first and brown and merge the edges.

Moreover, when you are using different shades, you should start from here. For example, you need to color the sky, there will be different shades of blue. You should start from here because even if you could not merge them perfectly, it won’t become a disaster.

4. Give different effects by mixing the paint with water


Once you master the skill of painting, you will be able to use your skills to improve the final painting. For example, you want to give effect to something or make it look transparent. You can mix the paint with water to get such consistency and shade.

You will get acrylic paints in these kits and they are water-soluble.

Thus, if you mix them with water, they will look transparent and thus, you can get a lighter shade. This will also give an illusion to color shifting even if you do not do so. Thus, the painting will look perfect and professional.

However, you should be careful with this technique. Before trying it out on the canvas, you should practice this on paper and get the desired effect. This will reduce the risk of making mistakes on the final piece of painting.

5. Cover the numbers


There will be a number visible on the canvas. Of course, they will be there because it is a paint by numbers kit. But you cannot make them appear in the final painting. If you are using thick coatings of paint, they will hide the numbers. However, if you are using a water mixing technique and give a shading effect, the numbers will appear.

Moreover, painting lighter colors will also make it difficult for you to cover the numbers. You will have to use multiple layers to do so and it will be a waste of paint.

Therefore, you should also get white color pencils. Use it on the numbers of the section that you are moving to. For example, you are going to paint the number 5 section first. You should use this white pencil to cover the number 5 of one section.

Thus, you will be able to paint exactly on the section without trespassing the others. Furthermore, it will also cover the number.

Be careful while using the pencil. Because if you press it too hard, you will dent the canvas and you won’t like it.

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