Can You Buy a Commercial Property in Lee County Without Being a Citizen?

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When it comes to living somewhere that is not your country of origin, residence or citizenship it usually means you need to follow some rules to gain citizenship or a permanent residence. Now what is interesting is that not every country offers the same terms to everyone.

Today we are talking about this and the fact that not everyone has the same rights when it comes to real estate purchases. This has nothing to do with who you are or where you come from, it has to do with the status you have in the country where you currently reside, work and try to make a home. For all of you that have moved somewhere else due to work, financial stability or simply safety, because the world is crazy right now, you need to know several things. For most immigrants, these things are explained when you ask for permission to enter a country or work there. Immigration offices do a good job filling you in on what you can and can’t do and when you can and can’t do certain things.

As you can see the topic of the article are real estate and commercial ones in this case. The reason is that there is a lot of confusion regarding this and we would like to fill you in on what is available to you. if you need more info the best thing is that you also find someone that can both find the real estate you want and explain things in the process like commercial property for myers, especially if you’re hunting for real estate in Lee County.


First, we have to explain and differentiate residential and commercial property. Residential properties include all properties that fall under the category of single-family homes, multi-generation homes, condos, duplexes and other similar. On the other side, the commercial properties include office buildings, malls, arcades, industrial buildings, office warehouses and similar. So now that we all have an idea of what we are talking about let’s get into the article and the details.

First, to get one thing clear – depending on the country you wish to buy commercial property you will either have the ability to buy it or not as a foreigner and non-citizen. In this case, countries of Canada and the US can buy properties of this sort even if they are not citizens and if they are on their work visas. The reason behind that is the fact that both of these countries already have bilateral agreements with other countries around the world and stuff like this is allowed. Now all you have to do is check out if your country has this type of agreement and if you are allowed to buy commercial property in the US. The other thing you can do is go to your embassy or go your immigration office and gather more information on this topic before you go through with this. There are a lot of other things you need to consider and know of, one of those being taxation.

When this all is checked out and when you know that you can dive into this financial end eavour then you need to find out what paperwork and ID proofs you need to make this happen. For the US you need to have one or more documents like Passport, visa, green card, social security number, tax-paying number and others. All of these are documents that you also need to have even if you are buying any type of property in your country of origin so nothing strange or complicated here.

Research what you want and how cost-effective that is for you. if you are looking for office spaces try to search for ones that have the best possible location, lower cost and maintenance and similar. You don’t want to pour a lot of money into something that will not make a decent return.


Whenever you are going for the commercial property you need to make sure you have your math correct. The best advice here is to make sure your math skills are still on top and that you can understand and calculate things like financial reports, rent rolls, all the balance sheets you will need to go through and similar. You can also decide to hire professionals that will gladly do this for a fee and you will be sure that everything is in order.

When hunting for real estate of this type you either have a place in mind already and have done all your calculations or you are going in this blind. If the latter one depicts you then we strongly suggest that you get help from offices that specialize in commercial properties. They can find, calculate and elaborate on everything so it is crystal clear to you. all you will need to then is decide whether to buy or not.

Everything after this is pure business. You will instruct your real-estate office or agents to make a bid on that place and you will set a limit for them. If the bid is rejected go through the other candidates. If you get the real-estate, great, the next step is to complete all the payments, dot the Is and cross the Ts and you will be the new, proud owner of a commercial piece of real estate.

So, as you can see, even immigrants can buy residential property and start their American dream. No laws are stopping you as far as you are legally in the country and you have the paperwork to prove that. The bilateral agreements between countries also help but they are not the breaking point here. The last thing we want to tell you is to be safe when finding a property. Go through all options before you make a bid. Make a pro and con list and go by it. After you buy the commercial property you will belong to the third largest asset class in the US and you will if the times are right and everything stacks accordingly, be seeing long-term returns and increased property value over time.

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