5 Tips on How to Avoid Expensive Foundation Repairs

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Ask any houseowner and they will have their own ideas about how to protect the foundation. No one wants any harm to come to the place where they live. House repairs are typically costly but foundation repairs are even more expensive because it will require extensive repair and the floor to be excavated depending on how serious the problem is.

There is not much you can do if the problem is already on your head. However, there are many ways in which you can prevent any potential issue occurring in the future. In this article we will be mentioning some important tips that will help you avoid expensive repairs of your foundation later on.

1. Water It

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Yes, you read it right. The house foundation needs watering from time to time. The foundation itself does not need any water but the soil arounded does.

Concrete holds well once it dries so the base will be very strong however it can tilt if the soil leaves air pockets. During the dry season the soil will dry up as well and cracks in it are commonplace.

Since the soil surrounding the base is contracting and moving away, the foundation does not find anything to keep it in place. This can lead to uneven floors and cracked tiles if not fixed right away. But one would not need to contact any professional if the soil is watered during the dry season so that it sticks well with the base. The watering does not need to be everyday but just frequent enough so that the soil keeps your house safe.

2. Do Not Plant Trees

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We advocate being an environmentalist but do not plant trees close to the house. Any plant which will have access to the soil will grow rapidly and the roots will go sir in search of water. Plants like eucalyptus are not recommended on personal property because they eat up a lot of groundwater and have very disruptive roots that can damage the base of the house. The bigger a plant gets, the more strong its roots are.

Roots cannot only damage the base but can also take up all the elasticity from the soil. As mentioned in the point above, the soil needs to have some moisture in order to keep the base in one place. If your plants are taking up all the water of the soil, it will not be able to support the foundation correctly. The easiest solution will be to plant the trees and saplings far away from home and water them regularly so that they are not reliant on groundwater.

3. Sprinkler System Should be Smart

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Sprinkler systems are in place in multiple homes and many of them work with proper timers. The grass needs to be water at regular intervals to keep everything fresh. Over watering can cause a lot of damage so keeping everything balanced is important. This is the third point which mentions the importance of water in safekeeping the foundation.

It is important to mention the sprinkler system because people do not realise that it is also water which is going into the soil. If you have set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes for the sprinkler system it is more than enough to keep the grass healthy. Letting the sprinkler run for a longer while is not a bad thing every now and then.

When we say that the sprinkler system should be smart, remember that you should have complete control over how long it runs for. Keep the soil wet and the plants while watering to take care of your house. However, refrain from overwatering so that there is no chance of flooding the foundation.

4. Go with Waterproofing

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Now that we have talked about the importance of watering, it is time to mention waterproofing. The base will be coming in constant contact with moisture in the soil so waterproofing the base is important. Typical concrete is not waterproof but it can be made waterproof if you so desire. The waterproofing methods include damp proofing and installing french drains.

Too much water can cause the soil to expand and cause cracks on the base. Apart from waterproofing the concrete through a dedicated mixture one can also install French drains as a foolproof plan. These dreams are made to take the water away from the foundation, in a direction of your choice. Do not hesitate to contact professionals from foundation repair lansing mi for more help.

5. Do Regular Inspections

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The last point is perhaps the most important one because it will require the homeowner to be aware. Regular inspection can be done by a professional service which will check all the different aspects. However, it should be an annual thing to save money and time. You can check the house yourself to see if there is any problem with the interior or exterior.

Cracks on the walls signal towards foundation problems so if you spy anything, contact professionals right away. Cracked tiles and walls moving away from the house are also clear indicators that the base is growing weak and needs to be treated as soon as possible.

There are many procedures like mudjacking, piling, and patching to help with the damage to the house. All of them are for different levels of damage. With regular inspections, conditions would not get so bad that you will require an expensive foundation repair.

The Takeaway

If one is not vigilant, they would have to pay a very hefty bill for repairs around the house. The problem with the foundation can impact other areas of the house like the walls and the floor. Everything will require replacement and the structure of your house itself is susceptible to collapsing if action is not taken right away.

All of the tips mentioned in this article work towards creating a stronger base for the house which is held tightly by the soil which does not lead to any water damage.

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