What Causes Your Windows to Fog and How to Fix It

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Are you struggling with fixing the fog that occurs on your windows? If yes, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share some causes and how to fix this problem. Foggy windows don’t look nice. Apart from that, you will face other issues. It is always better to look for better quality windows to avoid this problem.

Nowadays, it has become more convenient for people to find reliable online stores to purchase windows. But as there are many options, you will get confused. Researching is the only way to get a perfect online store for the same. The best thing about these platforms is that you can search everything by sitting at your home without issues.

It is essential to gain some knowledge about the reasons behind foggy glasses. After knowing them, you will come up with the solutions.

Some people think it is impossible to avoid foggy window glass. Well, that is not a valid statement. We will provide you with some tips that you can follow and prevent. Let’s not waste any more time and get started with the same.

What are the causes of foggy windows?

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There can be many reasons behind it. But you have to identify which is the actual cause. Here are some points that you need to remember during the process-

• Excessive water after a thunderstorm: Have you checked your windows after a severe thunderstorm hit your location? You should do it if you haven’t because it might damage the insulated glass unit. Once the IGU gets damaged, you have to face frequent fog. The only way to avoid them is to replace the windows and get better ones.

If you keep checking them from time to time, you might know the problem initially. Then you can also repair the seal that is there to control the temperature. But you can conclude only after hiring a professional who has sufficient knowledge. Sometimes, people make wrong assumptions and later regret their decisions. If you don’t want to put yourself in such a situation, you should research the problem well.

• Overheating the glass: The high temperature at your location is also responsible for damaging your window seal. The more the heat, the more chances of insulated glass getting destroyed after a while. It is essential to keep your windows away from direct sunlight. You can do the same by using shelters and more.

However, in some cases, this solution is not permanent. You have to keep looking for alternatives throughout the process.

The main thing you have to keep safe and secure is the seal. It is the only thing that helps the windows control temperature and avoid fog. So, you should never forget this thing if you have big spaces for the same. A small mistake might create a huge mess, and then you have to spend extra money to repair them.

• A prolonged usage: Do you remember when you changed your windows? If not, you should do it right now. The seals will get destroyed after you’ve used them for so long. It is crucial to keep checking and replacing them whenever you think it’s time. Otherwise, you might have to invest more in repairing them.

The old windows won’t provide you with the advantage of preventing them from the fog. So, that might be one of the reasons the glass gets foggy in extreme temperatures. Once you figure out the same, you can proceed to find the solutions. You can get new ones to avoid foggy glasses in the future.

How do you fix the foggy windows?

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As we mentioned earlier, you will be surprised to learn about the issues that goofy windows create. That is why you should try to fix this problem as soon as possible. Here are some tips that might be essential for you to follow-

• Change the IGU unit: The seal is the only thing that protects the glass from extreme heat or cold. So, the fog won’t occur on it because the seal is in good condition. This solution is perfect for people having a tight budget. You don’t need to spend a lot of money changing the same.

But if we talk about replacing the whole glass, you should have sufficient money. It is impossible to get this process done with some bucks.

There might be two situations- the first is your windows might have become old. In such a situation, replacing the insulated glass unit won’t give you the best results. Getting the new ones will be expensive, but it will be worth it.

In the second situation, the entire problem is in the IGU. So, you don’t need to replace the glass. Instead, you have to invest in a new one. You will quickly get what you want in online or offline stores. But still, you have to research in detail.

• Get a defogging spray: If a particular solution is not helpful, you can try purchasing a debugging spray. It helps to prevent the fog from frequently occurring over the windows. However, you must be aware that it is not a permanent solution to this problem. You have to consider trying other ones when nothing works for you.

• Install energy-efficient glasses: The energy-efficient glasses will offer you many benefits that you cannot even imagine. They will keep the temperatures in control and prevent fog.

• Proper installation is necessary: Sometimes, the installation is not correct, and due to this, the IGU doesn’t work correctly. Whenever you change or replace the windows, make sure the workers do it correctly. Also, hire suitable workers for this task. Otherwise, you have to spend more money on fixing the issues.

• Ventilation is necessary: Poor ventilation might stop windows from stopping the fog. So, your house should be well-ventilated to avoid such issues.

The Bottom Line

We hope now you have an idea about what causes are behind foggy windows. Apart from that, you can also fix the problem with the tips mentioned above. But you still have to consider some things before starting the process.

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