What to Do in OSRS’ 11th Birthday

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Old School RuneScape, a beloved revival of the classic iteration of RuneScape, marks its inception on February 22, 2013. Fast forward to February 22, 2024, the game will be celebrating its 11th anniversary. Though the roots of OSRS trace back further, being a revival of RuneScape’s earlier version, the game as we currently know it kicked off on that significant day in 2013.

As part of the celebration, players can look forward to traditional festivities, including the iconic birthday cake, among other rewards. Beyond the pursuit of OSRS gold, adventurers can expect a variety of event-specific bonuses and activities to commemorate this milestone. For players looking to optimize their anniversary experience or perhaps snag some unique event items, PlayerAuctions.com offers a convenient platform to enhance the celebration.

Celebrating OSRS Anniversary: The Great Gielinor Cake Off

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Begin the anniversary festivities by visiting Patty Seer in Lumbridge Castle’s kitchen. She’s distressed over her damaged, treasured cake tin. The castle’s cook overhears and suggests that Bob from Bob’s Brilliant Axes could mend it, mentioning that Bob owes him a favor. Armed with the cake tin and a note to cover the costs, you head to Bob’s shop.

Upon delivering the items to Bob, he repairs the cake tin. You then return to the castle to find Patty elated at the restoration of her cake tin. However, during your absence, a goblin made off with her lucky chef’s hat.

The thief, a goblin named Warmhandz loitering near the General Store, has been eyeing the castle kitchens for a decade, dreaming of culinary greatness. Informing him that Patty Seer could mentor him, you send Warmhandz hurrying to the castle.

Back in the kitchen, you witness Patty and her eager new apprentice preparing a celebratory cake for the Great Gielinor Cake Off. Once the cake is ready, Patty entrusts you with delivering it to Party Pete in Falador, offering a magical teleport for quick travel.

Upon arrival at the Falador Party Room, you present the cake to Pete. He then enlists your assistance with Archmage Sedridor in igniting an everlasting candle. Sedridor, having exhausted all conventional means, suggests dragonfire might do the trick but dismisses the idea due to time constraints. Following this, he directs you back to Party Pete for further celebration plans.

Upon resuming your conversation with Party Pete, you learn of his attempt to invite Elvarg to the festivities, though without response. Undeterred, Pete proceeds with the cake contest and delegates you to evaluate the entries. After inspecting each contender, you report back to him.

A dramatic cutscene unfolds, showcasing the cake judging. Pete samples Thurgo’s Imcando Dwarf ‘Cake’ (actually a redberry pie) and a mud-coated goblin cake by General Bentnoze and Wartface. Suddenly, the celebration is disrupted by a dragon—Elvarg or Alvarg, contingent on your Dragon Slayer I quest status.

Post-catastrophe, Party Pete expresses his initial hope for a dragon-delivered cake but appreciates the unintentional lighting of the everlasting candle by the dragon’s fiery entrance. He declares the Lumbridge cake victorious, citing the overcooked Varrock cake and the gnome’s cookie misrepresentation as reasons.

At this juncture, Warmhandz makes his entrance. You share the good news of the victory, then return to Party Pete to collect your well-earned rewards.

An additional endeavor involves Sir Pear Visor, located in the Party Room’s basement museum. He offers tasks to aid in completing his collection.

Rewards Galore: A Sweet Conclusion to the Anniversary Celebrations

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Celebrate your achievements with an array of festive rewards:

  • 10th Birthday Balloons
  • A decadent 10th Birthday Cake
  • Comfy Bob the Cat Slippers or Jad Slippers
  • A whimsical Cake Hat
  • The fiery Dragon Candle Dagger
  • The adorable Gnome Child Backpack
  • Choice of Gnome Child, Jad, or Stray Dog Plush
  • The cozy Oldschool Jumper
  • A celebratory Silver Partyhat
  • A new Party emote
  • Two noted Half-Full Wine Jugs
  • Access to all past birthday and anniversary event rewards via Diango in Draynor

Engage with Sir Pear Visor’s museum quest for extra treasures:

  • Crystal Chunks, Sarachnis Chitin, a Casket Piece, and more, each correlating with diverse  OSRS activities and encounters. These collectibles range from Prifddinas exploits to Wilderness boss battles, enriching your celebratory haul.

This event not only commemorates OSRS’s storied past but also enriches your adventure with memorable rewards and engaging activities, ensuring the celebration is as rewarding as it is entertaining.

Old School RuneScape Turns Another Year Older!

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Join in the festivities as Old School RuneScape marks another milestone! This anniversary celebration invites players to revel in the fun alongside various NPCs and fellow adventurers. Immerse yourself in the merriment and special events available until March 15. Such occasions are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, offering unique joy and camaraderie that future events, while still exciting, won’t quite replicate. Each celebration is distinct, capturing moments that live in the now and can’t simply be revisited through reruns. It’s the essence of being part of something as it unfolds that makes it truly special.

Moreover, this is your golden opportunity to snag those limited-edition items exclusive to the anniversary. While some rewards can later be claimed from Diango, there’s an unparalleled thrill in acquiring them firsthand through event participation. And let’s not forget, these aren’t items you can just obtain through any OSRS service at whim. So, dive into the celebrations, make unforgettable memories, and make the most of this unique chapter in OSRS history.

Seize the Moment: Enjoy The Old School RuneScape’s Anniversary Celebrations

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As Old School RuneScape commemorates another year of adventure, camaraderie, and relentless questing, there’s never been a better time to join the festivities. This anniversary is a testament to the vibrant and ever-growing community that has shaped the world of Gielinor into what it is today. From nostalgic veterans to curious newcomers, everyone is invited to partake in the celebrations that make this event truly one-of-a-kind.

Don’t miss out on the unique experiences, limited-time rewards, and the joy of creating memories with friends old and new. Whether it’s battling side by side in epic quests or simply sharing a slice of virtual birthday cake, the essence of OSRS’s anniversary lies in the community coming together.

Join the Party: Log in to Old School RuneScape and partake in the anniversary events. From lighthearted quests to gathering limited-edition items, there’s something for everyone.

Collect Your Rewards: Make sure to visit Diango in Draynor to claim any anniversary rewards you may have missed and to add those exclusive items to your collection.

Share the Joy: Invite friends to join in the celebration. Whether they’re long-time players or interested in starting their journey in Gielinor, there’s no better time to dive into the fun.

Create Memories: Take screenshots, share stories, and contribute to the festivities on social media using #OSRSAnniversary. Let’s make this anniversary one for the history books!

As we look forward to another year of adventures in Old School RuneScape, let’s celebrate the moments that bring us together and make this community truly special. Here’s to many more years of questing, exploring, and forging friendships in the world of Gielinor. Happy anniversary, OSRS adventurers—now, let’s make this celebration one to remember!

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