5 Refreshing Summer Teas to Enjoy in Warm Weather – 2024 Guide

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Warm weather means cold drinks, right? Well, it is not necessarily true. A lot of people drink hot tea in the summers. It might seem strange to you but tea is an important aspect of Asian culture. People do drink hot teas as they are healthy. However, they cool off our body too.

You need to understand that although the drink is made from hot water, it won’t heat up the body. Firstly, there are a lot of different varieties of tea that have a cooling nature. Other than this, when we drink something warm, it makes us sweat that eventually results in cooling.

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Here is a list of teas that you can drink in the summers.

1. Green tea

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A hot lemon or ginger green tea is best for summer. It is healthy, helps in weight loss and increases immunity. You can get several benefits from drinking it.

In addition to this, you can also brew green tea and make a chill summer drink. It will taste completely different and refreshing.

2. Peppermint tea

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Peppermint is also something that refreshes your mind and body and has several other benefits. And when you combine it with green tea, the therapeutic effects further increases. It is known to relieve sinus pain and muscle cramps. Moreover, if you have trouble sleeping, it is also helpful that. You can drink it in both hot and cold brews.

3. Black iced tea

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Iced teas are best for summers. If you do not like the taste of green teas and want to have something chilled, give it a try. You can add sugar or skip it, it is completely up to you. The drink tastes best either way. So if you are trying to cut down your sugar consumption, you can add lemon to it. Lemon enhances its flavor and is also healthy for your body.

4. Peach iced tea

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Fruits are a must to have a thing in summers and especially peaches. They have that perfect blend of sweet and sour taste that appeals to your taste buds. But this is not all. In addition to eating peaches, it has several other uses like iced tea. You can find plenty of ready-made cold peach drinks in the market. And if you want, you can prepare it with a combination of green tea.

5. Lemon honey tea

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One of the basic hot drinks that people use for treating cold and flu. However, it is equally beneficial in summers to cool off your body. A combination of sour and sweet flavors makes a perfect taste that you will enjoy. Furthermore, it is also quite helpful in weight loss. So if you are planning a diet, you can add this drink.

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