How to Get Dogs Used to Dog Carriers

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Most proud dog owners will probably agree on one thing, and that is that they do not like to go anywhere without their pets.

However, sometimes it can be inconvenient – especially if you go to a shopping mall, sit in a cafe or buy groceries. Then, it is ideal to have a dog carrier that will make the situation easier for you and your pet. But how do you get a dog used to a dog carrier? We will try to help you with a few tips.

Carriers For Dogs: Need Or Just A Trend?


We all love that our pets are always with us, even when we go shopping or travel by plane, and the like. However, we must be aware that pets can sometimes make things difficult for us. Constant snooping while we’re buying groceries in the hypermarket can cost us time, but also criticism from buyers and sellers.

How then to go with a pet – and not have this or similar problems? A dog carrier is an ideal solution. These stretchers have a practical purpose not only when shopping in supermarkets or shopping malls – but they are also great for travel. On the other hand, this is an indispensable way to create a connection between the owner and his best friend.

How To Make Your Dog Get Used To The Carrier?


This is very important because not all dogs will have the same reaction to it. Keep in mind that patience is the key thing because probably no dog has ever gotten used to a carrier in one day.

The owner should be aware that the dog does not have a built-in pattern of behavior that would allow him to automatically accept the restriction that the carrier represents for him. The whole process should take place in several stages, gradually and with a lot of patience and love.

Buy Appropriate Size Of Carrier

The carrier must be spacious enough for your dog to feel comfortable and protected in it. You can choose some of the different types and sizes of pet careers and the ones that proved to be among the best is a kuoser dog carrier.

Whatever you decide on, make sure the dog is not cramped inside and has enough freedom of movement. Otherwise, your dog may feel uncomfortable, even traumatized, if you push him into a space that is too small for him.

When You Bring A Carrier – Keep It In The Same Place


From the first moment that we bring the carrier into the home – we need to keep it in the same place. The dog should not be forced to enter it, or forced into it. On the contrary, you should be patient enough and let the dog know that it is his place to relax, sleep, and have peace.

At first, we just left him and let him get used to the new thing in our home. Then you should leave pieces of food around and let the dog pick up that food. No need to rush anywhere. Wait for the dog to associate the carrier with comfort that he will connect with the food – and encourage the dog with a gentle voice and cuddling.

Slowly Get Your Dog Used To The Carrier With Rewarding

Gradually, start to put the dog in the carrier. In the beginning, while the dog is inside – reward him. Then, let him out again.

Do it all relaxed and calm. Then, slowly extend the time of keeping the dog in the carrier until you reach the moment when you feel that the dog is relaxed in the carrier and is resting. If a dog starts barking – ignore such behavior.

Don’t respond to the dog with a single word because otherwise, you will strengthen his behavior. Just wait for the dog to calm down and after a period of two or three minutes, we open the carrier and reward the dog. So, we reward his calmness and support such behavior – while we ignore the undesirable behavior and thus stop it.

The Bottom Line

We hope that with the help of these techniques you will be able to get your dog used to the carrier -and that you and your pet will enjoy the time you spend together without any problems.

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