10 Serious Signs of Foundation Issues With Your Home

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A home is a comfortable space enjoyed by everyone. They say that it is one of the most valuable and long-term investments that any person can make. So, it ought to be a good one. Buying a dream home is one thing, but maintaining it is a separate thing that no one talks about initially. But, if investments are made, and it’s time for a person to move into the new house, there are certain things that they need to take care of.

The first one is the quality of the home’s foundation. The home’s foundation needs to be strong and crack-proof. It will help it sustain the weight of the home in adverse circumstances. So, getting one’s hands on the foundation repair Lansing mi at the right time will be helpful for all homeowners.

Common Signs That Highlight Issues With A Home Foundation

Gathering information regarding the same issues and suggested services will help all homeowners in a better way. So, please pay attention to the details. Here are 10 serious signs that will help homeowners spot foundation issues and take measures right.

1. Constant Cracks In-Room Walls

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Cracks in the walls of different rooms in the house are the first knock toward foundation issues. Such cracks can occur on the door surface, walls, outside the wall chink, and the arbor foundation. Cracks are common, so they tend to be ignored by their housemates. But, ignoring them can worsen the conditions in the future.

2. Tile Breakage

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Penstocks are a common sight in some homes. People use them in their kitchen and sometimes in the bathroom. It is always better to monitor these as they give rise to foundation issues. These are problematic and hence, tend to create major issues on the home’s surface. So, either hire professionals who do regular check-ups or take some personal interest and save the home from these questionable things.

3. Inward-Facing Basement

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Bedding walls are another problem that occurs because of surface issues. The scientific fact is that the house is built on soil that shrinks when water is absorbed.

It dries if an adequate amount of water is not received. People tend to use transplanted soil portions in such cases, which expands the pressure that a home’s surface suffers from. Such an increase in pressure will have its first effect on the home’s surface.

4. Flooring Issues

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Floors tend to sag whenever there are issues with a home’s surface. Sometimes concrete or other materials like hardwood affect the home structure and create problems. It is easy to spot any issue with the floor.

The floor tends to swell from some areas, and the person walking above can feel uncomfortable and bouncy. In such cases, checking the materials in the sub-floor layer becomes essential. It might sound like a simple issue, but it can lead to a bloated home foundation if left unaddressed. Hence, its capacity to bear the weight of the home increases the concerns of homeowners.

5. Constant Wall-Wearing Due To Leaks

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The home’s dampness, especially on the room and bathroom walls, near the windows, and on the ceilings, is another lookout when it comes to looking for possible things that harm the home’s surface. Certain moisture levels are fine, but when the levels are exceeded in the house, the structure is prone to damage.

Humidity further increases the risks of pests, rodents, and different kinds of insects. Sometimes, water through outside sources causes problems like leaks.

6. Smelly Windows And Doors

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Expecting a nice and flowery fragrance from home is not the right thing to do. But, neither is comfortable with the foul smell emitted by the doors and windows.

The foul smell can be anything related to soil, rotten vegetables, garbage, or mildew. Please take it as a major alert and look for repair options immediately. An expert will help the home get rid of the smell and solve the problems with the home’s surface.

7. Sticking Entrances

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Doors or other entrance places like the gate tend to stick, suggesting an alignment issue. The overall frame looks shabby and uneven. Homeowners should take it as a hint and check for their functions. They can try opening and closing the door. Once they notice that it is getting hard, foundation issues occur. Sometimes, jamming is a result of increasing humidity. Water damage is another reason for sticking entrances to happen in a home.

8. Structural Issues

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Structural issues resulting from the expansion joint of the house are problematic. It is the basics like soil alteration but can harm the house’s foundation. When the basics are questionable, specialists provide reliable solutions that function for the long term.

9. Visible Distance Between Roof, Walls, And Windows

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In some cases, an issue with the house’s foundation creates visible differences between roofs, walls, and windows. Also, if people try to place the cupboard against the walls, there is an unavoidable distance between them no matter how hard they try. Keep a constant check on these gaps. The moment any house inmate spots the walls being pulled downward or problems with the door latches, it’s time to hire an expert to intervene and repair these issues along with the home’s foundation.

10. Drainage Problems

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These problems are a nightmare for one and all. The inconvenience that drainage problems offer cannot be compared to anything else.

The last sign that a house is on its way to welcoming foundation issues is when constant drainage problems tend to dig in. A house tends to have wet soil patches, one of the common ways to arise drainage problems. It is important to note that the wet patches of soil in and around the house result from sudden cracks in the pipes of the house. Also, in some cases, a rupture moves into the ground.


These issues might feel like they are small, but they are serious. Also, ignoring them can cause major homeowner expenses followed by their time. So, pay attenuation when the time is viable, or the condition will worsen, and the problem will expand with each passing day.

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