Is It Normal for a Ring to Bend and How to Fix It – 2024 Guide

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Wearing jewelry has everyone feeling more confident because they add such detail to the outfit that everyone will notice it. Also, the ring has a significant importance when you are trying to secure your relationship so you want them to last forever. They are made from metal, so they are rigid and strong, but with many years of use, they might show the damage that has been done with scratches and the most noticeable bending of the ring. The bending does not have to be that noticeable, but it can be seen if you remove it from your finger and observe it like that.

Why do they bend?


Bending, and other types of damages are normal to happen because nothing is permanent, and it can be bent with long time wearing. You forget that you have it on your finger, and you do some kind of work that pressures your fingers, whether that is heavy lifting or something similar. Basically, the thinner the edges are, the more visible and easier the bending will happen.

Also, a very important thing to consider is the material. If it is a cheap one, made from basic metal it will not lose its shape as easily as gold with many karats because the gold is a soft metal and if it is pure, it has fewer hard metals in the alloy. Other types of metals like white gold are stronger than the regular ones, but they can be bent as well.

How to fix them


When you notice that you have bent your ring, you should try to straighten it by yourself using only your hands. If you use any tool, you might scratch the surface or you might make dents that are visible and hard to fix.

If you are not able to fix it that way, the best thing that you should do is to visit a professional suggested by SenseOrient. Depending on the type of the ring, whether you have gems on it or not, that is how hard it will be for them to fix it, and that is how the price is determined. If you have a slight bend on the loop that has no gems on it, it will be pretty easy and affordable to straighten it.

Another thing to consider is the bending size, or how thin is the bending place. That way the jeweler will have to add new mass to it, making it an expensive job.

What you should do to avoid bending


Since that is not a cheap process and if you damage your favorite ring, you will have to fix it, you should avoid lifting any type of weight with it on your fingers. If you are thinking of buying a ring now, make sure that you get one that is harder and more rigid, and make sure that the alloy is of good quality. Make sure that you take it off whenever you do some work, and that will increase the longevity.

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