How To Tell If Your Mattress Is Causing You Back Pain

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So, you’ve been waking up feeling like you spent the night on a torture rack, and you don’t know why? The most obvious suspect is probably your mattress. If you are looking for a place to relax, why not drop by a salon to get the most relaxing massage you deserve? Go to Area Guides to find the salon nearest to you.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most telling signs your mattress is causing you back pain to help you get your sleep back on track. So, without any further ado, let’s get right to the bottom of it!

You haven’t changed it in years.

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While high-quality mattresses don’t require frequent replacing, if you cannot remember the time you’ve first bought yours, perhaps it’s time to get a new one. Experts recommend changing your mattresses at least once every 7-10 years, depending on their quality. It’s because the material tends to wear out over time, which makes the mattress lose its original shape and firmness. Besides, your body will undergo some changes throughout the years, which may affect your sleeping preferences and needs.

So, if you can’t remember the last time you went shopping for mattresses, it’s time to finally do so!

The pain tends to go away when you change beds.

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One of the most obvious signs your mattress is no longer comfortable is that your back pain goes away as soon as you switch to another bed. Again, a mattress can’t stay comfortable forever. Once you decide it’s time to change yours, make sure you do some research. There is a wide range of mattresses available on the market, so remember to choose wisely. One of the most popular brands at the moment is – their offer is a good place to start.

It’s brand new.

High-quality mattresses aren’t cheap by any means. If you’ve just recently bought yours and found out it doesn’t provide you with the comfort you need, don’t get discouraged just yet! Your body needs some time to get adjusted to a new mattress, especially if it’s completely different from your old one. Give yourself some time and you’ll certainly start feeling comfortable soon enough.

You can’t fall asleep.

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If your every night is full of tossing and turning, your mattress might be causing your back pain. A good quality mattress will provide you with a seamless sleeping experience, so if you feel like you can’t find a comfortable position no matter how tired you are, it’s time to change your mattress.

You feel tired every morning.


You may not feel the back pain as soon as you wake up, but what you’ll certainly feel after sleeping on a bad mattress are fatigue and drowsiness.

Of course, feeling tired after you’ve slept the entire night isn’t something you should ignore. It could affect your overall health and well-being, so make sure you change mattresses as soon as you can.

Sagging in the middle of the mattress.


Lumps and sagging in the middle of the mattress are a certain sign you need to change it. These types of defects are particularly bad for your spine as they can cause chronic back pain issues.

Overall, if your mattress is visibly worn out, don’t risk your health and go get yourself a new one as soon as you can.

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