8 Differences between a Surfing and Swimming Wetsuits

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You might think surfing and swimming wetsuits are the same things. However, they are not. Surprised! Read further to find out which is the perfect one for you. Whether you are going to have a relaxing swim or go for some thrilling water adventures, swimsuits are a necessity. While swimming wetsuits are suitable for your initial steps in the water, surfing wetsuits are required when you require them for longer swims. This guide will give you a better understanding of the key differences between surfing and swimming wetsuits.

One of the most commonly asked questions is what distinguishes surfing and a swimming wetsuit from each other. Their features differ in several aspects: smoothness, flexibility, water resistance, and knee panels. It will be discussed in detail in the below sections. In this context, if you reside in Switzerland, you can buy quality wetsuits from reliable online shops.

Furthermore, the popularity of watersports and leisure activities has resulted in several people investing in quality wetsuits.

But before you make a purchase, it is essential to find out which one will suit your need and what are the basic features of each of them.

Understanding A Swimming Wetsuit

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As the name suggests, this wetsuit is typically designed for swimming at the water’s surface. Also known as an open water swimsuit, these are made from neoprene. Additionally, it is water resistant and lets you elevate your body position in the water. These are generally used for swimming in open waters, i.e., in lakes or rivers and an indoor pool.

Moreover, this swimsuit helps maintain the proper buoyancy in water to maintain perfect body balance. If you are new to the league, you can make this your first purchase over the other varieties. Also, they must be considered only when the water temperatures are stable, i.e., neither too cold nor too hot.

Understanding A Surfing Wetsuit

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A surfing wetsuit offers some distinct features in comparison to a swimming wetsuit. Besides, these apparels are generally more flexible over the other kinds, explicitly swimming, scuba, or a triathlon suit. Additionally, they have exclusive panels, such as knee panels, along with better neck seals, so the surfers can withstand the high-speed waves.

Further, their body-hugging design lets you move across huge waves without complications. Also, the neoprene used in a swimming wetsuit differs from that used in this variety.

Key Differences Between A Swimming And Surfing Wetsuit

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The differences between a swimming and surfing wetsuit are many. Read below to find out.

1. Varying Design

Swimming wetsuits are usually available in fewer variants, i.e., some are sleeveless while some are full-body-covering suits. On the other hand, surf suits are available in a wide range of design options, such as vest, long-sized, short-sized, top, or full-length. Furthermore, the design of surf suits also varies depending on the need and water temperatures. Also, these are typically tight-fitted to assist in bearing high-speed waves.

2. Ability To Sustain Higher Speed

Swimming suits are designed only for swimming on surfaces or open waters, such as rivers, lakes, or ponds. Hence, they do not have much adaptability to bear higher-speed waves.

Meanwhile, surf suits are designed specifically for streamlined motions in the water. Therefore, they are made of thicker materials to provide enhanced sustainability.

3. Thickness Of The Wetsuit

Swimming wetsuits are thinner and smoother neoprene to maintain optimal buoyancy and enhance the continuous rotation of the open-water swimmers. In opposition, surf suits are made of thicker neoprene. The thickness, however, depends on the water temperature. Since the temperatures are low in the case of open-water swimming, there is constant fluctuation and extremity in the waterbody’s temperature in the case of surfing; it reflects on the thickness of the material for designing the wetsuits.

4. Removability

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Swimming wetsuits are usually easier to remove than surfing suits, which are much more complicated to remove.

5. Texture

Swimsuits are made of materials that are smooth in texture. This is because open-water swimmers do not need to bear extreme water speeds and the surface water temperatures are also normal. However, surf suits are made of thicker neoprene, so it could assist the surfers in handling even extremes of temperature and speedy waves as well.

6. Water Resistance Capacity

Surf suits are specifically designed to provide enhanced flexibility. In addition, they are highly water resistant. Eventually, this improves the overall buoyancy. Also, it helps in enhancing your body’s position in the water. However, in the case of swimsuits, the hydro resistance capacity is generally lower since there are no such requirements.

7. Presence Of Panels

Surfing wetsuits are primarily facilitated with chest, side, and knee panels. These are provided to enhance durability. In addition, it ensures that you get the maximum possible comfort while performing with the waves. Likewise, swimming wetsuits are designed for ordinary purposes and are not always provided with panels. However, the panels are reinforced in some high-end swimsuits as well. It eliminates the risk of swim drags.

8. Provision Of Neck Seals

Surfing requires several heads, shoulder, and neck movements. Thus, surfing wetsuits are provided with thick neck seals to prevent injuries. This further eliminates any risk of drags.

Simultaneously, swimming does not require such head and neck movements. In that case, neck seals can cause trouble to the swimmers. Thus, neck seals are not present in swimming wetsuits.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there is a vast difference between swimming and surfing wetsuits. If you are considering making your first purchase, you must think about various aspects, precisely the purpose you require. If you are an entry-level swimmer, getting yourself a swimming wetsuit is advisable. While if you are looking for apparel for your surfing hobby, you can try the specifically designed surfing wetsuit.

The surf suits and swim suits are available in a variety of designs from shorties to vests, and from short length to full-length, and varying thicknesses and textures. There are certain accredited companies that offer premium quality sustainable and water-permeable wetsuits are highly affordable prices.

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