Are the Dental Implants Perfect as Your Normal Teeth?

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The dental field has gone too far regarding technological invention and advanced techniques. The implants are quite used for replacing damaged teeth. If some of your teeth are not there on your jaw, this treatment helps you in getting regular teeth in all empty spaces.

If you are considering this treatment, you must wonder whether your implants look and feel the same as normal teeth. This write-up will discuss in detail whether the implants are perfect as normal teeth. Anyone who is opting for this treatment must know whether you feel the same or not.

It is an expensive treatment and a crucial decision for the replacement of your tooth. One can only agree to it only when it is beneficial for you. Let us discuss this treatment and compare it with your natural-looking teeth.

Know More About Dental Implants 

These implants are tiny posts made with titanium. These metal posts are properly inserted into your jawline, and it seems natural. It is made with artificial bone dust and left there for healing. If anyone has a strong jawline, one can have strong implants. 

When talking about normal teeth, one can experience little movement because they are quite attached to ligaments and gums. When you have a healthy jawbone, the permanence is more challenging than the natural one.

But if anyone has no strong jawbone, the grafting of bone treatment will take place. Before you opt for this treatment, you must know every detail. Not every person is perfect for dental implants, and you must see whether you can choose them.

Factors for Comparing Implants with Normal Teeth


1. Durability

Tiny posts are manufactured with titanium which makes them durable. The post works as a root that is placed inside the jawbone. It is a strong and durable metal commonly used in several medicines.

When this metal binds with a human bone, it helps resist deterioration. When the metal post infuses within the jawbone, the metal implants stay sturdy and in the same place. Regarding durability, the implants are quite better than the standard teeth.

2. Appearance

It is hard to detect the difference between standard teeth and implants when it comes to appearance. Both teeth look the same, and there is hardly any way to detect them until you say anything about it to anyone.

Due to the same appearance, many people prefer to opt for this dental treatment and get a natural feeling. The crowns prepared and attached to the metal posts are scanned and formed in the natural teeth shape. It is quite hard to tell whether one has opted for dental treatment.

3. Root

Standard teeth are well connected with the jawbone or gums with roots. The posts are properly inserted into your gums that act as roots. After that, an artificial enamel crown is placed over the posts and sealed properly.

No difference is there after the treatment is done. With time, the posts start infusing your jawbone, making the implants quite sturdy. The gum support is the same in both cases. No natural roots are there in the artificial method.

4. Tooth Decay


Standard teeth are quite more prone to tooth decay and cavities than implants. Whenever you consume carbohydrates, your mouth starts developing bacteria. When these microorganisms start excreting acids, it starts damaging the enamel, which causes cavities. If your dentist does not treat the decay, you can lose them.

But implants can never decay because the bacteria accumulated in a mouth cannot damage the posts and crowns. Comparatively, it will remain in your mouth in the same manner without any damage.

These posts and caps are pretty durable and long-lasting. Therefore, this treatment is entirely satisfactory, and you can appoint a dentist for standard-looking implants. Turkey Teeth dentists can execute the treatment effectively and provide better results without any risk of decay.

5. Allergies

Before you go ahead with the treatment of implants, your dentist needs to check whether you are allergic to any metal or not. Generally, titanium is used as posts and inserted in the gums. The crown placement is done over the posts. But if you are allergic to metal, the implants will not suit you.

Chances of allergies and pain are there. In severe cases, the pus can be filled in gums, and you require a different treatment. If you are metal allergic, your dentist will not suggest this treatment. You must know about the allergies that can happen due to metals and go for any tests to stay safe.

6. Cleaning

Undoubtedly, the jawbone, as well as gums, will soon accept the titanium posts and your implants. But the bond with the connective tissue is comparatively weak. It is necessary to maintain oral hygiene, and it is quite possible only when you get a weekly or monthly cleaning appointment with your dentist.

Frequent cleaning is necessary to protect roots and gum at the implant site. You must not miss the cleaning sessions because avoidance can cause severe problems like bad breath due to stuck food particles, etc. Many people avoid dental cleaning and then regret it later.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, implants are more perfect than standard teeth when it comes to durability, tooth decay, allergies, cavities, etc. But a patient must not be allergic to titanium metal because the posts are inserted in gums that will also infuse later. 

Before you agree to this treatment, ensure you determine the difference and similarities between normal teeth and the implants. It is an expensive treatment, and it is pretty worth it. If we talk about appearance, it is hard to detect any difference, and it looks the same. You must consult a good dentist for this treatment and get effective results per your requirements. 

Before spending money on this expensive treatment, you must know all its benefits. Your dentist can help you get new and healthy teeth if your jawbone is good enough to hold the implants and are non-allergic to any metal. 

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