Can You Use A Smartphone To Monitor Your Heart Rhythm

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Today, technology has advanced so much that it allows us to do some things we once could not even imagine. This applies to everyday things – but also things like our health and monitoring our health parameters. Thanks to new technologies, application development, and smartphones – today it is possible to monitor your activity, heart rate, and get tips that help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

What Is Heart Rhythm And Why Is It Important To Monitor It?


Heart rhythm basically represents the heart rate. In addition to the term pulse, the term heart rate or heart rhythm is also used. However, all terms express the number of heartbeats per minute. The rhythm changes depending on whether we are sitting in front of the TV – or we are active and hiking or training. The higher the intensity of the activity – the upper the frequency value will be. The constant work of the heart muscle is enabled by the creation of a stimulus in the part of the right atrium of the heart called the sinus node. The stimulus spreads from that place through the atria to the cells of the heart muscle of the left and right ventricles. The impulses generated within the heart muscle allowing it to be in the form of convulsions (systole) – or relaxation of the muscle (diastole). When these parameters are 60-80 times per minute – we consider this a normal heart rhythm.

However, if the heart rate is accelerated or slowed down – this may be an indicator of some disorders. Therefore, it is important to monitor your heart rhythm. Fortunately, technology has given us a lot, so you can find the best heart rate variability app and monitor your health parameters.

Smartphones And Applications To Monitor Your Heart Rate


Smartphones and applications are increasingly interfering in all the spheres of our lives. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that today there are applications that will instantly measure your heart rate and save the results – so you can monitor when your heart rate increases and when it is normal. Keep in mind that there are some highly accurate heart rate monitors. For example, if you use a Samsung heart rate monitor, keep in mind that its applications use similar methods to measuring heart rate as existing medical equipment – and the measurement accuracy is almost the same. It is a similar situation with the Welltory App which allows you heart rate variability monitoring – as well as checking your blood pressure.

Significance Of Applications That Follow Heart Rate


Today, a large number of people die of cardiac arrest due to neglect or late visits to the doctor. These applications were created to contribute to better health awareness among people. Also, they are designed with a tendency to reduce heart disease – and indicate the importance that physical activity has. With the smartphone device and these apps – we can find out some things about our heart function with high accuracy. However, you should know that these solutions are originally intended for people who will not use them to detect some of the most serious diseases – but primarily in the detection of stress and fatigue parameters.

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