UK Could Soon Loosen Restrictions for Vaccinated Travelers

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Since 2009, the European Union has required that all travelers over the age of 18 should show proof that they have been vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella. The current rules, however, are extremely strict and require travelers to show proof of vaccination within two weeks of arrival in the UK, which can prove difficult, especially for people from countries with limited immunization programs.

The UK’s proposed new rules could soon allow people with a valid ‘Vaccination Certificate’ to travel freely to the US. This could prove a controversial move for many Brits, as the current system means the US government doesn’t recognize UK-issued certificates. The rules have been proposed by the US Department of Health and Human Services under the Affordable Care Act. The US has been trying to get countries to accept the certificates for several years.

The global vaccination schedules are being reviewed once again, with the current advice recommending that most people over the age of five be vaccinated against measles, mumps, and rubella. Despite this, there are still countries that prohibit certain individuals from entering, and some who stifle vaccination in others. The UK, for example, has been considering the addition of the MMR vaccination to the list of legislative requirements for travel to the country, but the process is still in its early stages. There is also concern at what will happen if the UK eventually loosens the rules, with the result being people who have not been vaccinated returning to the country to mix with those who have.

The United Kingdom (UK) is reportedly considering changes to its strict entry requirements for international travellers and residents returning from summer trips outside the country.

Although the UK technically resumed international travel in mid-May, there is a three-level traffic light system whereby countries are classified as green, amber or red, with each level containing specific quarantine and control requirements.


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The UK’s post-Brexit policy is at odds with the European Commission’s recommendations for European Union (EU) member states, which recently switched to non-quarantine travel from the US with proof of vaccination or a negative test for COVID-19.

Only a small group of foreigners have been placed on the green list (which does not provide for quarantine but has some testing restrictions), while major destinations such as Spain, France, Italy and the United States have been placed in the yellow category. Travel from Amber countries is not recommended and all participants must meet a number of testing requirements and undergo a full 10-day quarantine on entry to the UK.

With the summer season already in full swing, there is an urgent need for airlines to ease these restrictions, which impede travel at their traditional time of year with the highest revenue.

Europe’s largest airline, Ryanair, and others are fighting back against the Johnson administration’s travel regulations, which currently offer no relief to visitors or returning citizens who have been fully vaccinated. The airline industry has repeatedly called on the government to allow vaccinated travellers to enter without quarantine and to relax restrictions in certain low-risk areas, such as Malta, Spain and the Greek islands.

Ryanair, along with Manchester Airports Group (MAG), filed a lawsuit against the UK over the traffic light system on Thursday and formally filed an application for judicial review with the High Court of England around noon. GMT, a MAG spokesman told Reuters. Other airlines are expected to join the action in the coming days.

In response, the UK Department for Transport said on Thursday that it is looking at how vaccination status may affect UK policy on international travel in the future. More than half of adults in the UK have already received the two doses of the approved COVID 19 vaccine, which is much better progress towards vaccination than in the rest of Europe.

Nice cottages in the Cotswolds, England. (Photo courtesy of Collette).

We have begun to look at the role of vaccination in developing a wider range of health and screening measures for people entering the country, a government spokesman told Reuters. According to the Daily Telegraph, the government is considering following the EU’s lead and allowing fully vaccinated foreign tourists in. Jesse Norman, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, told Sky News today: We are trying to move gently and gradually in the right direction, so I wouldn’t rule anything out just yet.

The UK is currently trying to contain a rapidly spreading variant of Delta COVID-19 from India, which has caused a 50% increase in infections in England since May. This has prompted Prime Minister Boris Johnson to invoke the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. July to delay the planned full recovery of the national economy.

Following the introduction of a traffic light system for international travel in May, the government has promised to review its travel guidelines by the end of June, and it will announce a review on 24 June. June to update the list of green targets.Earlier this year, the UK Health Care System launched a pilot program that allowed for more children to be vaccinated on planes and boats, even when they were traveling internationally with their parents. Supported by the NHS, the program was designed to help all children travel internationally to countries where their vaccines are not recommended, but are still required to be administered.. Read more about vaccinated travel to uk and let us know what you think.

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