How to Teach Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post – 2024 Guide

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Cats just love to scratch. It is in their nature and a necessary part of their daily behavior. However, it can complicate things for their owners, because it’s not just about surfaces being ruined from their sharp claws, it is also about the scent they leave behind after scratching. Plus, they often like to scratch exactly what we don’t want them to. But, like we already wrote, it is their nature and gives them the opportunity for light exercise

Another character trait that is connected to cats is stubbornness, so many will tell you that setting ground rules of behavior will be impossible. What experts in the area say though, is the opposite. It is possible to train a cat. Oh yes, but don’t expect miracles.

For this reason, we have put together a few simple tips that will allow you to teach your cat to scratch only where you want it to, and additionally to train it not to climb on surfaces where it does not belong. Below we bring you some tips to help you in the dressage process.

1. Be very, very, patient

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As it was mentioned, cats can be very stubborn, moreover, they sometimes like to do the opposite of what you are expecting just to teach you who is the boss. It is why it is important to know that you need to be patient, consistent, and persistent because basic training requires a minimum of two weeks of working with a cat. Whenever you feel like quitting, pick yourself up and continue.

2. Choose at least two scratch-friendly surfaces

Scratching and climbing are their basic activities and you should pick at least two locations to modify for this purpose. It would be ideal to combine scratching and climbing, to create the best cat scratching post possible. Another thing cats love to do is to climb high, so make the climber as tall as possible, with one or multiple scratching posts.

3. Connect positive memories with the scratching place

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In order for a cat to get used to a scratcher, it is necessary to connect some positive feelings, memories to it. It is quite easy. You will achieve this by playing with the cat on the scratcher and occasionally positioning a few treats on the climbing platforms (especially in cases when you leave the apartment or house and the cat is left alone).

4. Use pheromone

Products such as pheromone aim to make your cat feel like the surface is familiar. As they tend to be suspicious when it comes to new places. You can buy in spray or diffuser, it will work wonders.

5. Choose a correct angle for the post

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Not all cats like to scratch the same way, which is why you should study your cat’s behavior and position the post in the angle it likes to scratch most (horizontal or vertical).

Applying these five easy tips for training will be enough to teach your cat some manners. Remember, cats are stubborn, but they are also fast learners.

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