8 Signs Your Well Water Needs a Softener

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When the water is hard, it will barely create a foam from the soap, and even though it will help you clean the dishes, have a proper shower, you will always have some feeling that there is a sandy layer over the skin, or on the surfaces. Also, it forms white stains over the glass dishes. That’s one of the first signs that suggest that maybe the well water is hard, and you need a softener, so it won’t create that residue layer over the surfaces and dishes and will make you feel cleaner after you have a bath.

If you are looking for a water softener for well water, you need to know what exactly do you need, but also to check if there is some plumbing issue that you can fix before you use anything like that in your household. The softener is a device that is preventing the sediments to build up over the kitchen and bathroom surfaces, with an integrated filtration system, which can improve the quality of the water in the whole home.

How to recognize if you need it? It’s pretty easy since you will see that anyway, but at the first moment, you might not recognize it’s because of the water. But, the signs are pretty obvious, like:

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  1. Stains and buildup over the sinks, tiles, toilet, and bathtub that you can’t really remove with a usual detergent
  2. White stains on your dishes, glasses, and other appliances in your household
  3. The water pressure is lower than usual
  4. Your clothes look like they aren’t washed at all, or the black color looks more like grey because of the water
  5. The soap and shower gel you are using can’t make any foam
  6. After you wash your hair, you feel like there is hairspray all over it, and the hairs are dry and “crispy”
  7. You see mineral deposits all over the surfaces you are using every day
  8. Your skin feels dry and itchy

All these mentioned issues can be resolved if you invest in a quality water softener. It will help you get rid of the calcium and magnesium levels in the water, so it can help you get the things properly washed. It’s a pretty common problem, that not only can affect the quality of living, but also can cause plumbing issues. The soft water is the solution we all need, to unclog the pipes, get shiny hair, let our skin be brighter, and remove all the stains over the kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

It’s better than using detergents to clean the buildup since you invest in it once, and you only need to maintain it regularly.

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A nice water softener can be the solution you are looking for your whole life. We suggest you give it a try, and turn your life in a different direction, without having to rub the surfaces in your home or get worried about why your skin is dry and itchy, even though you take care of yourself properly. You will be surprised how much time and effort you will save every day.

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