How to Install SkyDark Kodi Build in Quick and Easy Steps

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SkyDark is the best kodi build available for fire stick, and here is a step by step guide to install it for you.

Installing a Kodi build isn’t as difficult as it may seem. You can do it with the help of this step by step guide. Before you proceed, have a look at these points: 1. You need a decent Kodi build. 2. You need a good VPN service. 3. You need to know how to install Kodi builds.

In this guide I describe the steps to install the SkyDark version on Kodi. These steps will work on all supported Kodi devices like Windows PC, Mac, Android, TV devices like FireStick and Android boxes.

SkyDark Hydra is part of SkyDark Wizard, which also includes a lot of other buildings. This version includes a robust collection of video add-ons. The on-demand domains (movies and TV shows) are especially impressive, with add-ons like The Magic Dragon, Corona and a few others. You will also find a good selection of sporting goods and items for children. Live TV is not very good, but you can complete the build with live TV addons from our list of the best Kodi addons.

The SkyDark Hydra Kodi build may seem a little complicated, but you’ll get used to it in a few minutes. Assembly can also be a bit difficult. However, I find it fast and smooth on most devices. It was a little slow on the FireStick, but it was acceptable. Follow the steps below to install and try out the SkyDark version on Kodi!

Update: The Kodi version of Skydark is currently unavailable. Then try one of the other builds on our list of the best Kodi builds:

Attention KODI users: please read before continuing

Kodi addons / modules offer unlimited streaming content, but can also get you in legal trouble if you get caught watching movies / TV shows / sports for free. Kodi users are strongly advised to always connect a VPN when streaming online. A good Kodi VPN can hide your identity, bypass government surveillance, block content, and ISP throttling (which also contributes to buffer-free streaming).

I use ExpressVPN, which is the fastest and most secure VPN. It is very easy to install on any device, including the Amazon FireStick. Get 3 months free and save 49% on annual plans. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can always ask for a refund.

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Read: How to install and use VPN for Kodi

Steps to install SkyDark Kodi Build

First we need to turn on the Unknown Sources option in Kodi. To prevent the unauthorized installation of malicious add-ons, this option remains disabled by default. Here’s how to turn it on quickly:

#1 : Start Kodi

#2 : On the Home screen, tap the cog icon in the upper right corner to open the Settings screen.

#3 : Select and open the system settings

#4 : Select the Extras option. It is located in the left menu.

If the Unknown Sources feature is disabled, enable it now.

#5 : Kodi warns you of the risks associated with enabling this option. With SkyDark, you don’t have to worry about anything. From there, it’s perfectly safe. Press Yes.

Message: You can disable this option when you install a version of SkyDark Kodi.

You are ready to install the SkyDark version.

Follow the steps below and install the SkyDark Kodi build:

#1 : On the Kodi home screen, press Settings

#2 : Open the file manager

#3 : On the next screen, you should see add a source on both sides. Click on one of the options and go to the next step.

#4 : When you see this window, click <No>.

#5 : Enter the following path in the highlighted field and click OK :

#6 : Enter the pathname you specified in the previous step. Choose a title, which should only be identifiable with the source. For example, you can type SkyDark, as I did.

Press OK.

So you have successfully added the source from which we are going to install the Kodi version of SkyDark. First, let’s install the Skydark repository.

#7 : Back to the Kodi home screen

#8 : Click on Addons

#9 : Click on Package Installer

Message: This is the open box icon in the upper left corner.

#10 : Open Install from zip file

#11 : Click SkyDark or the name you entered earlier.

#12 : Click on

Message: The version number of this file at the time of writing is 7.1.3. If you see a different version number, click on the file anyway. The version numbers change when the file is updated or added.

#13 : Wait for a message confirming the installation of the SkyDark Repository plug-in.

And you’ve installed the SkyDark repository. Now let’s use this repository to install the SkyDark wizard

#14 : Open the option Install from memory

#15 : Click on SkyDark Repository

#16 : Open the add-ons program

#17 : Press the Wizard of Skydark

#18 : Press the Install button

#19 : Wait for the SkyDark wizard to be installed. When you see the notification that the Skydark Wizard add-on is installed, you are ready to go.

#20 : You should now see three popups created by the SkyDark wizard immediately after installation. The first is the developer’s note. Press the Cancel key

#21 : The second drop-down list contains some parameters. Select all the settings you want to change. Or you can leave everything as it is.

Click on Next

#22 : The third pop-up takes you directly to the creation menu. You can click Create a menu and skip steps 23 to 27. Press Ignore to learn how to navigate it from the Kodi home screen.

We installed the Skydark assistant. Now we come to the last part, where we are going to install the SkyDark build on Kodi. Follow the steps below!

#23 : Back to the Kodi home screen

#24 : Click on Add-ons

#25 : Click on the additions to the program

#26 : Click on the SkyDark wizard icon to start the wizard.

#27 : Click Building (Skydark)

#28 : Go to Krypton Builds and click on Skydark Hydra.

Message: SkyDark Wizard also has builds for Kodi 18 Leia. But currently versions of Leia don’t install themselves or work unstably once installed.

#29 : Click on Fresh Setup

If you select this option, all existing data on Kodi will be deleted and reset to factory settings. This is the recommended option. Compilations installed on a recent Kodi work better.

#30 : Kodi will now ask you to confirm if you want to reset your Kodi configuration to the default settings.

Click on Next

#31 : Now wait until the Skydark Kodi version is downloaded and installed. Installing the build usually takes a few minutes, depending on your internet access speed and your device’s hardware specifications. As a rule, the assembly is ready for use in 4 to 5 minutes. Skydark weighs just under 320 MB, but once unpacked it contains over 450 MB of data.

#32 : When the assembly is finally installed, click the Force Close button.

Well, that’s it! You have successfully installed SkyDark Build on Kodi.

SkyDark Hydra Kodi Body: Summary

Now that you have the build installed, you want to explore it. Let me help you get started.

Below is the home screen of the Kodi SkyDark Hydra version. The assembly has a minimal design. However, this can be a bit tricky. It may take a few minutes to get used to. You can explore the menu on the left (the menu items appear one after the other).

The following media categories are displayed on the Home screen:

  • Children
  • Scrubs
  • Music
  • Yoda
  • The man cave
  • The crown
  • Other films

If you want to watch movies and series on demand, there are many great addons for you like Monster Munch, Corona, The Magic Dragon, Deceit and others.

The sports section is also promising thanks to SportsDevil, Supremacy Sports and Rising Tides.

Live streaming is an area that SkyDark is running into. However, it is not so much the build that is the problem, but the inability of addon developers to support live addons. Most live TV add-ons have virtually no content here. You could try Deceit, where there is a decent selection and many feeds work.


SkyDark may not be the best Kodi build, but it has enough merit to take its place in our list of best Kodi builds. It has some of the best addons for movies and hardware. There is also everything you need for the kids. SkyDark is light and flexible. Try it.


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