Egypt’s Medjay: Assassin’s Creed Origins Walkthrough

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The Medjay is one of the newest Assassins, and the Medjay is an elite class of soldier and protector of Egypt. The Medjay is a protector of Egypt, who uses the power granted in the Assassin’s Creed series to shield his/her allies. In Assassin’s Creed Origins, the Medjay is the new Assassin and guards the treasure in the tomb.

The Medjay are a unique type of NPC in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, a highly specialised class of recently trained assassins, who represent a new kind of assassin in the series. They have been around since the franchise’s debut in 2007, and although they have been relatively under-utilized in the series over the years, Origins marks the first time they have been given their own full story-driven campaign.

The Medjay are the Egyptian equivalent to the Assassins, and they are among the most enigmatic and intriguing factions in the Assassin’s Creed universe. We know little about the Medjay, or their true nature, save the fact that they are among the assassins in the game. Is the Medjay a faction of assassins, or are they simply a group of Egyptian soldiers who are members of the Brotherhood?

Egypt’s Medjay is the main quest of Assassin’s Creed Origins involving Apollodorus.

Your job is to meet with Apollodorus, Aya’s friend, to find out more about what is happening in Egypt.

We present a walkthrough of the Egyptian Medjay in AC Origins.

Recommended level for this quest: Level 12

Egyptian Mejai Summary

1. Find the contact of Apollodorus

2. Talk to Apollodorus in the lighthouse

3. Finding and rescuing the Damascus

4. Escort the Damascene safely

5. Get the Kanopos Lake scroll

6. Give the scroll to Apollodorus…

7. Take Apollodorus to his villa.

Find Apollodor contact

Your first objective is to find Apollodorus’ contact at the racecourse. The location is indicated on the map below.

When you get there, use Senu to get the exact location. Talk to this person here (photo below).

Conversation with Apollodore

Now you have to find Apollodorus at the lighthouse of Kanopos.

The exact location is indicated on the map below.

When you arrive at the lighthouse, a video will load.

Search and rescue Damascus

Apollodorus will test your skills by asking for your help to save Damastus.

Go to Kanopos harbor and find him.

You will see guards surrounding the area. Try to kill them in secret.

Now get in the cage and release Damascus. Don’t try to let it go until it’s clear.

Escorting Damascus to safety

After you have freed Damastes, he will run away and you have to follow him. If the road is not clear, you have to kill the guards. If not, they’ll probably hurt him.

Talk to him as soon as he stops.

Search and retrieve reels

He will tell you that the scroll is on the boat, but that the boat sank.

Go to Kanopos Lake and get it from the bottom of the lake.

You can take a small boat and go there. On the way you will have to use the Seine to find the exact location.

When you have found the spot, dive to the bottom and see the wreck. Get the scroll off the ship.

Give the scroll to Apollodore

Return to Apollodore at the exact location indicated on the map below.

Take Apollodorus to his villa

Then he will invite you to his villa. Go to the location shown below.

He’ll get in the boat. Send the boat to his villa.

You must follow him now to meet Cleopatra at the villa.

After that, some scenes will appear and the quest will end here.

Reward: 900 XPAssassin’s Creed Origins is the latest title in the popular Ubisoft series of games and is set in the time of the ancient Egyptians. The game was released on October 27, 2017, and immediately became a hit, with the game receiving an average rating of 94/100 on Metacritic, and a “Universal Appeal” score of 81/100 on Steam. But, how does it play? Well, the game has you exploring ancient Egypt as an assassin named Bayek, during the era of the Pharaohs. You can choose to be either a Medjay or a Warrior, and as Bayek, you have an eagle to guide you through the game.. Read more about assassin’s creed origins bathhouse location and let us know what you think.

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