How to Choose the Best CBD Vape Juice?

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Before we get into the meat and potatoes of the article, we want to make a small introduction to vaping and CBD juice. This is mostly for you out there that are just starting to vape and are looking to get familiar with everything including how to pick the best CBD vape juice.

Most of you know about e-cigarettes and the principal they work on. There is no direct flame impacting the tobacco and there are no added negatives to the list that smoking already draws with it. With e-cigarettes, you get a heating coil that slowly heats the cigarette or in this case oil, to the point where it becomes vape and to the point where it is safe to inhale. When it comes to regular smoking vs. smoking e-cigarettes numerous benefits go into the benefit of the latter, but all in decent amounts. Too much and too often of anything in life is never good, the same applies here.

When it comes to CBD, most of you know the basics about this as well. CBD has been with us for a while and thankfully, numerous studies that support its existence will make it stay with us longer, and possibly become easier to obtain. As you probably know CBD oils are not legal and allowed everywhere, but as time passes and as we get to find out new benefits of taking CBD oils, pills, cremes and others, we are approaching the point where there will be widely available everywhere. For now, that is it for the intro, more on the other details in future articles. Let’s stick to what we have for you today, and let’s not make you wait more than needed. The list below will tell you how to pick the best vaping CBD juice and will provide detailed info and a place to get all of these!

Start slow


Now if you are just starting out and if you are not familiar with vaping, CBD oils and vaping CBD oils we will advise that you take things slow. Get to know what you like, what tastes and smells the best and most importantly what your body can handle. Vaping CBD oils is a method of getting these into your body faster.

This means that the effects of CBD will kick in a lot faster and you might get overwhelmed if you either go too fast or miss on your dosage and desired effect.

Read the labels, go through the amounts of everything inside carefully and do a sort of test run to see what is best for you.

The amounts

An important thing to know is that there are no same CBD oils, just like there are no same CBD tinctures, creams and others. In each manufacturer and each product, there is a different amount of CBD in and you need to find out what exactly you can tolerate and in how much of a dosage. Again, this is a trial and error mission where you can go from lower CBD percentage to higher to find your middle ground and find what exactly you can tolerate and for how long.

Tastes and everything else goes as a sort of mitigating factor of everything.



There are numerous tastes and smells when it comes to these vaping oils, just like there are with oils for regular e-cigarettes. You can go fruity or you can go earthy it is all up to you, but don’t hang on too much on these. The more important factor that will decide if you can handle something and like something is the previous two, we already mentioned. What we can advise is to use the flavours as a mitigating factor until you get used to the tastes and feeling you get after vaping CBD oil. Believe it or not, most people using CBD tinctures don’t like and can’t get used to the earthy and pungent taste and smell CBD has.

How High

This is the question that most of us search for – can I get high out of CBD vape oils and how high can I get? Well, numerous factors impact this and it is all individual, which we already stated. This is the exact reason why you need to experiment, go slow with dosages, use and CBD content in the oil of your choice.

When you are doing these tests make a controlled environment for yourself just in case. For those not looking to get high out of their CBD vape oils, and for you that are trying to get only the benefits, CBD oils offer, then try and find a manufacturer or a product that has THC contents stated on the bottle as 0. This will ensure you will never get high out of your vape CBD oil.

Look for a reputable seller/manufacturer


The common knowledge when it comes to CBD is that there are a lot of people making and selling these. More than 90% of these are legitimate with testing facilities, top of the line equipment for extraction and preparation and they are very open when it comes to the true contents of their vape or regular CBD oils.

This is important because you need, especially if you are starting, a product that is checked out, approved and with contents inside the oil that match what is stated on the packaging. You also need to know that the company has all the certificates necessary for the production and distribution of these, as a peace of mind and as a health precaution.

Quality or price

When it comes to these things, we always advise that you find a product that is highly used, talked about and highly rated. Since it is your health never cheap on these things and never go for the cheapest product out there. This is something you bring in your organism by inhaling and it needs to be as safe as possible.

The best way to make sure you are buying and using the best CBD vaping oils possible is to find a fine line between pricing and quality. There are plenty of companies out there that offer pretty good, sometimes better products than the competition, at much lower prices. This is why you need to read up, research and find out everything you need before you opt for a company or a product they sell.

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