4 Tips on How Do You Avoid Losing Streaks When Playing Keno? – 2024 Guide

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Hello, gamblers everywhere! Hope you have been having luck with your games and we hope you have been winning some cash. What is the point of gambling if you are not going to win right?

Well since gambling is what it is it doesn’t always have to be profitable. Like in anything in life there are good and bad days, weeks months. This is something we all hope for or try to steer clear as much as possible. Gambling is a coin with two sides – one represents your winning streak and the other the losing one. When the coins flip on the winning side we couldn’t be happier but what if it lands on the losing side and it sticks for a while there?!

This is something every gambler is trying to either avoid or shake off as soon as possible. Today we are talking about Keno and what to do to avoid losing streaks in it. Keno is a game that many see as a very complicated one with small rewards they steer clear of it, but there are also many of us that love this game. It has a lot of getting to know about and it does take a certain amount of skill, but when you get the hang of things then you are ready to roll.

Now let’s see just how can we all avoid losing streaks in the regular or the keno live!

1. Change your S

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Keno is a game of numbers and when you play it you have to have a strategy of some sort. If your current one isn’t producing anything that is satisfying then the best thing is to change the strategy. There is no harm to this and if your current strategy isn’t making you money then definitely change it and see what happens. If you are on consecutive numbers try and switch to cold ones and vice versa.

2. The number of numbers

Now there are several numbers you can choose and people try to overextend sometimes to increase their chances of winning. If you are doing so and if you are not succeeding then try to play between 4 and 8 numbers only. This will only seemingly decrease your chance at winning but if your 10 numbers strategy wasn’t working then why not try and reduce the number of numbers to see if your luck changes.

3. Change the machine or the casino

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Now, this is a bit controversial because if you lost a lot of money to a certain machine then you might be inclined to stick to it until it pays off or returns what you invested. This kind of mindset has costed many gamblers all of their banks. What you need to do is, in time, decide whether the machine is going to pay up or is it going to eat you entirely. If you see that it isn’t giving you anything tries and change the machine or the casino entirely.

4. Set a loss limit

If the strategy and the machine you are on are not producing the luck you need then step away. To do this you have to firmly set a loss stop and you have to stick to it. Sometimes it is not the machine or strategy fault sometimes it is up to sheer luck and you might be out of yours for that day.

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