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"Fluency in English is something that I'm often not accused of." George H W Bush. IMG
"My goal is to be accused of being strident." Susan Faludi. IMG
"I've been accused of being aloof. I'm not. I'm just wary." Paul Newman. IMG
"I never did any of things I was accused of. It was a total fabrication." Kurt Busch. IMG
"Obama was gonna get everything he wanted in the first year because, if anybody opposed it, they were gonna be accused of being a racist, or bigot, or who knows what." Rush Limbaugh. IMG
"If I've been accused a number of times of writing plays where the endings are ambivalent, indeed, that's the way I find life." Edward Albee. IMG
"State Department official accused of offering 'quid pro quo' in [Hillary] Clinton email scandal." Donald Trump. IMG
"Not one single scandal that Hillary Clinton has been accused of has ever, ever been proved." Thomas Roberts. IMG
"Der Sieger wird immer der Richter und der Besiegte stets der Angeklagte sein. The victor will always be the judge, and the vanquished the accused." Hermann Goring. IMG
"I've been accused of being a minimalist writer. I don't like a lot of verbiage in there." Kathy Reichs. IMG
"I've... been accused of being involved with every man I'm ever seen with or worked with. Maybe I have, maybe I ain't. I never tell if I have." Dolly Parton. IMG
"Traditionally, duos get accused of lots of things." Daryl Hall. IMG
"Nobody likes to be accused of a virtue." Patricia Wentworth. IMG
"I'm accused of cleverness as if it were a sin. She is merely clever, they say." Jennifer Stone. IMG
"I have been accused of denying consciousness but I am not conscious of having done so." Willard Van Orman Quine. IMG
"I've been accused of being very vain about my apathy." Bret Easton Ellis. IMG
"One is either judge or accused. The judge sits, the accused stands. Live on your feet." Jean Cocteau. IMG
"I've been accused of almost every crime you can imagine." Richard Ramirez. IMG
"I'm accused of having no morality, which is a fair assessment, because my morality is whatever the system allows" Peter Woodcock. IMG
"With the risk of being accused of quoting the wrong person I can say that [Adolf] Hitler wrote that "the more the press attacks a person the closer he is to us"." Varg Vikernes. IMG
"I've often been accused of being the comic's comic. It's a bad business model when your fans are the people who get in free." Dana Gould. IMG
"We would see another president being accused of being illegitimate, and undermined from day one, which is exactly what these donors did to [Barack] Obama." Jane Mayer. IMG
"The United States accused Syria, and because you accused you have to bring evidence [of chemical weapons], this first of all. We have to find evidences when we are there." Bashar al-Assad. IMG
"It is hardly possible to suspect another without having in one's self the seeds of baseness the party is accused of." Stanislaw I Leszczynski. IMG
"I don't know which is worse: to be wrongfully accused or mistakenly understood." Jeanette Winterson. IMG
"It is requisite to defend those who are unjustly accused of having acted injuriously, but to praise those who excel in a certain good." Pythagoras. IMG
"Women are repeatedly accused of taking things personally. I cannot see any other honest way of taking them." Marya Mannes. IMG
"I can be accused of trying to be commercial sometimes." Dolly Parton. IMG
"I may be accused or rashness, but not sluggishness." Napoleon Bonaparte. IMG
"Never make a defense or apology before you are accused." Charles I of England. IMG
"Somebody accused us of hiring him and putting him there. He was a classic." George W Bush. IMG
"You know Moms has been accused of liking young men, and I'm guilty." Moms Mabley. IMG
"You are [as an actor] aware that you don't want to repeat stuff, but you want to use what has worked. But you don't want to be accused of just going over the old thing, you know? You want it to start growing a little bit more." Jude Law. IMG
"I'm accused of having no morality, which is a fair assessment, because my morality is whatever the system allows" Peter Woodcock. IMG
"Rationalizing is the self-exculpation which occurs when we feel ourselves, or our group, accused of misapprehension or error." James Harvey Robinson. IMG
"We resent being faced with facts we'd prefer to ignore as much as being wrongly accused of doing something we haven't." Aidan Chambers. IMG
"You're a cynic," Urgit accused. Silk shook his head. "No, Your Majesty. I'm a realist." David Eddings. IMG
"We are accused here of polygamy, and actions the most indelicate, obscene, and disgusting, such that none but a corrupt and depraved heart could have contrived. These things are too outrageous to admit to belief..." John Taylor. IMG
"Rick Perry has now accused Mitt Romney of hiring illegal aliens to work on his hair." David Letterman. IMG
"I have often been accused of putting my foot in my mouth, but I will never put my hand in your pockets" Spiro T Agnew. IMG
"I would rather be accused of breaking precedents than breaking promises." John F Kennedy. IMG
"Women should not be allowed on juries where the accused is a stud." Rush Limbaugh. IMG
"If you cannot be accused of exclusivity, you are not discipling." Howard G. Hendricks. IMG
"You're going to be accused of every high crime and low misdemeanor there is." Willie Brown. IMG
"When journalists are 'accused' of being 'advocates', that means: challenging and deviating from DC orthodoxies." Glenn Greenwald. IMG
"No fury more righteous than that of a sinner accused of the wrong sin." Don Paterson. IMG
"I have been accused of being a joker. But the most successful art to me involves humor." Man Ray. IMG
"One thing I've never been accused of is slowly coming into something. I always go full on (and ask) "Now how do we make this work?"" Drew Waters. IMG
"I can only say I wish I had slept with everyone I am accused of." Rita Mae Brown. IMG
"We're dodging bullets and this is right after we've just seen [inaudible] shot and we're running and the woman who John accused of being out to kill us and everyone thought he was kidding. When we see her she appears and she's after us." Mary-Louise Parker. IMG
"I have been accused of sleeping with people, I hadn't met yet." Christopher Titus. IMG
"If we look to the south, to Iran, which cannot be "accused" of excess democratic zeal - it goes without saying that the unstable situation does not prepare the ground for a democratic development." Garry Kasparov. IMG
"[John] Adams was arguing that a separate social order existed that needed to be embodied in senates and his fellow Americans could not accept this and accused him rightly of being obsessed with the English constitution." Gordon S. Wood. IMG
"Nobody has ever accused Donald Trump of lowering the temperature on anything - I don't think." Rachel Martin. IMG
"Human beings are complicated. O.J. Simpson is a testament to that. Just because he stood on trial accused of murder doesn't mean he can't be a generous person." Ezra Edelman. IMG
"If a person was accused of being a racist when he was young - he said some racially insensitive thing or someone had him on tape calling someone the n-word or whatever - and then you fast forward and he feels, Oh, back then I didn't say this or that. He's not thinking about the person that he hurt when he said what he said, or however it came out, or the effects that it could have had. He's not thinking about it. He's thinking about his own self and how he feels." Nate Parker. IMG
"I was recently interviewed for radio in relation to the "Thanksgiving" show [2001] at the Saatchi gallery that I was part of. The interviewer said that people in London were very disturbed that I showed a picture of myself battered ("Nan One Month after Being Battered", 1984) and they thought that I set it up. I was accused of deliberately putting on a wig for that particular picture." Nan Goldin. IMG
"It's so offensive that we have a man [Donald Trump] that has been accused by more than 10 women of sexual misconduct, not to mention fraud and bribery and all the other things that he's being investigated for, and he gets a total pass." Joss Whedon. IMG
"If someone like myself, who is married to a white woman, who has spent my entire life building bridges, can't point out the alt-right whitelash reaction without being accused of being a racial polemecist, we're going to have a big problem." Van Jones. IMG
"I'm from South Carolina, so I know what it's like to be accused of being a conservative from the South. And I know that to some people that means more than you're a conservative from the South." Lindsey Graham. IMG


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