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"I see things and I hear things I do not understand. I'm a skilled, resourceful... vegetable!" Robert Ludlum. IMG
"I mean, we're all trying to find out who the hell we are, aren't we?" Robert Ludlum. IMG
"Right before 'The Bourne Identity' came out, I hadn't been offered a movie in a year." Matt Damon. IMG
"I was originally set to star in 'The Bourne Identity,' but I found it too difficult to even pretend to forget who I was." Zach Braff. IMG
"The success of any trap lies in its fundamental simplicity. The reverse trap by the nature of its single complication must be swift and simpler still." Robert Ludlum. IMG
"That's why 'The Bourne Identity' has that sort of shaky style, because for the most part, Matt Damon and I were sneaking around Paris and shooting where we didn't have permits." Doug Liman. IMG
"I started my career wanting to make a 'James Bond' movie, and I couldn't get hired! I made 'The Bourne Identity,' and ultimately the impact of that film was that it changed the 'James Bond' franchise." Doug Liman. IMG
"When I was shooting 'The Bourne Identity,' I had a mantra: 'How come you never see James Bond pay a phone bill?' It sounds trite, but it became the foundation of that franchise." Doug Liman. IMG
"I have two little kids and I enjoy watching movies with them, and I can't watch every movie with them. Sometimes it's because it's obviously not appropriate to watch The Bourne Identity with your kids, but a lot of times it's because it's torture to watch the movies that they want to watch, as a parent." Rob Letterman. IMG
"I have two dream roles: One would be a biopic of someone I admire and respect and the other one would be some sort of action drama film similar to a 'Bourne Identity.' I just really want to do an intelligent action drama film." Michael Ealy. IMG
"Men and women walked casually about as they did on the main floor, every now and then stopping one another, exchanging pleasantries or scraps of relevantly irrelevant information. Gossip." Robert Ludlum. IMG
"Look at every action movie in Hollywood. Every leading man from Spider-Man to Batman to James Bond, 'Bourne Identity', every one of them possesses martial arts skills." Donnie Yen. IMG



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