Deficiency Quotes,

"We learn by our problems. We correct our deficiencies if there are any." Joe Arpaio. IMG
"A lot of vices that I've had over the years were always to make up for some sort of character deficiency, one of them being shyness." Slash. IMG
"Life is possible only by the deficiencies of our imagination and memory." Emile M Cioran. IMG
"I never met one interesting mind that was not richly endowed with inadmissible deficiencies." Emile M Cioran. IMG
"As a matter of fact, you have deficiencies in all religions, but you have truth in all religions." Hans Kung. IMG
"Our efficiency without God's sufficiency is only a deficiency." Vance Havner. IMG
"Among irrational animals the love of the offspring and of the parents for each other is extraordinary because God, who created them, compensated for the deficiency of reason by the superiority of their senses." Saint Basil. IMG
"In all nations an exceptional man exists that compensates the deficiencies of the remainder. In those moments, when humanity is found collectively in a state of decadence, there always remain those exceptional beings as point of reference." Augusto Roa Bastos. IMG
"I feel like we're attracted to paths in life that force us to look at our weaknesses or deficiencies as human beings. Not to get all deep on you, but that's how I feel." Emma Bell. IMG
"However, we do not lack anti-terrorist laws. I do not believe that the recent London bombs were the result of any deficiencies in our legal system." Kenneth Clarke. IMG
"Passive inactivity, because you have not been given specific instructions to do this or to do that, is a serious deficiency." George C Marshall. IMG
"In a sense, what we do with the regional development agencies is to give them resources to look at the deficiencies in the economy in the regional areas, so they can address themselves to that." John Prescott. IMG
"If you have great talents, industry will improve them: if you have but moderate abilities, industry will supply their deficiency." Joshua Reynolds. IMG
"In general, the more food we eat in its natural state - without additives - and the less it is refined, the healthier it will be for us. Food can affect the mind, and deficiencies of certain elements in the body can promote mental depression." Ezra Taft Benson. IMG
"I'm always aware of writing around things I can't do, and I've come to think that that's actually what 'style' is - an avoidance of your deficiencies." George Saunders. IMG
"It is easier to discover a deficiency in individuals, in states, and in Providence, than to see their real import and value." Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. IMG
"Despite the encouraging and wonderful gains and the changes for women which have occurred in my lifetime, there is still room to advance and to promote correction of the remaining deficiencies and imbalances." Sandra Day O'Connor. IMG
"It is generally a feminine eye that first detects the moral deficiencies hidden under the 'dear deceit' of beauty." T S Eliot. IMG
"A genuine work of art usually displeases at first sight, as it suggests a deficiency in the spectator." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. IMG
"Spouses often point out each other's deficiencies. Instead, we should be each other's motivator. My husband touches my spirit, and I try my best to motivate him, too." Ken Blanchard. IMG
"Every man of any education would rather be called a rascal, than accused of deficiency in the graces." Lyndon B Johnson. IMG
"The ancient Greek oral poets all had this anxiety about the deficiencies of their memories and always began poems by praying to the Muse to help them remember." David Antin. IMG
"I cannot separate the finances of India from those of England. If the finances of the Indian Government receive any severe and irreparable check, will not the resources of England be called upon to meet the emergency, and to supply the deficiency?" Richard Cobden. IMG
"This world was not created piecemeal. Africa was born no later and no earlier than any other geographical area on this globe. Africans, no more and no less than other men, possess all human attributes, talents and deficiencies, virtues and faults." Haile Selassie. IMG
"The habit of common and continuous speech is a symptom of mental deficiency. It proceeds from not knowing what is going on in other people's minds." Walter Bagehot. IMG
"I take for granted that for the imaginative writer, the exercise of the imagination is part of the basic process of coping with reality, just as actors need to act all the time to make up for some deficiency in their sense of themselves." J G Ballard. IMG
"The man who does not know other languages, unless he is a man of genius, necessarily has deficiencies in his ideas." Victor Hugo. IMG
"I wring my hands because I know that as a dude, my privilege, my long-term deficiencies work against me in writing women, no matter how hard I try and how talented I am." Junot Diaz. IMG
"All individuals have moral deficiencies, and when introducing these to reality one not only strengthens himself but also the confidence of others in the human exigency for Christ due to a reflection throughout the body of Christ." Criss Jami. IMG
"Earnestness is the best gift of mental power, and deficiency of heart is the cause of many men never becoming great." Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton. IMG
"A painter must compensate the natural deficiencies of his art. He has but one sentence to utter, but one moment to exhibit. He cannot, like the poet or historian, expatiate, and impress the mind..." Joshua Reynolds. IMG
"By leaving a student to himself he may... be led to undertake matters above his strength, but the trial will at least have this advantage: it will discover to himself his own deficiencies and this discovery alone is a very considerable acquisition." Joshua Reynolds. IMG
"Inability to make decisions is one of the principal reasons executives fail. Deficiency in decision-making ranks much higher than lack of specific knowledge or technical know-how as an indicator of leadership failure." John C Maxwell. IMG
"The cause of our difficulties in southeast Asia is not a deficiency of power but an excess of the wrong kind of power which results in a feeling of impotence when it fails to achieve its desired ends." J William Fulbright. IMG
"Here's the thing: I am not only a creature of civilization, I'm an asthmatic person. I will only live so long as I have stockpiled the proper inhalers. I'm effectively a cyborg. You know how in Jurassic Park, they bred those dinosaurs with the lysine deficiencies, so if they ever got off the island, they'd die? That's me." John Hodgman. IMG
"I.Q. deficiency. There are some people who are an order of fries short of a Happy Meal, and what is often a characteristic about every one of these people is that they don't know it. They have no idea how incompetent or stupid they are. It's the exact opposite. They have the loftiest, highest self-image." Rush Limbaugh. IMG
"Deficiency motivation doesn't work. It will lead to a life-long pursuit of try to fix me. Learn to appreciate what you have and where and who you are." Wayne Dyer. IMG
"The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you." B B King. IMG


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