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"I was learning that among friends, a smile can be better than a belly laugh." Alan Bradley. IMG
"Originally, with all the shows, we went looking for belly laughs." Norman Lear. IMG
"I'm not elitist. I like to do crowd-pleasing stuff which is a bit smart, but is just about belly laughs." Steve Coogan. IMG
"The belly laugh is the best way to evacuate anguish." Jean Vanier. IMG
"For me, a hearty "belly laugh" is one of the beautiful sounds in the world." Bennett Cerf. IMG
"Reclaiming the belly laugh can cure a world of woes." Jamie Sams. IMG
"The laughs are honestly bigger, ... They are the kind of unexpected belly laughs you get with your friends during conversation." Drew Carey. IMG
"There are lines that I know are going to get a belly laugh, but after a few shows I get sick of hearing myself say them so I drop them." Sammy Davis Jr. IMG
"When you have a heartfelt belly laugh, all parts of your being - the physiological, the pyschological, the spiritual - they all vibrate in one single tune. They all vibrate in harmony!" Rajneesh. IMG
"Good Luck Chuck, a comedy starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, opened today, and critics are saying it has all the belly laughs you've come to expect from Jessica Alba." Chelsea Handler. IMG
"You can't really learn God's hope like you learn the logic of an argument or the details of a story. It's more like learning to belly laugh. You catch hope from someone who has it down in their gut." Shane Claiborne. IMG
"A belly laugh increases the ability of your immune system to fight infections." Elizabeth Taylor. IMG
"Good Luck Chuck, a comedy starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, opened today, and critics are saying it has all the belly laughs you"ve come to expect from Jessica Alba." Chelsea Handler. IMG
"For me, making the show work was getting belly laughs - like most variety artists. But the straight actor believes you fix your performance in rehearsal and that's it." Ron Moody. IMG
"Everybody knows from his own experience that after laughter, good laughter, a belly laugh, you almost feel that you have taken an ice-cold shower; a peace, a silence, a freshness... The same is true about crying, but very few people know the secret of crying because it is more repressed than laughter." Rajneesh. IMG
"The fact is that comedy is actually too serious to be taken seriously. It may be that comedy touches such deep emotions that people feel better if they can just dismiss it as trivial. Just take a big belly laugh. I have watched people laughing, and for a moment they look-and are-absolutely helpless. Vulnerability. You can be assaulted while you are laughing." Abe Burrows. IMG
"I've found out why people laugh. They laugh because it hurts so much... because it's the only thing that'll make it stop hurting" ... But that's not all people laugh at." Isn't it? Perhaps I don't grok all its fullness yet. But find me something that really makes you laugh sweetheart... a joke, or anything else- but something that gave you a a real belly laugh, not a smile. Then we'll see if there isn't a wrongness wasn't there." He thought. "I grok when apes learn to laugh, they'll be people." Robert A Heinlein. IMG
"Many of my cartoons are not a belly laugh. I go for nostalgia, the lump in the throat, the tear in the eye, the tug in the heart." Bil Keane. IMG
"I don't have to come up with a ha-ha belly laugh every day, but drawings with warmth and love or ones that put a lump in the throat. That's more important to me than a laugh." Bil Keane. IMG
"One man's theology is another man's belly laugh." Robert A Heinlein. IMG
"The Roman form of serenade is to race a motorcycle motor under the girl's window, but mufflers are not common in any situation; the only things as dearly loved as a good noise are breakneck speed and eye-splitting lights, preferably neon - all expressions of well-being, like a huge belly-laugh." Eleanor Clark. IMG
"The more repression there is, the more need there is for irreverence toward those who are responsible for that repression. But too often sarcasm passes for irony, name-calling passes for insight, bleeped-out four-letter words pass for wit, and lowest-common-denominator jokes pass for analysis. Satire should have a point of view. It doesn't have to get a belly laugh. It does have to present criticism." Paul Krassner. IMG


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