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"Pedestals are always lonely." Myrtle Reed. IMG
"To be free is often to be lonely." W H Auden. IMG
"It's all the same when you're lonely" Elizabeth Swados. IMG
"I really was alone, and the only thing worse than being alone was having everyone else see how lonely you were" Kami Garcia. IMG
"When everybody loves me, I will never be lonely." Adam Duritz. IMG
"You have to be lonely to be a writer" Edna O'Brien. IMG
"A conversion is a lonely experience." Dorothy Day. IMG
"Everything about life makes me lonely." Billy Corgan. IMG
"I would always be lonely, but no more alone." Sonya Hartnett. IMG
"It's lonely at the top - if you don't like that, then you don't start a company." Gary Vaynerchuk. IMG
"The thing about Dirk [Gently] is that he's very lonely." Samuel Barnett. IMG
"Lonely was much better than alone." Toni Morrison. IMG
"I'd rather be lonely than happy with somebody else." Gus Kahn. IMG
"Hitler is lonely. So is God. Hitler is like God." Hans Frank. IMG
"For it must be very lonely being dead." Diane Setterfield. IMG
"Oh, I do get lonely, yes." Courteney Cox. IMG
"I would say, 'I'm alone, but I'm not lonely.' But I was just kidding myself." Bruce Willis. IMG
"I'm perpetually lonely." Lady Gaga. IMG
"True prayer is a lonely business." Samuel Chadwick. IMG
"When you're a single parent, you're often lonely, yet seldom alone. There is no backup ... It is mothering without a net." Amy Dickinson. IMG
"writing, like living, is lonely work." Blanche Willis Howard. IMG
"Reality was utterly coolheaded and utterly lonely." Haruki Murakami. IMG
"He says he's lonely, horribly lonely because of this love he feels for her. She says she's lonely too. She doesn't say why." Marguerite Duras. IMG
"Happy are the painters, for they shall not be lonely." Winston Churchill. IMG
"Don't live only in your head. It's lonely and it's dangerous." Jamie Tworkowski. IMG
"A lot of people are lonely. A lot of people are lonely even when they're surrounded by other people." Sloane Crosley. IMG
"If you can read, you don't ever have to be lonely." Maggie Osborne. IMG
"I felt very lonely when they were all there." Ernest Hemingway. IMG
"We can be lonely together" Rachel Caine. IMG
"He says he's lonely, horribly lonely because of this love he feels for her. She says she's lonely too. She does' say why." Marguerite Duras. IMG
"Although I was raised with love, I was always lonely." Banana Yoshimoto. IMG
"I might be alone, but i'm never lonely." Megan Hart. IMG
"He was a lonely ghost uttering a truth that nobody would ever hear." George Orwell. IMG
"It's lonely on the top when there's no one on the bottom." Rodney Dangerfield. IMG
"We're lonely, but we're afraid of intimacy" Sherry Turkle. IMG
"The strong must learn to be lonely." Henrik Ibsen. IMG
"God is a lonely place without steak." Charles Bukowski. IMG
"I am alone, but never lonely. You have always books around you." Khushwant Singh. IMG
"Composing for concert performance is a somewhat lonely occupation, but composing a film score is highly collaborative." William P. Perry. IMG
"It's a very lonely place, being an addict." Kristen Johnston. IMG
"It can be very lonely and depressing to be a writer, and to be alone in your own head." Gillian Robespierre. IMG
"The act of creation, as you very well know, is a lonely and private matter and has nothing to do with the public area... the performance of the work one creates." Edward Albee. IMG
"I don't know about writing. It's quite lonely. You have to have a lot of patience with yourself." Ruth Wilson. IMG
"We've got a planet in which we don't want to have everybody having sex, and most people are lonely anyway." Howard Rheingold. IMG
"I'm lonely! I'm bored!" The Notorious Big. IMG
"I find filmmaking to be a super lonely, alienating experience." Kelly Reichardt. IMG
"I do' want to be a lonely governor." Jim Gibbons. IMG
"And I somehow always felt less lonely when I was completely alone." Portia De Rossi. IMG
"Pretty sad. Pretty lonely. But that's how I prefer it? I quess? I guess. It's a good guess. It's the best quess ever." Dan Harmon. IMG
"You see somebody down, that's lonely, take them to lunch. Encourage them." Joel Osteen. IMG
"Facts are lonely things" Don Delillo. IMG
"It's very lonely bringing up a child on your own." Diane Abbott. IMG
"Modeling is a lonely business." Kim Alexis. IMG
"Being on the road is kind of lonely." Dave Attell. IMG
"Writing is a lonely business." Sherman Alexie. IMG
"The writer works in a lonely way." Irwin Shaw. IMG
"Let's leave one alive so that it can be lonely." Arundhati Roy. IMG
"Maybe existence is ultimately a lonely thing." Errol Morris. IMG
"The road had the lonely times, but I kept myself busy." Buck Owens. IMG
"Ive gone through long periods without being with someone and got a bit lonely, but not for a while." Rufus Sewell. IMG


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