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"Art is an elastic sort of love." Josephine Baker. IMG
"Art is love and it covers. It sheilds." Chrisette Michele. IMG
"Art is either a plagiarist or a revolutionist." Paul Gauguin. IMG
"Art is all about doing what you shouldn't." Nobuyoshi Araki. IMG
"That art is best which suggests most." Austin O'Malley. IMG
"Making art is an act of faith." Julia Cameron. IMG
"The beauty of art is that there are no rules" Mia Michaels. IMG
"Art is not 'about.' Art is." Walter Darby Bannard. IMG
"Whatever art is, it is no longer something primarily to be looked at. Stared at, perhaps, but not primarily looked at" Arthur Danto. IMG
"I don't know what Art is but I know some things it isn't when I see them." Georgia O'Keeffe. IMG
"A life lived for art, is never a life wasted." Macklemore. IMG
"The good we get from art is not what we learn from it; it is what we become through it." Oscar Wilde. IMG
"Art is not about something, Art is something" Sarah Bernhardt. IMG
"The power of art is the power of truth." Julian Beck. IMG
"All art is autobiographical. You can only create what you are." Dale Carnegie. IMG
"The cinema was certainly an art, but television can't be, because it is the museum of accidents. In other words, its art is to be the site where all accidents happen. But that's its only art." Paul Virilio. IMG
"Art is alive because it is mortal." Paul Virilio. IMG
"All art is self-portraiture." Kehinde Wiley. IMG
"Art is arbitrary but it sort of reveals itself to be right or wrong anyway." Regina Spektor. IMG
"I put all of my time into art because I couldn't go back to Jersey and work at Starbucks." Ryan Mcginley. IMG
"The satisfaction of producing a work of art is the thing of getting off on it on some level." Jerry Garcia. IMG
"All art is autobiographical - if it's not, it's not going to quicken on-stage, and it's not going to come alive." Constantin Stanislavski. IMG
"Making music and art is about expressing something that's universally human, maybe even beyond human, at best." Cass Mccombs. IMG
"All art is infested by other art." Leo Steinberg. IMG
"No art is possible without a dance with death." Kurt Vonnegut. IMG
"The noblest art is that of making others happy" P T Barnum. IMG
"Art is a business, like any other." Catherine Stock. IMG
"No one's conception of art is going to be acceptable to everybody." Jane Alexander. IMG
"Art is nature speeded up and God slowed down." Malcolm De Chazal. IMG
"Art is when things appear rounded." Maurice Denis. IMG
"Art is for everybody." Keith Haring. IMG
"Art is good but it isn't the best." Jose Bergamin. IMG
"Art is commenting on what's going on around you in your life." Al Jourgensen. IMG
"Art is everywhere, and everywhere is art." Brandon Boyd. IMG
"The public has a right to art ... Art is for everybody," Keith Haring. IMG
"Art isn't everything. It's just about everything." Gertrude Stein. IMG
"What's really good about the word 'art' is that 'art' is a word like 'love,' or 'god,' or whatever. It transcends so many things..." Tracey Emin. IMG
"When anything can be art, art is not much of anything." Walter Darby Bannard. IMG
"Art is Art. Everything else is everything else." Ad Reinhardt. IMG
"My art became very public." Joey Skaggs. IMG
"Art is always good. It just depends if you like or not." Ziggy Marley. IMG
"The art isn't there to be purchased - it's there to be enjoyed." Stephanie Seymour. IMG
"Duchamp's urinal was art once he put it in a gallery. In fact, one working definition of art is anything that is in a gallery." Matthew Slotover. IMG
"Art is 'I'; science is 'we'." Claude Bernard. IMG
"It's not what you see that is art. Art is the gap." Marcel Duchamp. IMG
"Art is the objectification of feeling, and the subjectification of nature." Susanne Katherina Langer. IMG
"Art is a delayed echo." George Santayana. IMG
"The secret of art is love." Antoine Bourdelle. IMG
"All art is concerned with coming into being; for it is concerned neither with things that are, or come into being by necessity, nor with things that do so in accordance with nature." Aristotle. IMG
"All art is an imitation of nature." Seneca the Elder. IMG
"Art is a guarantee of sanity." Louise Bourgeois. IMG
"Art is the path of the creator to his work." Ralph Waldo Emerson. IMG
"Art is the highest form of hope." Gerhard Richter. IMG
"Art is a delivery system for worldviews." Alex Grey. IMG
"All art is subversive." Pablo Picasso. IMG
"Art is whatever you can get away with." John Cage. IMG
"Art is the child of Nature." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. IMG
"Ideally, brewers interpret history, and through science they create art." Don Spencer. IMG
"Art is meant to disturb. Science reassures." Georges Braque. IMG
"Art is rearranging and grouping mistakes." Don Van Vliet. IMG


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