"I think stress is an addiction. It can be tied to work addiction or busyness addiction or success addiction." Gabrielle Bernstein. IMG
"We're not going to stop trying to live big. It's about transforming your stress so that it doesn't take over. The first step is to realize that it is there and that you are trying to outrun your fear." Gabrielle Bernstein. IMG
"People carry around resentment for years! And that creates daily stress." Gabrielle Bernstein. IMG
"Joy is a big stress buster too. Measure your success by how much fun you're having." Gabrielle Bernstein. IMG
"I swim, I do Pilates, I meditate - I think it's about keeping your stress level as low as you can." John Stamos. IMG
"People handle stress in different ways." Jim Courier. IMG
"Stress is not the spice of life any more than arsenic is. And without it, you won't feel bored." Andrew Bernstein. IMG
"People often say that stress is a motivator. What we're referring to when we say this is really better described as stimulation and engagement." Andrew Bernstein. IMG
"You can't tell yourself that your stress is produced in your head and feel better. You still need to learn how to create a change." Andrew Bernstein. IMG
"Because sloths' metabolisms are so slow, they don't exhibit many external signs of stress and it can be hard to determine their mood." Ann Burton. IMG
"Stress will either drive you crazy or drive you to your knees. It depends on who is in control of your life." Mark Hart. IMG
"Stress the thought of plenty. Thoughts of plenty help create plenty." Norman Vincent Peale. IMG
"The one thing with stress is, you've got to keep your focus on what you can do, not what happened to you." Ben Horowitz. IMG
"Frustration is a bad experience. What you have to stress is the satisfaction." Pascal Bruckner. IMG
"Any thought of discomfort or stress is an alarm that lets you know you're believing an untrue thought" Byron Katie. IMG
"A body may well lay too little as too much stress upon a dream; but the less he heed them the better." Roger L'Estrange. IMG
"Tension is a prerequisite for creative living." Agnes Meyer Driscoll. IMG
"One thing I am learning is to slow down. Multitasking is great, but I when try to do everything at warp speed I just end up with typos and stress." Ayana Mathis. IMG
"You must not only learn to live with tension, you must seek it out. You must learn to thrive on stress." J Paul Getty. IMG
"Stress, in addition to being itself, was also the cause of itself, and the result of itself." Hans Selye. IMG
"The process of living is the process of reacting to stress." Stanley Sarnoff. IMG
"to have a crisis, and act upon it, is one thing. To dwell in perpetual crisis is another." Barbara Grizzuti Harrison. IMG
"The more I learn about the evolution of ideas, the more I have become aware that I am simply an unrepentant Old Whig-with the stress on the "old." Friedrich August von Hayek. IMG
"Stress isn't only a joy stealer. The way we respond to it can be sin." Ann Voskamp. IMG
"The number one root of all illness, as we know, is stress" Marianne Williamson. IMG
"Focus on what you can do rather than stress about what you have no control over." Catherine DeVrye. IMG
"Stress is a function not of events, but of our view of those events." Ellen Langer. IMG
"Stress never feels as natural as peace does" Byron Katie. IMG
"Jazz should be much less about stress on technical exhibitionism and much more on emotional content." Booker Little. IMG
"What would I do without you? I'd die of stress and depression before nature killed me." James Dashner. IMG
"I think especially as women we nned to recognize that feeling pressure is completely selfimposed." Arianna Huffington. IMG
"Stress is the high-level performers PowerBar." John Eliot. IMG
"We create stress for ourselves because you feel like you have to do it. You have to. I don't feel that anymore" Oprah Winfrey. IMG
"When you realize that every stressful moment you experience is a gift that points you to your own freedom, life becomes very kind." Byron Katie. IMG
"Clarity moves much more efficiently than violence or stress." Byron Katie. IMG
"More important, you have to stay happy and positive or the stress will kill you - but at least it will make you skinny" Joely Fisher. IMG
"Stress is the spice of life." Hans Selye. IMG
"Rap is stress, but it pays great." Drake. IMG
"It is not stress that kills us. It is effective adaptation to stress that allows us to live." George Vaillant. IMG
"Go after what it is that creates meaning in your life and then trust yourself to handle the stress that follows." Kelly McGonigal. IMG
"Power abdicates only under stress of counter-power." Martin Buber. IMG
"Debt creates stress, stress creates behaviors that don't lead to happiness." Seth Godin. IMG
"The money is what made me miserable. I want to be free of that stress." Ricky Williams. IMG
"There's a lot of stress... but once you get in the car, all that goes out the window." Dan Brown. IMG
"Directors and writers have a lot of stress as well, because they have people they answer to." Alexis Bledel. IMG
"The boy's got problems, the boy's got stress, the boy's got a .38 hidden in his desk." Alice Cooper. IMG
"All the suffering, stress, and addiction comes from not realizing you already are what you are looking for." Jon Kabat-Zinn. IMG
"Where'd the days go, when all we did was play? And the stress that we were under wasn't stress at all just a run and a jump into a harmless fall" Paolo Nutini. IMG
"Someone told me sleep was the cousin of death and followin' the dollar finds nothin' but stress." Mac Miller. IMG
"When you are stressed on pour it out, is the behaviour, most kind!" Sujit Lalwani. IMG
"Everyday brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace." Joan Z. Borysenko. IMG
"I've found that it's a great stress reliever to get adjusted. It takes away a lot of the tightness in the muscles." Jose Canseco. IMG
"Romance no longer looked like so much fun, more like a repetitive stress injury..." Carol Anshaw. IMG
"When I play my own music, or when I play new music, there's much more stress and intensity of thinking about how I'm going to make it work!" Bela Fleck. IMG
"By putting yourself in that intense form of stress, it makes regular life more peaceful." Joe Rogan. IMG
"The best antidote to stress is resilience... having the ability to respond to change or adversity proactively and resourcefully." Lauren Mackler. IMG
"Every day that you live without proper breathing is another little step of submitting to stress and deterioration of your health." Vladimir Vasiliev. IMG
"Busy is a choice. Stress is a choice. Joy is a choice. Choose well." Ann Voskamp. IMG
"When you would grab that last hole you could literally feel all of the hope, desire and stress drop off of you." Kevin Jorgeson. IMG
"To learn which questions are unanswerable, and not to answer them: this skill is most needful in times of stress and darkness." Ursula K Le Guin. IMG
"Stress is the inability to adapt to a changing environment." Dr John. IMG
"When there is no job related stress, you are more aware of your mate and children, if you are a parent." Zig Ziglar. IMG
"The humanitarian lays stress almost solely upon breadth of knowledge and sympathy." Irving Babbitt. IMG
"Stress and looks are directly connected as far as I am concerned. If you are happy, you look good." Mahesh Babu. IMG
"I find when I'm overly concerned about what I eat, I stress out my body and put on weight." Hayden Panettiere. IMG
"Money stress is what used to remind me of my Dad most." Ted Rall. IMG
"I just refuse to date actors. I've done that, and I don't want to do that anymore. It's just the stress of traveling and being away from each other so much." Lea Salonga. IMG
"I would not like to try any high stress job. Honestly, I wouldn't like something like a PR job. I can't diffuse situations." Chrissy Teigen. IMG
"The worst injury I ever had was a stress fracture from running." Grete Waitz. IMG
"You don't know what people are really like until they're under a lot of stress." Tim Allen. IMG
"Language commonly stresses only one side of any interaction." Gregory Bateson. IMG
"That's what it is to be a grandma. All fun and no stress." Marie Osmond. IMG
"I come from a really lovely, really smart family where the only stress was money and employment." Paul Schneider. IMG
"I've chosen to treat my life more like a party than something to stress about." Martin Short. IMG
"It's not just being overweight that's dangerous. Stress is dangerous." Carnie Wilson. IMG
"Any of us are capable of doing things we're not proud of under the wrong kind of stresses." Bill James. IMG
"The faster we go, the slower we need to be." Peter Senge. IMG
"Jesus Himself stresses that only those who grant forgiveness will receive it." David Jeremiah. IMG
"A round of golf is the ideal antidote to stress." Bruce Forsyth. IMG
"For most of my life, I have eaten to deal with stress." Barney Frank. IMG
"I don't think about the trials and the Olympics a lot. If I do, it's just going to stress me out and get me worried." Missy Franklin. IMG
"It's a fun thing to do: Go to a shooting range with a buddy, knock off a few rounds, release stress." Laurie Holden. IMG
"I cannot stress often enough that what science is all about is not proving things to be true but proving them to be false." Lawrence M Krauss. IMG
"I felt in a lot of instances I was deliberately being put through stress because when you're a guy who generates money, people have a vested interested in controlling you." Dave Chappelle. IMG
"I think most people will tell you that. They can go along and, while they're denying that they are addicted, say it's stress this, it's this, it's that. But I - it's - I think - I really believe there is a gene. Some people become addicted and others don't." Dick Van Dyke. IMG
"Whenever I do the sign of the cross, it always brings comfort in situations when you are faced with adversity and stress." Troy Polamalu. IMG
"Painful is the stress when one cannot reproduce or convey vividly to others, however hard he tries, what he's experienced so intensely." Haruki Murakami. IMG
"Every time I surrender to stress, aren't I advertising the unreliability of God?" Ann Voskamp. IMG
"Stress is a designer ailment that many of the so-called afflicted suffer from with pride." Janet Street-Porter. IMG
"Relieve stress through hysterical screaming." Tim Dorsey. IMG


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