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"True power is stillness within motion." Laozi. IMG
"...the haunted always take refuge in stillness." Christina Dodd. IMG
"The greatest revelation is stillness." Laozi. IMG
"I am a restlessness inside a stillness inside a restlessness." Dodie Smith. IMG
"Stillness within one individual can affect society beyond measure." Bede Griffiths. IMG
"Soundwaves. It's the difference between one stillness and another stillness." Susan Howe. IMG
"We all have within us a center of stillness surrounded by silence." Dag Hammarskjold. IMG
"Soundwaves. It's the difference between one stillness and another stillness." Susan Howe. IMG
"When we sit in stillness, we are profoundly active." Gunilla Brodde Norris. IMG
"Sitting in stillness has got to be the greatest asset I have in terms of attaining happiness." Russell Simmons. IMG
"Of asking nothing of the reader - but offering a still, quiet oasis in the cybersphere to go vertical with God. An island of stillness to know that He is God." Ann Voskamp. IMG
"With stillness comes the benediction of Peace." Eckhart Tolle. IMG
"Love works miracles in stillness." Herbert Read. IMG
"The real transformation of society will come only in love, in work, and in stillness." Gustav Landauer. IMG
"Movement is only as good as the sense of stillness that you can bring to it to put it into perspective." Pico Iyer. IMG
"When there's somebody there who is transparent enough so that the stillness comes through unhindered, there's a reciprocal movement in you because the presence of stillness suddenly recognizes itself." Eckhart Tolle. IMG
"Stillness is easy to maintain." Laozi. IMG
"In the stillness, a fly would not have dared clear it's throat." Douglas Adams. IMG
"Stillness is training for action." Andrew Cohen. IMG
"Friends, do not be afraid of silence or stillness. Listen to God. Adore Him in the Eucharist." Pope Benedict Xvi. IMG
"At the heart of memory, is the stillness of time." Manu Joseph. IMG
"Leaves hung in the stillness like hands of the newly dead." Erik Larson. IMG
"Stillness is your essential nature." Eckhart Tolle. IMG
"Build pockets of stillness into your life." Maria Popova. IMG
"Clarity is often found in stillness." Christie Golden. IMG
"Meditation, stillness, time simply to 'be', to do nothing at all and to do it with joy" Margaret Silf. IMG
"Seek out a tree and let it teach you stillness." Eckhart Tolle. IMG
"It is the stillness that will save and transform the world." Eckhart Tolle. IMG
"Spirit is the vast stillness which is behind all created things." Paramahansa Yogananda. IMG
"Focus on stillness, rather than on movement" Morihei Ueshiba. IMG
"The greatest fault of the day is the absence of stillness." Hazrat Inayat Khan. IMG
"Prayer unfolds in the stillness of the soul." Philip Yancey. IMG
"There is a stillness in all of us that is really the essence of who we are. A stillness and a silence that doesn't move, that doesn't go anywhere and our task is to experience that while being in time." Roger Housden. IMG
"I found the ability to become still. The hardest thing for people to do is just be still. And in that stillness you create motion." Gonjasufi. IMG
"The teaching arises out of the stillness. But when I'm alone, there's only the stillness, and that is my favorite place." Eckhart Tolle. IMG
"Nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness." Meister Eckhart. IMG
"Stillness is the altar of spirit." Paramahansa Yogananda. IMG
"In order to understand the dance one must be still. And in order to truly understand stillness one must dance." Rumi. IMG
"If the greatest god is the stillness all the motions add up to, then we must ineluctably be included." A R Ammons. IMG
"When something is moving you get that intake of breath and that stillness from the audience." Theodore Bikel. IMG
"We have to push ourselves to stillness - to the natural state." Frederick Lenz. IMG
"A work of art comes out of a state of deep stillness." Eckhart Tolle. IMG
"In the stillness of the mind I saw myself as I am - unbound." Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. IMG
"Only in the stillness of detachment can the soul yield up her secrets." Elsa Barker. IMG
"feel in the rush of the passing the stillness of the eternal" Abraham Joshua Heschel. IMG
"In Russia, people suffer from the stillness of time." Tatyana Tolstaya. IMG
"Music is a wonderful way of getting in touch with the stillness within." Eckhart Tolle. IMG
"There was an agelessness about him, a stillness; on Roose Bolton's face, rage and joy looked much the same." George R R Martin. IMG
"Movement is good for the body. Stillness is good for the mind." Sakyong Mipham. IMG
"For all of us who listen, in the stillness of our hearts, God enlightens us and offers to lead the way." Betty Eadie. IMG
"Meditation in action is endlessly more important than meditation in stillness." Hakuin Ekaku. IMG
"The thinking mind can be so noisy that it cannot relate to stillness. It doesn't even recognize it and certainly can't remember it." Eckhart Tolle. IMG
"Presence remains even amidst worldly activities. Stillness is there even when you're doing something quickly, like rushing to answer the phone. Otherwise you would be condemned to moving in slow motion." Eckhart Tolle. IMG
"Who can wait in stillness while the mud settles?" Laozi. IMG
"Without desire there is stillness, and the world settles by itself." Laozi. IMG
"Attain utmost emptiness. Abide in steadfast stillness." Laozi. IMG
"Returning to the source is stillness. It is returning to one's fate. Returning to one's fate is eternal." Laozi. IMG
"Stillness is the ruler of haste." Laozi. IMG
"Stillness overcomes heat." Laozi. IMG
"The female always surpasses the male with stillness. In her stillness she is yielding." Laozi. IMG


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