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"Perestroika is nothing more than refined Stalinism." Dan Quayle. IMG
"Don't be defined by your failures, be refined by them." Max Lucado. IMG
"Elegance of manner is the outgrowth of refined and exalted sense." Lord Chesterfield. IMG
"Many refined people will not kill a fly, but eat an ox." I. L. Peretz. IMG
"A genial hearth, a hospitable board, and a refined rusticity." William Wordsworth. IMG
"Success is a refined study of the obvious" Jim Rohn. IMG
"She is not refined. She is not unrefined. She keeps a parrot" Mark Twain. IMG
"There is nothing more difficult than simplicity, and therefore, nothing more refined." Kathleen Tessaro. IMG
"It seems unpleasantly refined to put things off till someone knows." William Empson. IMG
"Contentment is, after all, simply refined indolence." Thomas Chandler Haliburton. IMG
"This Englishwoman is so refined, She has no bosom and no behind." Stevie Smith. IMG
"The game is not set. There are so many layers that it is being perceived on. As your own consciousness becomes more refined, the game changes." Mooji. IMG
"He is not the same person as when we met, but . . . neither am I. Time has refined us, but instead of pushing us apart, we're closer than ever." Ann Aguirre. IMG
"A woman must be truly refined to incite chivalry in the heart of a man." Suzanne Curchod. IMG
"Never to talk about oneself is a very refined form of hypocrisy." Friedrich Nietzsche. IMG
"A refined nature is vexed by knowing that some one owes it thanks, a coarse nature by knowing that it owes thanks to some one." Friedrich Nietzsche. IMG
"A new society cannot be created by reproducing the repugnant past, however refined or enticingly repackaged." Nelson Mandela. IMG
"Government is the agent of those who are too refined to do their own mugging." Joseph Sobran. IMG
"For me, gradually over the years, you refined your tastes in the way you do things and it becomes maybe less experimental." David Gilmour. IMG
" much savage coarseness is concealed in refined, cultivated manners..." Nikolai Gogol. IMG
"All recurring joy is pain refined." Amy Lowell. IMG
"He was of opinion that what we now vulgarly call the Gothick, ought properly and truly be named Saracenick Architecture refined by the Christians." Christopher Wren. IMG
"I've refined my mechanics, refined my pitches. I've gotten more confidence, and I've gotten more determination. I've got a better idea what I'm doing out there." Randy Johnson. IMG
"May be refined, and join the angelic train." Phillis Wheatley. IMG
"Certainly I was relatively a refined person. No way a tramp." Beatrice Wood. IMG
"The more refined and subtle our minds, the more vulnerable they are." Paul Tournier. IMG
"The refined punishments of the spiritual mode are usually much more indecent and dangerous than a good smack." D H Lawrence. IMG
"There are only Epicureans, either crude or refined; Christ was the most refined." Georg Buchner. IMG
"Politeness of mind consists in thinking chaste and refined thoughts." Francois de La Rochefoucauld. IMG
"Rockefeller made his money in oil, which he discovered at the bottom of wells. Oil was considered crude in those days, but so was Rockefeller. Now both are considered quite refined." Richard Armour. IMG
"Nine times out of ten it is the coarse word that condemns an evil, and the refined word that excuses it." Gilbert K Chesterton. IMG
"A refined soul is distressed to know that someone owes it thanks; a crude soul, to know that it owes someone thanks." Friedrich Nietzsche. IMG
"Man, only - rash, refined, presumptuous man, Starts from his rank, and mars creation's plan." George Canning. IMG
"Sometimes success demands a certain refined insanity." Isobelle Carmody. IMG
"There are no people who are quite so vulgar as the over-refined." Mark Twain. IMG
"Nothing more surely cultivates and embellishes a man than association with refined and virtuous women." William E Gladstone. IMG
"The artist's job, I think, is to be a conduit for mystery." George Saunders. IMG
"She was not quite what you would call refined. She was not quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot." Mark Twain. IMG
"I saw Hamlet Prince of Denmark played; but now the old plays begin to disgust this refined age." John Evelyn. IMG
"You see, I was born in the slums, that was before the ghetto. The ghetto was kind of refined; the slums was right there on the ground." Della Reese. IMG
"The people no longer seek consolation in art. But the refined people, the rich, the idlers seek the new, the extraordinary, the extravagant, the scandalous." Pablo Picasso. IMG
"Good taste has everything to do with being cultured and being refined, and if art has to do with anything, it has to do with being human." Rich Mullins. IMG
"...Nature builds up her refined and invisible architecture, with a delicacy eluding our conception, yet with a symmetry and beauty which we are never weary of admiring." John Herschel. IMG
"Like the intense fire that transforms iron into steel, as we remain faithful during the fiery trial of our faith, we are spiritually refined and strengthened." Neil L. Andersen. IMG
"I think the 50mm lens is an extremely good discipline lens; it requires you to see in a more refined way, not just tighter." William Albert Allard. IMG
"When you leave the familiar and enter the unknown, your fear becomes refined by experience and hammered into tools of survival on the anvil of anxiety." T D Jakes. IMG
"A refined simplicity is the characteristic of all high bred deportment, in every country, and a considerate humanity should be the aim of all beneath it." James F Cooper. IMG
"I cannot be much pleased without an appearance of truth; at least of possibility I wish the history to be natural though the sentiments are refined; and the characters to be probable, though their behaviour is excelling" Fanny Burney. IMG
"A man who has never been hungry may possess a more refined palate, but he has no idea what it means to eat." Harry Mulisch. IMG
"Gratitude is a mark of a noble soul and a refined character." Joseph B Wirthlin. IMG
"A man shrinks or expands into the degree and nature of his ambition. Ambition needs to be cultivated and refined, and yet has no teachers." Neel Burton. IMG
"Values are shaped and refined by rubbing against real problems, and people interpret their problems according to the values they hold." Ronald A. Heifetz. IMG
"To gild refined gold, to paint the lily... is wasteful and ridiculous excess" William Shakespeare. IMG
"He has only half learned the art of reading who has not added to it the more refined art of skipping and skimming." Arthur Balfour. IMG
"I heard Nirvana, and discovered that songs could be like poetry, but a little bit more refined: you didn't have to have 20 verses to get your point across." Justin Townes Earle. IMG
"The eye is the most refined of our senses, the one which communicates most directly with our mind, our consciousness." Robert Delaunay. IMG
"In general, the more food we eat in its natural state - without additives - and the less it is refined, the healthier it will be for us. Food can affect the mind, and deficiencies of certain elements in the body can promote mental depression." Ezra Taft Benson. IMG
"The more refined one is, the more unhappy." Anton Chekhov. IMG
"Faith marches at the head of the army of progress. -It is found beside the most refined life, the freest government, the profoundest philosophy, the noblest poetry, the purest humanity." Theodore T. Munger. IMG
"The difference between coarse and refined abuse is the difference between being bruised by a club and wounded by a poisoned arrow." Samuel Johnson. IMG


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