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"He is not poor who has a competency." Horace. IMG
"Confidence is the poor mans money" Evan Taubenfeld. IMG
"Go to the poor there you will find God." St Vincent. IMG
"The future of history belongs to the poor and exploited." Gustavo Gutierrez. IMG
"I've been to those places where it's 'poor, pitiful me.'" Dolly Parton. IMG
"Suffice it to say, I'm not poor." August Wilson. IMG
"I started life in a poor family and could not even afford a proper tertiary education." Vincent Tan. IMG
"There's no future in being poor." Robert Shaw. IMG
"We are, all of us, poor wretches, and those who prefer not to understand this are even worse off than the rest of us." Isabelle Eberhardt. IMG
"I devalued the peso solely looking after the poor." Augusto Pinochet. IMG
"Africa is poor because she is not free." George Ayittey. IMG
"Breakin' in cribs with a crowbar I wasn't poor, I was po', I couldn't afford the 'o-r'" Big L. IMG
"I'm only a poor corrupt official." Claude Rains. IMG
"There's no snobbery like that of the poor toward one another." Dorothy Salisbury Davis. IMG
"What you do' know keeps you poor." Robert Kiyosaki. IMG
"If you're poor, potato chips are the food of life for you. It's the caviar." Sandra Cisneros. IMG
"It's harder to be a poor person than anything else." Kathy Calvin. IMG
"Africa is not poor, Africa is being looted" Omali Yeshitela. IMG
"I was really poor for most of my adult life." Zoe Leonard. IMG
"I'd grown up poor; I had no idea what it was like to be comfortable." Zoe Leonard. IMG
"Being poor is a normal thing." Gaspar Noe. IMG
"Even the poor can be fat in the U.S." Jim Courier. IMG
"He who spins before the poor, inviting them to do likewise, serves God as no one else does." Mahatma Gandhi. IMG
"It is a poor thing for the writer to take on that which he doesn't understand." Anton Chekhov. IMG
"When I see the poor in India, it reminds me of the work that I have to do for them." Narendra Modi. IMG
"The poor aren't defeated. We're domesticated." Victor LaValle. IMG
"Some people are so poor, all they have is their money." Blake Griffin. IMG
"I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and alone." Lady Gaga. IMG
"Religion is the opium of the poor" Ernest Hemingway. IMG
"You're not poor because you don't have money. You're poor if you don't have a dream." Randy Gage. IMG
"Ah, words are poor receipts for what time hath stole away..." John Clare. IMG
"I was determined not to remain poor." Marshall Field. IMG
"Flies? Flies? Poor puny things. Who wants to eat flies?" Dwight Frye. IMG
"Success is a poor teacher" Robert Kiyosaki. IMG
"I'm poor, not homeless." Simone Elkeles. IMG
"Being poor is only romantic in books." Sidney Sheldon. IMG
"Our knowledge of what the richer than ourselves possess, and the poor do not, has never been more widespread. Therefore, envy, which is wanting what others have, and jealousy, which is not wanting others to have what one has, have never been more widespread." John Fowles. IMG
"I love my poor earth because I have seen no other." Osip Mandelstam. IMG
"Have the courage to appear poor and you disarm poverty of its sharpest sting." Anna Brownell Jameson. IMG
"The rich rob the poor and the poor rob one another." Sojourner Truth. IMG
"The poor have much to teach you. You have much to learn from them." St Vincent. IMG
"Money is a poor indicator of success." Richard Branson. IMG
"No one ever became poor from giving." Anne Frank. IMG
"What you don't know keeps you poor." Robert Kiyosaki. IMG
"Only the poor can create art." Andrei Codrescu. IMG
"Oh, how I would like a poor Church, and for the poor." Pope Francis. IMG
"I come from the slums; I come from a hard background; I come from a poor family; and I was a soldier." Michael Caine. IMG
"The gap between the rich and poor is widening fast." Richard Rogers. IMG
"I was always a self-proclaimed poor slider." Willie Stargell. IMG
"I'll always be poor in my mind." Chet Atkins. IMG
"We cannot afford to leave the poor behind." P Chidambaram. IMG
"It's such a Bore Being always Poor." Langston Hughes. IMG
"The poor we shall always have with us, but why the hungry?" John van Hengel. IMG
"They Have Money For War But Can't Feed The Poor." Tupac Shakur. IMG
"Now, just a word about the poor Negroes ... They're here. They've got to be cared for ... The poor Negroes have got to live, too." Huey Long. IMG
"I am a surfer, though quite a poor one." Chris Weitz. IMG
"You don't have to be poor to need something or somebody." Willie Nelson. IMG
"I'm not poor, but I'm not rich, either." Marco Rubio. IMG
"I was poor once, I didn't like it, I don't want to be poor again." Jim Rogers. IMG
"So you say you love the poor? Name them." Gustavo Gutierrez. IMG


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