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"I loved him as we always love for the first time; with idolatry and wild passion." Voltaire. IMG
"There is an evening twilight of the heart, When its wild passion-waves are lulled to rest." Fitz-Greene Halleck. IMG
"You who love wild passions, flee the holy austerity of my pleasures. All here breathes of God, peace and truth." Jean Racine. IMG
"Love, genuine passionate love, was his for the first time." Jack London. IMG
"A man who allows wild passion to arise within, himself burns his heart, then after burning adds the wind that thereto which ignites the fire again, or not, as the case may be." Jack Kerouac. IMG
"I have seen so much obstructed potential among people who lack personal discipline, who just slough it off, whatever it is, and who think that nothing matters very much. I want my daughter to have what I think of as a capacity for self-discipline. Not the sort of self-discipline that diminishes her own wild passions, but that makes it safer for her to own those wild passions." Marianne Williamson. IMG
"But who can describe the overweening pride of men? Or women mad with passion, reckless in their hearts, soulmates to every kind of ruin that befalls us? Wild passion, unrestrained, boundless, that overcomes the women, perverts the yoke of wedlock for beasts and men alike." Aeschylus. IMG


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