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"I would, without any hesitation, shoot a violent criminal again." Bernhard Goetz. IMG
"We make violent cops, we make violent criminals, and no wonder we have shootouts in slums all of the time." Jose Padilha. IMG
"I strongly believe that for serious and violent criminals, we must absolutely hold them accountable for their crimes and send them to prison." Kamala Harris. IMG
"The priority of the Trump administration is to secure the border and deport criminal aliens; people who are not just here illegally but who are violent criminals. That's the goal." Paul Ryan. IMG
"No wonder we have a lot of violence in Rio: the corrupt and violent policemen meet the violent criminals in the streets. What else is going to happen?" Jose Padilha. IMG
"There are at least 23 countries that refuse to take their people back after they've been ordered to leave the United States. Including large numbers of violent criminals, they won't take them back. So we say, OK, we'll keep them. Not going to happen with me, not going to happen with me." Donald Trump. IMG
"No family should have to endure the loss of a loved one at the hands of a previously convicted violent criminal." Niecy Nash. IMG
"It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence." Mahatma Gandhi. IMG
"These violent delights have violent ends." William Shakespeare. IMG



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