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"I'm a good music provider, and I'm fine with that. I'm a quality music manufacturer." John Mayer. IMG
"If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer." Confucius. IMG
"I think one of the areas of favor and grace that God has allowed us to see is internally he's just given us a strong sense of work ethic and craftsmanship. We really do work hard to make GOOD quality music." LeCrae. IMG
"People are making a lot of music and higher and higher quality. I can't say the same thing for how people are listening to music. People are hearing music through terrible speakers, little computer speakers, there's a lot to get back to in terms of hi-fi and people listening to better quality, technically better quality music." James Taylor. IMG
"Everything that's out now...rap wise and music wise in general [is whack]. I mean, you know whack when you see it. So I'm on a crusade against whackness, and I hope no whackness comes my way. That's my move, my mission for this record: to combat whackness on all fronts - to make sure that people know what quality music is. It's not so much about message, but have something to say." Jeru the Damaja. IMG
"I wanted to keep the music very electronic, very filmic, and give it an almost sci-fi like quality. Music is a necessity for me. I go into the studio at least five days a week, every week, so once I had the idea and the template, the process was quick and fun." Martin Gore. IMG


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