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"Most music careers slowly but surely go down." Malik Bendjelloul. IMG
"I titled the album Reflections because I am reflecting on my music career." Miriam Makeba. IMG
"I started acting almost on a whim to help my music career." Lance Reddick. IMG
"I never got into sports at all until I was in my early 20s, after my music career got going." Neal Schon. IMG
"Anyone that has a music career and an acting career I think is pretty fantastic." Brittany Murphy. IMG
"The odds are so stacked against you to have a music career in a place where there's virtually no music industry. So I always attribute it to God." Pharrell Williams. IMG
"I started my music career at 18 and for a long while I let other people handle my affairs." Sophie Ellis Bextor. IMG
"Having the savvy to know what you want to say, how you want to say it, and what music you want to say it over comes with time spent and wisdom gained in a music career." Pharoahe Monch. IMG
"We're in the dark ages if J-Lo can have a music career because of her ass. And let's face it, that's it." Jack Black. IMG
"I mean, my music career and my acting career - if I want to do them to the extent that I eventually do want to get to, it's going to be a bit of a balancing act. But I'm hoping they'll just go hand in hand." Paloma Faith. IMG
"I don't believe in competing, because there's room for everyone. You have to compete with yourself, because your duty to grow as a human being and keeping your humility is much more important than your music career. You can get money, women, travels, but all that's an illusion." Juan Gabriel. IMG
"When you get in the middle of a career and you're successful, people come and offer you things. My biggest fear was that if you try to do something else and you're trying to build your music career, and then you say, "I'm going to go do a movie," and you're terrible, you can really hurt your music career because as a musician, the goal is to be cool. You're playing the guitar and you're in front of all these people and your vibe is to be as cool as you can possibly be." Tim Mcgraw. IMG
"You know, in my music career there was a moment where the irony was just so heavy. There were people in my audience that were the reason I developed neuroses. These people that tortured my life were using my art, my poetry, as fuel for them, to torture other people." Fred Durst. IMG
"I started getting these attacks in 2009, just as my music career was taking off. I'd be doing photo-shoots and started to feel like I was having heart attacks. Increasingly I found it difficult to step outside my flat. Things started to get better after I saw a therapist, who told me I needed to make peace with my panic attacks." Ellie Goulding. IMG
"I try to look at this music career thing as the means to an end. And really, at the end of it, I see myself on a sailboat, sailing off the edge of the world." Michelle Shocked. IMG
"The business aspect is one of the most important things about having a music career, because every choice you make in a management meeting affects your life a year-and-a-half from now." Taylor Swift. IMG


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