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"I wasn't like most girls." Laurell K Hamilton. IMG
"Girls are soft and pretty." Adam Sandler. IMG
"Change always starts with a girl," Kathy Calvin. IMG
"I knew who I was as a girl but I had to find who I was as a woman." Delta Goodrem. IMG
"I was a tomboy, not a girlie girl." Minka Kelly. IMG
"I am the girliest girl." Kirsty Gallacher. IMG
"Girls must be thwarted early in life." Jean-Jacques Rousseau. IMG
"I'm the girliest girl you'll ever meet." Poppy Montgomery. IMG
"You don't have to put dresses in a movie to make girls like it." Seth Rogen. IMG
"When you get a jean for a larger girl, you have to have them tailored for you. Tailoring is indeed everything." Jill Scott. IMG
"Am I pretty? I must be, I thought, for all girls in love are pretty." Robin Maxwell. IMG
"Girls like us, when we love, it takes everything we have." Sarah Addison Allen. IMG
"There's no abhorrence about wearing M&S. We just haven't been delighting the girls." Stuart Rose. IMG
"Im not a machista that tells his girl what she has to put on. I let her be herself." Daddy Yankee. IMG
"I always go for confident girls!" Kenny Wormald. IMG
"I'm a girl who eats, I love to eat." Aubrey O'Day. IMG
"There's a plain girl in everybody." Andrea Corr. IMG
"I like girls who aren't so la-di-da. L.A. is so la-di-da." Chris Evans. IMG
"I like girls to be wild but at the same time beautifully brought up and very funny." Karl Lagerfeld. IMG
"A girl's best friend is her mutter." Dorothy Parker. IMG
"My best girl is dead." Red Smith. IMG
"Girls are supposed to dance. That's why God gave them parts that jiggle." Donald Glover. IMG
"I'm pretty as a girl." Muhammad Ali. IMG
"I'm the girliest girl you are ever going to meet." Gloria Vanderbilt. IMG
"The girl voice is always going to kill because they don't expect it." Gabriel Iglesias. IMG
"I'm still the girl that might get up to dance on the table. It's just who I am, and I'm going to be me and that's it." Carmen Electra. IMG
"I can do whatever I want, but I'm a French girl. It goes with everything." Vanna White. IMG
"The way we started was, Alison [McGhee] said, 'Tall girl, short girl.' We had no plans beyond that." Kate Dicamillo. IMG
"I really love Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Edward Norton. I also like Ryan Gosling and Rick Bentley.And of the girls I like Naomi Watts and Juliette Binoche, and I would like to work with..." Meital Dohan. IMG
"I always wanted to be pretty as a girl, although I believed it was not possible." Shirley Geok-lin Lim. IMG
"We don't have T-shirts with my face, but there I can see the beginnings, especially young girls seeing me as sort of a icon in that way. And in that regard I'm more than happy to step in." Emily Haines. IMG
"If a girl comes into your arms, that's pretty romantic." Robert Englund. IMG
"Nothing I've worked on has been asked this much of me to put it on the page [like Paper Girls]." Cliff Chiang. IMG
"I don't see myself as some television star, I see myself as a girl from Albany." Megyn Kelly. IMG
"I just remembered when I was an adolescent girl wanting to leave my island and find my calling." Lin-Manuel Miranda. IMG
"I'm absolutely loving being part of Bondiana, and that not only am I a Bond girl, but I get to be an agent as well." Naomie Harris. IMG
"I've always wanted to do something where I aged a lot, went from young girl to dowager." Charles Busch. IMG
"Like most girls, I constantly have to watch my weight, because if I didn't my curves would get ahead of me." Amber Heard. IMG
"I've also been with the same girl, Angie, since I was 15." Johnny Marr. IMG
"You're literally sized up with measuring tape as a 13- or 14-year-old girl. I wanted to opt out of that experience." Mary Elizabeth Winstead. IMG
""Parisienne" is about how you forge a life in a new place when you are 18. And it's about a Lebanese girl who discovers Paris and the French in the 90s, and through these encounters, discovers herself." Danielle Arbid. IMG
"I was a late bloomer. I'm not one of those girls who's like, "I love my body! Hey, everybody, come look at my body!"" Lizzy Caplan. IMG
"We're afraid if girls find out sex is pleasurable they'll stop being gatekeepers, they'll go out and have sex." Peggy Orenstein. IMG
"I love a little bit of glamour and I love tall girls." Jason Wu. IMG
"I still had to correct Allen Ginsberg at times when he called women girls. I'd say. Allen please, it's not politically correct." Anne Waldman. IMG
",the rest of the girls pretended not to notice. That's just what best friends do." Sara Shepard. IMG
"You can take the girl out of Texas but not the Texas out of the girl and ultimately not the girl out of Texas." Janine Turner. IMG
"I am the only girl in the family so everyone pampered me." Blanka Vlasic. IMG
"I've always been a girl with a massive opinion." Erin Wasson. IMG
"I am not a sports girl." Dianna Agron. IMG
"I don't think silicone makes a girl good or bad." James Caan. IMG
"I am so stereotyped into being this Hollywood girl." Kim Kardashian. IMG
"A family is everybody all together." Russell Hoban. IMG
"Oh that was your girl? I thought I recognized her." Drake. IMG
"Are any of yall into girls like I am les-bi-anest" Drake. IMG
"The first one of the girls I ever told was Kimberly." Bruce Jenner. IMG
"Arent people supposed to do movies so that they can get girls?" Lucas Till. IMG
"Up until I was 12 my sisters used to dress me up as a girl and introduce me as 'Claudia'!" Robert Pattinson. IMG
"I'll say American for now. I really have no preference, though. Nationality is nothing. It's all about the girl - but she has to be curvy!" Daniel Radcliffe. IMG
"I live a life that most girls only dream of." Melissa Gorga. IMG


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