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"Your relationships can only be as healthy as you are." Neil Clark Warren. IMG
"Why is it that the nicest things never are healthy?" Lucy Maud Montgomery. IMG
"Two halves do not make a whole when it comes to a healthy relationship: it takes two wholes." Patricia L. Fry. IMG
"I can get into politics. I'm a pretty straight guy for this business. I have a pretty healthy outlook." Rex Smith. IMG
"Fear is a healthy part of success." Ne-Yo. IMG
"Deep frying a Twinkie makes it healthy, right?" Jim Gaffigan. IMG
"Be healthy, don't eat meat, keep away from those Night-Clubs and MEDITATE." George Harrison. IMG
"In a morally healthy family the good of each member of a family includes and overlaps with the good of other members. When one family member flourishes, so typically do the others." David Wong. IMG
"I'm learning how to have a healthy form of love, how to make it lasting rather than just have it be a flash in the pan." Lela Loren. IMG
"I'm an avid juicer and a healthy eater." Brett Dennen. IMG
"I thought that because I wasn't a sickly person - I never have been - I thought I was healthy. So I assumed health. I didn't have it." John C Maxwell. IMG
"I feel healthy, I feel happy." Demi Lovato. IMG
"[To lose twenty pounds] is not even about how much I lose and how fast, it's so much about being healthy." DJ Khaled. IMG
"You need to make sure everyone is healthy first and foremost." Jim Courier. IMG
"I find forgiveness to be really healthy." Ben Affleck. IMG
"I eat healthy, and I eat a lot." Constance Jablonski. IMG
"I'm pretty healthy, most of the time." Jaimie Alexander. IMG
"I'm as healthy as an ox." Julie Gold. IMG
"By and large, I've been healthy all my life." Bill Parcells. IMG
"It's cool to be healthy." Dick Gregory. IMG
"I'm perfectly healthy." Emmanuel Lewis. IMG
"The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. Those are your options." Melissa Hartwig. IMG
"I am healthy and happy." Candice Swanepoel. IMG
"I'm fitter than I've ever been, I'm actually very, very healthy and I'm happy." Shane Warne. IMG
"I'm not sure how healthy it is to shoot police helicopters with bazookas." Moby. IMG
"To maintain good health requires good nutrition and a healthy dose of exercise." DeBarra Mayo. IMG
"I love the healthy exchange of information." Brice Marden. IMG
"I think success is a lot more healthy than failure." Todd Solondz. IMG
"For everyone you create to be dependent on you, you are equally dependent on them. Neither relationship is healthy." Alan Cohen. IMG
"Pray for healthy loving friendships, and you will have them." Doreen Virtue. IMG
"Where wolves live, the forest is healthy" Lana Turner. IMG
"A healthy dialogue is always good." Michael Hersch. IMG
"If you are seeking power and knowledge, you need to go to places that are healthy and happy and radiant. Avoid places that aren't." Frederick Lenz. IMG
"At least let us have healthy books." Henry David Thoreau. IMG
"But I think the more you eat healthy clean foods the more you create them." Misty Copeland. IMG
"You can derive everything that is healthy for yourself in the woods." Vanessa Carlton. IMG
"I see the underlying economy as being very healthy," Henry Paulson. IMG
"First of all, I'm happy that I'm healthy." Tina Turner. IMG
"The healthy can't understand the emptied, the broken." David Mitchell. IMG
"There is the joy of being healthy and fair, but there is overall the beauty, the immense joy of being useful." Gabriela Mistral. IMG
"Many a healthy reaction has proved fatal." Humphrey B. Neill. IMG
"I have a healthy cynicism, but not anger." Sheryl Crow. IMG
"Being cheerful keeps you healthy" Solomon. IMG
"If we love the sea as much as we claim to we'll do everything we possibly can to keep it healthy. Otherwise we might as well take up golf." Tim Winton. IMG
"If you are healthy, you can work. If you can work, then the chances of success are higher." Rafael Nadal. IMG
"Everybody is doing the best things possible to still healthy and to play as long as possible." Rafael Nadal. IMG
"I support love any healthy way you can get it." Beth Ditto. IMG
"When you realize that the baby's healthy and born, it's a release and you're so happy." Matt Berninger. IMG
"Every day you must be able to say, I have to get up because I'm needed by someone. As long as you have that, you're healthy." Quincy Jones. IMG
"The biggest key for me to stay healthy is sleep." Annie Wersching. IMG
"I feel very fortunate to be healthy, so I try to take advantage of it." Jeremy Jones. IMG
"We need to claim our power for something beautiful, something harmonious and something globally healthy." Elizabeth Lesser. IMG
"It's cool to be healthy now! It's cool to, like, drink fresh juices and drink Kombucha and all that stuff." Brett Dennen. IMG
"Each second is a second you can make a new choice, a better choice, a healthy choice, a present choice." Mariel Hemingway. IMG
"I eat healthy most of the time. Whole foods are the best for you when you are super active, so I get plenty of fruits and veggies to keep me energized." Witney Carson. IMG
"Living a simpler life has turned out to be one of the keys to being more awake and healthy." Mariel Hemingway. IMG
"I go out and put in a load during the offseason so I know what I'm going to be able to do, as long as I stay healthy, when it comes time for the season." Adrian Peterson. IMG
"I have very healthy strong relationships with women." Nan Goldin. IMG
"I think pressure's healthy, and very few can handle it." Gordon Ramsay. IMG
"I smoke a little pot, every day, and I'm healthy as can be." Tommy Chong. IMG


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