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"When Love runs through the front door fear runs out the back." Mark Beeson. IMG
"I understood immediately that to get success I had to make for the front door, not for the back one." Jean Gabin. IMG
"Oh my god will you shut the front door already!" Alex Riley. IMG
"That's done it! Now I've rung the front-door bell!" J R R Tolkien. IMG
"If everyone sweeps before his own front door, then the street is clean." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. IMG
"Our own front door can be a wonderful thing, or a sight we dread; rarely is it only a door." Jeanette Winterson. IMG
"Theres such big pressure on people who are incredibly famous, on those who have people sitting outside their front door and taking photos every time they move." Miranda Otto. IMG
"I don't think it's a very Christian thing to come in by the back door rather than the front door," Tony Abbott. IMG
"Step out the front door like a ghost into the fog where noone notices the contrast of white on white." Adam Duritz. IMG
"Bricks are crumbling in places, and the front door is so swollen you have to push hard to get in" Sandra Cisneros. IMG
"The hardest distance is always from the sofa to the front door" Erki Nool. IMG
"We have to find the back door to peoples' hearts because the front door is heavily guarded." Ravi Zacharias. IMG
"I'm going to go out there and wait until you two are dressed. (Tiernan) Why don't you keep walking until you get to the other side of the front door? (Adron)" Sherrilyn Kenyon. IMG
"Leave your front door and your back door open. Allow your thoughts to come and go. Just don't serve them tea." Shunryu Suzuki. IMG
"Behind our unremarkable front door waits the little world of our making - our home." Gretchen Rubin. IMG
"When enthusiasm runs in the front door, worry runs out the back door." Napoleon Hill. IMG
"Are you happy?" she [Clarisse] said. "Am I what?" he [Montag] cried. But she was gone- running in the moonlight. Her front door shut gently." Ray Bradbury. IMG
"Our goal is to give all Americans front-door access to the truth." Robert C. Maynard. IMG
"Presidents cannot always kick evil-minded persons out of the front door. Such persons are often selected by the electors to represent them." Herbert Hoover. IMG
"Glory never arrives through the front door. She sneaks in uninvited round the back or through an upstairs window while you are sleeping." Stephen Fry. IMG
"The house had a name. The Banana House. It was carved onto a piece of sandstone above the front door. It made no sense to anyone." Hilary McKay. IMG
"[it is] a high class kind of subversion, very high class. We're not second story burglars. We go right in the front door." Mike Gorman. IMG
"Piglet opened the letter box and climbed in. Then, having untied himself, he began to squeeze into the slit, through which in the old days when front doors were front doors, many an unexpected letter than WOL had written to himself, had come slipping." A A Milne. IMG
"Our body is there right now. You did not have to earn a thing. It is a gift. You are a hero every time you step out of your front door to do some exercise." Naomi Alderman. IMG
"The next night, Lincoln parked his Corolla right next to The Courier's front door. I'm here, he thought. Find me. Follow me. Make this inevitable." Rainbow Rowell. IMG
"He said that if culture is a house, then language was the key to the front door; to all the rooms inside. Without it, he said, you ended up wayward, without a proper home or a legitimate identity." Khaled Hosseini. IMG
"If culture was a house, then language was the key to the front door, [and] to all rooms inside." Khaled Hosseini. IMG
"The problem with being a modern woman, I thought, as the front door swung wide, is that you have to pretend to be stronger than you are." Darcey Steinke. IMG
"This country cannot be the country we want it to be if its story is told by only one group of citizens. Our goal is to give all Americans front door access to the truth," Robert C. Maynard. IMG
"With my dog I don't get no respect. He keeps barking at the front door. He don't want to go out. He wants me to leave." Rodney Dangerfield. IMG
"If you're a star you go through the front door carrying the roses, instead of through the back door carrying the garbage." Robert Stack. IMG
"If a vacuum cleaner salesman rings your front door, he will be selling HIMSELF first. The vacuum cleaner is secondary." Gene Simmons. IMG
"It's easy to forget how to appreciate your front door when you're always walking through it" Alex Gaskarth. IMG
"Mexico is the front door to South America - and the back door to the states..." Tennessee Williams. IMG
"I don't have to pad my resume. Normal people are astounded by my resume, because normal people never let their dreams get beyond their front door, because they are scared of failure. I have never been scared of failure, and I have never failed." John Layfield. IMG
"You must maximize the probability that someone shows up at front door of your store or website and ends up with a solved problem." Drew Houston. IMG
"Haggard, I would not be you for all the world," he declared. "You have let your doom in by the front door, although it will not depart that way. (...) Farewell, poor Haggard, farewell!" Peter S Beagle. IMG
"There was a brief silence in which the distant echo of Hagrid smashing down a wooden front door seemed to reverberate through the intervening years." J K Rowling. IMG
"I went down the street to the 24-hour grocery. When I got there, the guy was locking the front door. I said, 'Hey, the sign says you're open 24 hours.' He said, 'Yes, but not in a row.'" Steven Wright. IMG
"I'm very lucky. I am one of those people who is able to go home, shut the front door and completely focus on the kids." Nick Clegg. IMG
"I walk out my front door in New York and I'm out on the street and there are people everywhere. L.A. is so much more spread out, so it's really easy in L.A. to have a little more isolation and to just not see as many people." Moby. IMG
"My mom was [a hippie]. We weren't allowed sugar cereal. We weren't allowed processed foods-except Van de Kamp's fish sticks. We never locked the front door." Jessica Biel. IMG
"My front door had seen jean skirts, dresses, even a see-through tube dress over a string bikini. A handful of times, spackled-on makeup and glitter lotion. Never pajamas." Jamie McGuire. IMG
"If you throw me out of this house, I shall sleep on the path outside. If you return to the Continent without me, I shall follow you. I will build a willow hut at your gate; I will sleep under your window; I will be waiting for you at your own front door." Eloisa James. IMG
"I take my rucksack and go out the opening where the front door used to be. Manchee gets up from where he's curled and follows me. When I sit down, he recurls by my legs and fall asleep, farting happily and giving a doggy sigh. Simple to be a dog." Patrick Ness. IMG
"Many of us in our praying are like nasty little boys who ring front door bells and run away before anyone answers." D A Carson. IMG
"Okay, I guess you can come in." "Um, Hannah, you have to, you know, open the front door so I can actually come in." "I thought you were going to - you're standing under my window. Aren't you supposed to climb up here or something?" "My ladder's at home. Also, you call throwing rocks at your window cliched?" Elizabeth Scott. IMG
"You can show a guy sort of peeking over the wall, you can see a guy tunneling underneath, you can see a guy going through the front door. All of those, in cyber terms, are vulnerabilities, because it's not that you have to look for one hole of a specific type. It's the whole paradigm." Edward Snowden. IMG
"The way to fly is to go straight up . . . Such a machine (the helicopter) will never compete with the aeroplane, though it will have specialized uses, and in these it will surpass the aeroplane. The fact that you can land at your front door is the reason you can't carry heavy loads efficiently." Emile Berliner. IMG
"It may arrive in the instant when we are doing something mundane, like putting our front-door key in the lock; it may lie hidden in the quiet that follows the lunch hour or in the thousand and one things that all seem the same to us." Paulo Coelho. IMG
"Michael!" Oliver's voice came faint through the front door. "Something you should see, my boy! Look out your windows!" "Trap," Shane said instantly, and reached out to grab Michael's arm as he walked by. "Don't, man." "What's he going to do? Make faces at me?" Rachel Caine. IMG
"So when the world knocks at your front door, clutch the knob and open on up, running forward into its widespread greeting arms with your hands before you, fingertips trembling though they may be." Anis Mojgani. IMG
"Michael Moore and I actually have a lot in common. We both appreciate living in a country where there's free expression. But Michael, if you ever show up at my front door with a camera, I'll kill you. I mean it." Clint Eastwood. IMG
"I had a dream that I would be here this week, receiving something from the president, but I thought it would be the front door key." Bob Dole. IMG
"I think that people should come to Australia through the front door, not through the back door. If people want a migration outcome, they should go through the migration channels" Tony Abbott. IMG
"The professional dedicates himself to mastering technique not because he believes technique is a substitute for inspiration but because he wants to be in possession of the full arsenal of skills when inspiration does come. The professional is sly. He knows that by toiling beside the front door of technique, he leaves room for genius to enter by the back." Steven Pressfield. IMG
"Before Simon could answer, he heard the sound of the front door opening. He looked daggers at Jace. "That's my roommate. Kyle. Be nice." Jace smiled charmingly. "I'm always nice." Cassandra Clare. IMG
"You cannot save every fallen bird," said Woosley, leaning back against the wall and crossing his arms. "Even the handsome ones." "One will do," said Magnus, and, as Will was no longer within his sight, he let the front door fall shut." Cassandra Clare. IMG
"She spent an afternoon staring at their front door. Waiting for someone? Yankel asked. What color is this? He stood very close to the door, letting the end of his nose touch the peephole. He licked the wood and joked, It certainly tastes like red. Yes, it is red, isn't it? Seems so. She buried her head in her hands. But couldn't it be just a bit more red?" Jonathan Safran Foer. IMG
"The front door shut, leaving Alec sitting in the half-lit garden, alone. He closed his eyes for a moment, the image of a face hovering behind his lids. Not Jace's face, for a change. The eyes set in the face were green, slit-pupiled. Cat eyes." Cassandra Clare. IMG


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