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"It's funny because growing up, when Ali G first burst off the screen, it was something that I was probably too young to be watching, but I absolutely loved it..." Ed Speleers. IMG
"I've always said that growing up in postwar Japan, I never felt any connection to my work through those experiences. The work I do really comes from inside myself. For me, being born in Japan was an accident." Rei Kawakubo. IMG
"I never really lived outside of the city growing up, but I'm always looking in between the lines of the city, and I magnetize over to the green spots." Feist. IMG
"Growing up, I never thought about the thing called money." Patrick Wolf. IMG
"I never liked opera growing up. I always liked chamber music or solo music even more than orchestral music." Tod Machover. IMG
"To go from "gnarly" to "literally," that shows I'm growing up, right?" Rob Lowe. IMG
"When you're growing up, you just take what you've got." Mac Demarco. IMG
"When I grow up, I want to be an actress. But I want to be a legend of something." Hudson Yang. IMG
"I was raised on The Beatles. I loved Led Zeppelin growing up. Judy Garland. Doris Day. That's where things began. I took a lot from the '60s and maybe from the '40s or '50s as well." Leah Siegel. IMG
"I just grew up with it [The Simpsons]. The first season came on when I was 5, 6 years old, and the show evolved as I was growing up and got funnier and funnier and, by the time I was in 12th grade, they were at their funniest." Eric Andre. IMG
"I looked up to Don Quarrie and Michael Johnson when I was younger. They were the best in the 200m which was my main event growing up." Usain Bolt. IMG
"I really didn't grow up with a lot of Superman stuff." Tyler Hoechlin. IMG
"Im Russian Jewish. And I had to grow up really quickly." Margarita Levieva. IMG
"Growing up is loving what you can afford to." Babs Deal. IMG
"I don't know. I'd be a lot better off if I would've studied more when I was growing up, you know?" Brian Regan. IMG
"For me when I was growing up, some of the happiest times were when we went to a small island called Nantucket off Massachusetts." Gwyneth Paltrow. IMG
"I don't see what the point is in growing up." Robert Plant. IMG
"Everyone got older but forgot to grow up." Cecil Castellucci. IMG
"I sang a lot growing up; I always loved music." Brian d'Arcy James. IMG
"Who didnt grow up through the 90s watching Friends?" Josh Hopkins. IMG
"Here's to Never Growing up" Avril Lavigne. IMG
"I had to learnto sew when I was growing up, because nothing else fitted me." L'Wren Scott. IMG
"Grow up, Donald Trump. Grow up. Time to be an adult. You're president. You gotta do something. Show us what you have." Joe Biden. IMG
"Growing up at my grandmother's table, she always had rice. She might do something as exotic as potatoes or spaghetti, but there was still always rice, just in case you needed a little rice fix." Maya Angelou. IMG
"I liked Bollywood a lot growing up; I just liked the idea of seeing people that looked like me on a big screen, that alone just does so much for confidence. I'm a super visual person, I need to see something before I do it." Himanshu Suri. IMG
"You don't really realize the effect those things have on you when you're growing up but then when you look back you can see how they molded you." Robbie Lawler. IMG
"I want to grow up as an actress and as a woman. Be independent." Pom Klementieff. IMG
"I want to represent the street, not in a negative sense, but in the sense that when I was growing up, that's what I grew up on." Fred Foster. IMG
"I did not grow up spoiled in any way. I just wanted to be on TV." Miley Cyrus. IMG
"When I was growing up, my idea of Led Zeppelin was all epic lasers, castles, and ten-minute drum solos - that sort of thing." Justin Adams. IMG
"Elia Kazan - the films he made were such a big deal for me when I was growing up." Alden Ehrenreich. IMG
"I hadn't read the Dr. Strange comics growing up." Rachel Mcadams. IMG
"Growing up I had a real disconnect with the planet." Rachel Mcadams. IMG
"Growing up, my room was covered in posters. I was like, "I want to make posters."" Ryan Mcginley. IMG
"You may be surprised to know that growing up, I wanted to be a writer of children's books." St. Lucia. IMG
"I did not grow up with silver spoon in my mouth." Megyn Kelly. IMG
"I'm sorry to keep focusing on the New Yorker, but everybody who was growing up when Calvin [Trillin] and I were growing up wanted to be published in the New Yorker." Kevin Sessums. IMG
"I never really saw [my father] at all when I was growing up." Carrie Fisher. IMG
"Grow up, Donald Trump. Grow up. Time to be an adult. You're president. You've got to do something. Show us what you have." Joe Biden. IMG
"If our parents fixed everything for us and did not allow us to do anything on our own, or intervened every single time, we would all grow up to be completely dependent." Simon Sinek. IMG
"Growing up in Mississippi, I realized that it was separate and unequal and all that, but it was still a safe place." Morgan Freeman. IMG
"Music was a big thing for me growing up and Scorsese and Tarantino both use music brilliantly in movies. They're probably two of the best at using music." Ed Speleers. IMG
"You've got to be a Lakers fan growing up in L.A. with all these championships." Akeem Ayers. IMG
"I think I always had joie de vivre. But I had pretty bad self-esteem growing up and much of my adult life." Geena Davis. IMG
"I started as a stand-up comedian. I wanted to be Carol Burnett when I was growing up." Stephanie Miller. IMG
"I didn't grow up really wanting to be an actor. I don't remember ever not being an actor." Jodie Foster. IMG
"Growing up in public is a test, and not many people know how to do it." Johnny Marr. IMG
"When I was growing up in Wakefield in the 90s I would get in fights for carrying a guitar around." Gary Jarman. IMG
"Every single substitute teacher growing up could not pronounce my name, so whenever someone pauses, I'm like, "Oh, that's me."" Cary Fukunaga. IMG
"When I was growing up, you sort of did the unthinkable. You did something that has never really been replicated." Jason Wu. IMG
"To grow up is to discover what one is unequal to." Adam Phillips. IMG
"There was no religion in my life growing up. Did God invent us or did we invent God?" Eddie Izzard. IMG
"Everyone grows old but not everyone grows up." Maya Angelou. IMG
"I was a super tomboy growing up." Britt Robertson. IMG
"My favorites growing up were always Billy Joel, Michael Jackson... and Placido Domingo." Josh Young. IMG
"You don't say, I'm going to be a writer when I grow up - at least I didn't." Anthony Doerr. IMG
"Growing up in the place I did I never was aware of any other option but to question everything." Noam Chomsky. IMG
"Growing up in Paterson wasn't the easiest thing." Victor Cruz. IMG
"L.A. Woman is amazing, but when I was growing up I was into the Who." Bruce Mcculloch. IMG
"I was always in love with Judy Garland, and when I was growing up, I fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio, of course." Tammy Blanchard. IMG


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