Disruptive Quotes,

"I was a disruptive child." Allyson Felix. IMG
"Washington is an incumbent protection machine. Technology is fundamentally disruptive." Eric Schmidt. IMG
"The 1992 crisis proved that the existing system was unstable. Not moving forward to the euro would have set up Europe for even more disruptive crises." Barry Eichengreen. IMG
"Productivity growth, however it occurs, has a disruptive side to it. In the short term, most things that contribute to productivity growth are very painful." Janet Yellen. IMG
"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor." Elon Musk. IMG
"The First Amendment was designed to allow for disruption of business as usual. It is not a quiet and subdued amendment or right." Naomi Wolf. IMG
"Peaceful, lawful protest - if it is effective - is innately disruptive of 'business as usual.' That is why it is effective." Naomi Wolf. IMG
"Democracy is disruptive... there is no right in a democratic civil society to be free of disruption." Naomi Wolf. IMG
"I love being in love. I don't think anything compares with it, though I consider it very disruptive." Fran Lebowitz. IMG
"Since our complex societies are highly susceptible to interferences and accidents, they certainly offer ideal opportunities for a prompt disruption of normal activities." Jurgen Habermas. IMG
"True philanthropy requires a disruptive mindset, innovative thinking and a philosophy driven by entrepreneurial insights and creative opportunities." Naveen Jain. IMG
"Great companies start because the founders want to change the world... not make a fast buck." Guy Kawasaki. IMG
"If you cannot work on the marriage or the women is a moron, staying married and cheating makes the most sense because divorce is disruptive to the family life and your bank account." Al Goldstein. IMG
"Social media is the most disruptive form of communication humankind has seen since the last disruptive form of communications, email." Ryan Holmes. IMG
"I think that there should be options available, quite early on, that if someone is recognised as a disruptive child, for them to be trained vocationally. Maybe if those kids were given the option to learn how to contribute to society on a practical level they wouldn't get into trouble." Paloma Faith. IMG
"I ended up dropping out of high school at 16 and getting kicked out of my home. My parents told me, sadly, that because I was so disruptive to the rest of the household, that I could no longer live under their roof." Tullian Tchividjian. IMG
"Most of us who work as professional futurists never really stop gathering information - you never know when a provocative, potentially disruptive new development might appear." Jamais Cascio. IMG
"The disruptive powers of excessive national fecundity may have played a greater part in bursting the bonds of convention than either the power of ideas or the errors of autocracy." John Maynard Keynes. IMG
"There are the class clowns that are disruptive and the kids laugh and you earn the teacher's disdain, I was the kind of class clown that also cracked the teacher up. I was funny in a way that was not dissing the teacher; I was funny just to be funny." Jason Mantzoukas. IMG
"Culture shouldn't be a pacifying thing. It shouldn't be something that you just passively accept. I think it should be something that, in some ways, is quite disruptive - makes you think and question things, and actually sparks debate." Jarvis Cocker. IMG
"One of the most disruptive forces in the Church is arrogance. It is natural for people to bring their pride to Church, and try to prove their own greatness to others. This is an urge we need to constantly be fighting" Dan Schilling. IMG
"I was a pretty disruptive student in class in school. I had a hard time paying attention. I had what they call A.D.D. now, back then I was just a hyper kid." John Corbett. IMG
"But any big change is more likely to result if there is a disruptive event such as new technologies or platforms that have a surprising effect on market share." Trip Hawkins. IMG
"Some of the most innocuous inventions have proven earth-shattering, with reverberations felt around the planet. The Internet is the poster child for disruptive technology, but even such inventions as Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPod have rocked their respective industries by changing how we entertain ourselves." Lynda Resnick. IMG
"One thing about these storms, we know how disruptive things can be when we depend on the system to keep working. What would happen if the terrorists do it? Knock down the power, destroy bridges, cut the water supply?" Geraldo Rivera. IMG
"The evolving social and digital media platforms and highly innovative and relevant payment capabilities are causing seismic changes in consumer behavior and creating equally disruptive opportunities for business." Howard Schultz. IMG
"Democracy is disruptive. Around the world, peaceful protesters are being demonised for this, but there is no right in a democratic civil society to be free of disruption. Protesters ideally should read Gandhi and King and dedicate themselves to disciplined, long-term, non-violent disruption of business as usual - especially disruption of traffic." Naomi Wolf. IMG
"There was no simple riddance to the power of a dangerous political idea; no assassination possible to avert a disruptive change in technology; no natural death to be counted on to stop an economic change that ripped up ancestral estates or stirred up class discontent." Robert Heilbroner. IMG
"Sometimes it appears that we're reaching a period when our senses and our minds will no longer respond to moderate stimulation. We seem to be approaching an Age of the Gross. Persuasion through speeches and books is too often discarded for disruptive demonstrations aimed at bludgeoning the unconvinced into action." Spiro T Agnew. IMG
"Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it. It is a corrective to the sluggishness of "the proper channels," a way of breaking through passages blocked by tradition and prejudice. It is disruptive and troublesome, but it is a necessary disruption, a healthy troublesome." Howard Zinn. IMG
"Corporations, in the name of efficiency, suppress variation by "getting all the ducks in line."To optimize productivity, they evolve highly refined and internally consistent operating systems. Payoff - results - as long as the music lasts. But ... all that streamlining and re-engineering limits diversity, suppresses self-organization ... and curtails a bottom up emergent response to disruptive change." Richard Pascale. IMG


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