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"Experience is like a comb that life gives you when you are bald." Navjot Singh Sidhu. IMG
"One of my weaknesses is that I actually have a conscience." Puff Daddy. IMG
"The thing I've always liked about performing is that I decide what I want to wear, whether I want to comb my hair." Patti Smith. IMG
"Bad Boy Entertainment did not shoot anybody. I didn't shoot anybody." Puff Daddy. IMG
"Revolt is my new - cable music network. It's distributed through Time Warner and Comcast. And to put it simply, it is the ESPN of music." Puff Daddy. IMG
"A person who combs his hair over his bald spot, hoping no one will notice." Rich Hall. IMG
"I always try to make my characters people, and yet I always want to entertain." Jeffrey Combs. IMG
"I like to walk around with bare feet and I don't like to comb my hair." Beyonce Knowles. IMG
"Everyone has challenges and lessons to learn - we wouldn't be who we are without them." Puff Daddy. IMG
"I don't say it in a cocky way, but I take pride in being one of the best at doing what I do." Puff Daddy. IMG
"But, I understand that Black Comb and Whistler are supposed to be great for snowboarding. So I am looking forward to going there someday soon." Bridget Hall. IMG
"I'm a guy's guy. I don't comb my hair unless I have to, and I don't use lotions or fancy shampoos." Ashton Kutcher. IMG
"Ronnie Spector's hair was taller and meaner and scarier than all four Shangri-La's combined, plus the drummer from the Honeycombs. You just know her rat-tail comb was a switchblade." Rob Sheffield. IMG
"The Falklands thing was a fight between two bald men over a comb." Jorge Luis Borges. IMG
"I feel safe in white because deep down inside, I'm an angel." Puff Daddy. IMG
"My mind is always racing, and always going and always working, and it's a gift and a curse." Puff Daddy. IMG
"All I've been trying to do all my life is to make great music." Puff Daddy. IMG
"I want to have a cultural impact. I want to be an inspiration, to show people what can be done." Puff Daddy. IMG
"I wouldn't abandon nobody. I would be lying if I said I was just talking to everybody." Puff Daddy. IMG
"I'm hyperactive, and I went in the studio and I would just start making records, for no reason." Puff Daddy. IMG
"Smell is incredibly important and sensual; it communicates who you are." Puff Daddy. IMG
"Over the last two years, I have been able to comb through The Prince's archives. I have been free to read his journals, diaries and many thousands of the letters." Jonathan Dimbleby. IMG
"When I was a teenager I would lock myself in the bathroom for hours, bouffanting my hair like Patty Duke and trying to recreate Barbra Streisand's flawless eyeliner, only to comb it all out and wash it all off before stepping out into the world a butchish bisexual teen." Beth Ditto. IMG
"I was a tough kid with the jeans, the concert shirt with the flannel over it, the comb in the back pocket and the feathered hair." Cameron Diaz. IMG
"I don't believe in fear - I live my life without regrets." Puff Daddy. IMG
"If you dream and you believe, you can do it." Puff Daddy. IMG
"Man, I just feel blessed... I was in a situation where the only way I could come out of it was by putting my faith in God. No matter how good my lawyers were, no matter how much celebrity I had, everything was just stacked up against me." Puff Daddy. IMG
"I was proud of working 18 hours a day and sleeping three hours a night. It's something now that has turned into a problem for me: not being able to sleep... having insomnia." Puff Daddy. IMG
"I try to look nice. I comb my hair, I tie my tie, I put on a jacket, but I draw the line when it comes to trimming my eyebrows. You work with what you got." Andy Rooney. IMG
"By age seven, I used to comb my hair for performances, just pull my hair up into a bun. Granted, it wasn't a very intricate hairstyle. Still, to be that responsible and disciplined at age seven is unusual." Janet Jackson. IMG
"While the liberal media elite depict the bowler as a chubby guy with a comb-over and polyester pants, the reality is that bowling is one of the most tech-heavy sports today. Robotic pinsetters and computerized scoring were just the beginning." Chris Hardwick. IMG
"The person who doesn't scatter the morning dew will not comb gray hairs." Hunter S Thompson. IMG
"I just want to be happy. You know what I'm saying? I just want to be happy, and I want to be able to make somebody else happy." Puff Daddy. IMG
"I have had fans make me the big picture collages of the photo books; I have had fans send me birthday cakes... sing to me on my voicemail. I have had fans flash me. I have had older fans give me their bras and underwear onstage." Puff Daddy. IMG
"Body piercing and baggy clothes express identity among black youth, and not just beginning with hip-hop culture. Moreover, young black entrepreneurs like Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs and Russell Simmons have made millions from their clothing lines." Michael Eric Dyson. IMG
"Work is style, and there is style without thought; not in theory, only in fact. When I take a sentence in my hand, raise it to the light, rub my hand across it, disjoin it, put it back together again with a comma added, raising the pitch in the front part; when I rub the grain of it, comb the fur of it, re-assemble the bones of it, I am making something that carries with it the sound of a voice, the firmness of a hand. Maybe little more." Donald Hall. IMG
"Co-operating critics comb the studios like big-league scouts, prepared to spot the art of the future and to take lead in establishing reputations. Art historians stand by ready with cameras and notebooks to make sure every novel detail is safe for the record. The tradition of the new has reduced all other traditions to triviality..." Harold Rosenberg. IMG
"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair." Audrey Hepburn. IMG


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