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"How can anyone be against love?" Malcolm X. IMG
"I had traded the fight against love for the fight against loneliness, the fight against life for the fight against death." F Scott Fitzgerald. IMG
"But against love, the case was solid. Easily argued. And you could, indeed, hold it in your hand." Sarah Dessen. IMG
"The greatest sin is sinning against love." J. Vernon McGee. IMG
"Justice is love correcting that which revolts against love." Martin Luther King, Jr.. IMG
"They are not wise, then, who stand forth to buffet against Love; for Love rules the gods as he will, and me." Sophocles. IMG
"Then we should find some artificial inoculation against love, as with smallpox." Leo Tolstoy. IMG
"Against love's fire fear`s frost hath dissolution" William Shakespeare. IMG
"Power is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice is love correcting everything that goes against love." Martin Luther King, Jr.. IMG
"...history has shown that the most terrible crimes against love have been committed in the name of fanatically defended doctrines." Paul Tillich. IMG
"Your real being only flowers with unconditional love. Ambition is against love. Anything that is against love is against you and your real life." Rajneesh. IMG
"If you love, you will suffer. The only way to protect yourself against suffering is to protect yourself against love - and that is the greatest suffering of all, loneliness." Peter Kreeft. IMG
"When two persons open up to each other just as they are, friendship grows. When two persons are ready to drop their masks, they have taken a tremendous step towards religiousness. So love, friendship, anything that helps you to drop the mask, is taking you towards religion. But the pseudo-religions have done just the opposite. They are against love. You can understand now, why they are against love: because love will destroy the personality, and the pseudo-religion depends on your personality." Rajneesh. IMG
"Devotion differs. Devotion exists for the total existence, without the counterpart, mm? There is nothing against devotion. There is hate against love; there is nothing against devotion. No-devotion is not against devotion, it is just absence. So when someone says, "I am devoted to Rama," really he is using a wrong word. If he loves Rama, then he cannot love Krishna. If someone says, "I am devoted to Krishna," then he cannot love Christ. He is using a wrong word. He is continuing the love phenomenon; it is not devotion." Rajneesh. IMG
"Whatever we do, we must keep God in the forefront. Let us be Christian in all of our actions. But I want to tell you this evening that it is not enough for us to talk about love, love is one of the pivotal points of the Christian face, faith. There is another side called justice. And justice is really love in calculation. Justice is love correcting that which revolts against love." Martin Luther King, Jr.. IMG
"Secrecy is the original sin. The fig leaf in the Garden of Eden. The basic crime against love." Timothy Leary. IMG
"An emptiness rules at its core, a rottenness, a silence when one of you retires to bed without saying good night, when you eat together without conversation, when the phone's passed wordlessly to the other. An emptiness when every night you lie in the double bed, restlessly awake, astounded at how closely hate can nudge against love, can wind around it sinuously like a cat. An emptiness when you realize that the loneliest you've ever been is within a marriage, as a wife." Nikki Gemmell. IMG
"Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love." Martin Luther King, Jr.. IMG
"That's the problem with all of this. No matter how hard I try, I can't make it perfect. I can't keep it in a bottle, can't ignore reality. Chemicals are involved, the kind scientists try to synthesize and put into pill form, and they're making tremendous advances every day. They're winning the war against love. It's probably inevitable now. There are only two ways to see the world: either no one and nothing is connected to anything, or we are all a random series of carbon molecules connected to each other. Tell me if there's room for love in either of those scenarios." Pete Wentz. IMG
"I cannot project the degree of hatred required to make those women run around in crusades against abortion. Hatred is what they certainly project, not love for the embryos, which is a piece of nonsense no one could experience, but hatred, a virulent hatred for an unnamed object...Their hatred is directed against human beings as such, against the mind, against reason, against ambition, against success, against love, against any value that brings happiness to human life. In compliance with the dishonesty that dominates today's intellectual field, they call themselves "pro-life"." Ayn Rand. IMG


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